Feeling lonely at night? No need—snuggle up with these new Rilakkuma pillow covers from FELISSIMO!

18.June.2017 | FASHION

Felissimo Neko-bu has teamed up with popular and internationally loved character Rilakkuma to release an absolutely adorable collaborative pillow cover and plushy set. It went on sale on the Felissimo website on June 9th. Whether you’re a Rilakkuma fan or a cat lover, this is an item that will no doubt tickle your heart.


Fall sound asleep and wake up feeling better between catified Rilakkuma and friends! The neko Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori come as part of the pillow cover set, designed to envelope you between their paws for a great night’s sleep.

The pillow covers are the same colour as cat paws and are made of pile fabric to give it that soft feel. You can also detach Rilakkuma and his friends from the pillow in order to wash the cover separately.

And don’t overlook their cute facial expressions. Rilakkuma has his little paws raised as if he’s laying down to show you his underbelly. Korilakkuma is like a ‘maneki-neko’ wishing you sweet dreams, while Kiiroitori’s charm point is his brown right ear.


Sleep peacefully together between the paws of nekofied Rilakkuma and his companions and wake up feeling refreshed from a relaxing night’s sleep.



“Nekobu meets Rilakkuma Cute doll Pillow Cover Set”
Price: ¥3,600 (+8%¥3,822)
→¥66 of the total price goes towards the “Felissimo Cat Fund.” (The money for the fund is exempt from tax)
・Set: 2 Plushies + 1 Pillow Cover ※Pillow not included with the set.

・Sizes: Plushies – Length 15~19㎝, Width 18~20㎝ / Pillow Cover – Length 53㎝, Width 63㎝
※Compatible with pillows measuring 43cm in length and 63cm in width.

For full details and to purchase, please visit >>> http://www.feli.jp/s/pr170609/2/


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