Beckii and Kelsey introduce Hyper Japan the Japanese cultural event in London

16.July.2017 | SPOT

We are holding the Japanese cultural event, Hyper Japan in London at Tobacco Dock from the 14th until the 16th of July.

Becky and Kelsey, the London based youtubers have visited our MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON booth in this event.


Let’s see what they have found here!


Pikachu pins that you can only get here! 


Pokemon pins that usually only available in AEON Japan are now with us at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON booth in Hyper Japan London. We have only limited amounts of the pin each day during the event so come early to avoid any disappointments. Let’s follow AEON RETAIL on SNS and get the pin!!


AEON x Miku Hatsune collaboration video


Come and see their special collaboration video at our booth!


Kawaii photo booth


You can take photo with the traditional Japanese school back packs (Randsel) in colours.

Let’s take Kawaii photo with one of the Harajuku’s land mark spots as your background!


We are also selling these Randsells at our booth so feel free to have a look!


Made in Japan Yukata


Here we have Yukata from AEON Japan. Featured designs of Japanese fireworks, hydrangea and more. They come with the set of Obi ribbon and Geta the traditional Japanese sandals!


They are already tied in shape for you to wear it easily! Why don’t you wear this Yukata for this summer?


The selections of Marukome Miso 


We have different toppings of Miso soup in our booth. You just need to prepare a bowl of boiling water to serve yourself. Yummy and easy!


We are also showcasing our innovative yummy miso recipes at the booth!


Meet Kawaii Domo-kun! 


NHK WORLD booth is located just right next to us. DOMO-kun is having photo shooting several times each day during the event.

If you look him closely…he is wearing pretty make-up! He is so Kawaii, isn’t he?♡

Hyper Japan is only util tomorrow, please come and visit us if you’re in London!



Beckii @BeckiiCruel

Kelsey @KelseyElison



Hyper Japan




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