Rilakkuma X TOWER RECORDS CAFE collaboration: Kiirotori Diary Café!

18.July.2017 | SPOT


As is the custom every year, this year the Rilakkuma collaboration café makes a comeback! This year’s theme is “Kiiroitori Diary”. This means that the yellow bird character “Kiirotori” will be taking the lead role. The designs for the café collaboration appear fluffy, cute, and have a touch of hand-drawn love. Let’s take a secret peek into the daily life of Kiirotori! ♪


The collaboration period is split into two parts to show the life of Kiirotori. The first part of the collaboration period depicts midday, where the sunflowers are happily blooming. The second part of the collaboration period is night-themed, where the stars are twinkling in the night sky. Besides the delicious menu and special collaboration privileges, the atmosphere of the café interior is enhanced by a gallery that is worth a gander.



●Introducing the menu!

〈Part one〉

第一弾 店舗共通Kiirotori Diary Cake to Rilakkuma Amaama Burger (Price: ¥1,400)

(desserts dish)



Manatsu no Nonbiri Himawari Parfait (Price: ¥1,100)



Kiirotiri no Himawari Taco-rice (Price: ¥1,500)




タコスパンケーキ【札幌、天神】Rilakkuma no Tacos Pancake  (Price: ¥1,500)


Limited to: TOWER RECORDS CAFE Sapporo PIVOT and Fukuoka Tenjin




Korilakkuma no Hinyari Ichigo (strawberry) Milk (Price: ¥800)





〈Part 2〉

厚焼き玉子サンド【マグ付】Kiirotori to Rilakkuma no Atsuyaki Tamago (Egg) Sandwich (Price: ¥1,500)


Soup Set Kiirotori Diary Café Tokusei Mug-tsuki (Price: ¥1,980)

(Comes with special mug)

スープセット キイロイトリダイアリーカフェ特製マグつき


※ You can choose a single item from the set or the full set

※ Those who order this set will receive the special mug from the cashier to take home. (The mug is available in one design only)

Limited to: TOWER RECORDS CAFE Sapporo PIVOT and Fukuoka Tenjin


第二弾 店舗別(表、梅田)Kiirotori no Hishizora Pudding à la Mode Parfait (Price: ¥1,100)


Korilakkuma no Oriental Gapao Rice (Price: ¥1,500)


Limited to: TOWER RECORDS CAFE Omotesando and Umeda NU Chayamachi


第二弾 店舗別(札幌、天神)Rilakkuma no Yozora no Neiro Cake (Price: ¥1,100)


Rilakkuma no Yozora no Soda (Price: ¥700)


Rilakkuma no Hoshizora no Shita de Gororin Stew (Price: ¥1,500)




●Special perks for visitors

【特典】ランチョンマット第一弾Each visitor will receive a Kiirotori cutlery bag and luncheon mat! The luncheon mat is different for part one and part two. (The luncheon mat available for part one is shown in the photograph.)



●Café goods【グッズ】カフェ限定You can also purchase cute, limited edition “Kiirotori Diary” collaboration goods at the TOWER RECORDS CAFE and online! Cushions, lunch bags, glasses, coasters, luncheon mats, oven gloves and lots more Kiirotori Diary Café- themed goods await you! The café also plans to sell T-shirts too! ♪



●Limited period event

・Kiiroitori Summer Memory (キイロイトリサマーメモリー)

From Tuesday 8th 〜 Wednesday 16th August, a menu full of all kinds of Kiirotori dishes will be released!


・Kiirotori Summer Festival (キイロイトリの夏祭り)

The Rilakkuma collaboration café that was open in the Umeda NU Chayamachi store is commemorating its 1-year anniversary! Further details will be released in future so keep your eyes peeled for more information!




●Present Campaign (プレゼントキャンペーン)

【施策】キデイランド様連動企画During this limited period, if you purchase food or goods from the TOWER RECORDS CAFE and purchase something from the Rilakkuma Store, keep both these receipts! Show them both in-store to receive an original magnet gift!


Certain branches also accept member exclusive coupons as part of a separate campaign. Show these coupons to the cashier to receive limited shopper benefits.


This summer, take your time to enjoy a flavourful meal at TOWER RECORDS CAFE with Rilakkuma and friends ♪




Event period:[Part 1] Thursday 20th July 〜 Thursday 17th August

         [Part 2] Friday 18th August 〜 Sunday 10th September

       ※ The café will close at 17:00 on Thursday 17th August

Event locations:TOWER RECORDS CAFE Sapporo PIVOT  [Opening hours: 10:00 ~ 20:00]

        TOWER RECORDS CAFE Omotesando [Opening hours: 11:00 ~ 22:00]

        TOWER RECORDS CAFE Umeda NU Chayamachi  [Opening hours 11:00 ~ 22:00]

        ※ NU Chayamachi will unfortunately be closed on Friday 21st August

        TOWER RECORDS CAFE Fukuoka Tenjin [Opening hours 10:00 ~ 22:00]


【Limited period events】

・Special week “Kiiroitori Summer Memory” (キイロイトリサマーメモリー)

Featuring a limited edition menu full of Kiiroitori-themed foods and drinks!

※ Further information will be released on a future day

Event period:Tuesday 8th 〜 Wednesday 16th August

©2017 San-X


・Rilakkuma Store X TOWER RECORDS CAFE Present Campaign

    (リラックマストア×タワーレコードカフェ プレゼントキャンペーン)

Campaign period:[Part 1] Thursday 20th July 〜 Thursday 17th August

          [Part 2]  Friday 18th August 〜 Sunday 10th September

Available only at the following:TOWER RECORDS CAFE Sapporo PIVOT

              TOWER RECORDS CAFE Omotesando

              TOWER RECORDS CAFE Umeda NU Chayamachi

              TOWER RECORDS CAFE Fukuoka Tenjin

              Rilakkuma Store Harajuku, Rilakkuma Store Umeda, Osaka,

              Rilakkuma Store Sapporo, Rilakkuma Store Fukuoka PARCO

     ※ Please understand that the campaign will no longer be run at the store once its stock has been depleted.


・Limited Shopper Present Campaign (限定ショッパープレゼントキャンペーン)

Starting from:Thursday 20th July~


      TOWER RECORDS CAFE Omotesando

      TOWER RECORDS CAFE Umeda NU Chayamachi

      TOWER RECORDS CAFE Fukuoka Tenjin

Further contents:docomo Sugo-toku contents “Mainichi Rilakkuma” Kaiin  au Smart Pass “Mainichi Rilakkuma” Kaiin-sama

 App Pass Rilakkuma no Stamp Torihoudai Kaiin-sama (All-you-can-take Rilakkuma stamps) Itsudemo Rilakkuma Kain-sama

 ※ Please understand that the offers will cease once stock is depleted.



・RILAKKUMA × TOWER RECORDS CAFE collaboration goods 2017

Release for sale date: Thursday 20th July ※ TOWER RECORDS online shop: From10:00 on Thursday 20th July

Only Available at: TOWER RECORDS CAFE Sapporo PIVOT

        TOWER RECORDS CAFE Omotesando

        TOWER RECORDS CAFE Umeda NU Chayamachi

        TOWER RECORDS CAFE Fukuoka Tenjin


Rilakkuma × TOWER RECORDS CAFÉ Kiirotori Diary Café special edition website:


©2017 San-X ©2017 San-X ©2017 San-X


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  • Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Confections by Tabemas Coming to Lawson Convenience Stores

    14.October.2019 | FOOD

    Character-inspired Japanese confectionery series Tabemas has revealed that its next products will be Halloween-themed Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma sweets. They will go on sale at Lawson convenience stores across Japan (excluding Lawson Store 100 branches) on October 15, 2019.

    These adorable confections are so cute it’s hard to choose where to even start eating them from! Both versions are wearing snug pumpkin hats.

    ‘Tabemas’ is an abbreviation of the Japanese words taberareru masukotto, meaning ‘mascots that you can eat.’ It is a Japanese confectionery series that combines well-known characters and Japanese sweets made from ingredients like red bean paste, sugar and rice flour. The sweets are also made with a dough called “nerikiri” which is used in making traditional Japanese wagashi sweets.


    To keep with the theme of autumn, Rilakkuma is pumpkin pudding flavoured (which is his favourite treat) and Korilakkuma is maple flavoured.


    Stop by the ubiquitous Lawson convenience store while in Japan and grab yourself one of these treats for Halloween.


    ©️2019 San-X Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

    *The photographs are for illustrative purposes only.

    *Actual product may differ from the photographs.

    *Please be careful not to choke on the mochi.

    *The latest information can be viewed via the Bandai Candy homepage.

    *Tabemas and 食べマス are registered trademarks of Bandai.

  • Rilakkuma Umbrella by Felissimo Can Be Used in Clear or Rainy Weather

    19.June.2019 | FASHION

    Felissimo released a new Rilakkuma-inspired beige-pink umbrella on their website on June 10.


    The umbrella’s design is subtle and sophisticated. The outer rim is lined with a brown coloured lace reminiscent of Rilakkuma. It also has a handle made from high quality wood carved into Rilakkuma’s face. The umbrella also cuts 98% of UV rays meaning it can be used in both clear and rainy weather.



    Its beige pink colour with brown lacing gives it a sophisticated feminine design.

    Rilakkuma’s facial features on the handle were made using laser cutting and together with the frilly cotton rope tied to it give it a polished and refined look.

    There is also a name tag on the umbrella with a nonchalant Rilakkuma logo printed on it.

    There is also a separate bag you can purchase to put your umbrella in after it rains so you don’t get the floor wet if you go inside anywhere.



  • Rilakkuma & Kiiroitori Confections by Tabemas Coming to Lawson Convenience Stores

    18.May.2019 | FOOD

    Character-inspired Japanese confectionery series Tabemas has revealed that its next products will be based on Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori. They will go on sale at Lawson convenience stores across Japan from May 21, 2019.


    Both characters are made from a type of dough called “nerikiri” which is used in making traditional Japanese wagashi sweets. Their tiny hands, ears and facial features have all been carefully and delicately crafted to create some seriously adorable sweets which, as Tabemas describes all their products, are just too cute to eat.

    Rilakkuma is filled with Japanese custard pudding flavoured bean paste while Kiiroitori is filled with chocolate flavoured bean paste. Both sweets are made with natural colouring and have the deliciously moist texture that wagashi have. They are also made with chickpeas which have become popular for their high nutritional value so are a better option for the health-conscious individual.


    Whether as a treat to yourself or a friend, don’t miss out on these cute and tasty sweets.


    ©2019 San-X Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

  • Enjoy your chores more than ever before with this cute Rilakkuma-themed laundry bag by Felissimo! ♪

    10.May.2019 | ANIME&GAME / FASHION

    Felissimo is making washing more fun with the new character-themed Rilakkuma laundry bag.

    Rilakkuma’s everyday outfit is now a laundry net?! If you take a look inside the bag from the back zipper, you will notice that the inside of the bag has been accurately created and firmly secured to look just like Rilakkuma.

    You’ll feel as if Rilakkuma has come to stay at your house! Without realising, you’ll be smiling at the sight of your new laundry bag swaying gently in the breeze alongside the rest of your laundry no matter where you are. If you’re concerned about your delicates or socks, you can still wash them together with the rest of your laundry using this bag. You can put this bag directly in the washing machine! After you’ve finished the washing, you can easily carry the bag to the washing line by the handle! How useful!


    The bag isn’t fully transparent and it’s made using mesh. This makes it perfect for carrying a change of clothes to the gym or your bath set for when you go to the hot springs!


    Now you can finally enjoy doing the chores around the house thanks to the Rilakkuma laundry bag!

  • Rilakkuma-themed Japanese-style cafe Rilakkuma Tea House opens in Itsukushima, Hiroshima

    17.April.2019 | FOOD / SPOT

    Japanese-style Rilakkuma cafe Rilakkuma Tea House will permanently open up its second shop in Itsukushima, Hiroshima.


    Itsukushima shrine located in Miyajima of Aki is the symbol of the shop. The large, elegant scarlet shrine gate that floats in the water is built entirely of wood and is one of the most beautiful shrine gates in Japan. The main shrine building has a long, honourable history as a world heritage site. As it was built by the sea, the beautiful wooden structure is famous worldwide.

     The Rilakkuma Tea House represents the shrine’s traditional wooden architecture style and the warm atmosphere created by wood. Rilakkuma’s favourite food, honey, is also a main theme.


    The healthy menu and Japanese-style dessert menu which are popular at the Rilakkuma Tea House will also be available at the Itsukushima cafe. There are also dishes that use Miyajima and Hiroshima’s famous delicacies including oysters and lemons. This is a flavour adventure you can only enjoy in Hiroshima!

    Rilakkuma eel and oyster tempura gozen ¥1,580 (tax included)

    Rilakkuma is taking a nap on a bed of fried eggs. Enjoy the crunchy eel and oyster tempura along with three varieties of traditional Japanese-style sides.

    Yellow bird and fried oyster curry ¥1,280 (tax included)

    This yellow bird is made from saffron rice and is topped with crispy fried oyster, which is the perfect match for the deep-flavoured curry!


    There is also a dessert menu and a takeaway menu too! All the menus are packed with Hiroshima goodness!

    Rilakkuma chilling out in the autumn leaves ー Japanese-style chocolate banana parfait ¥1,280 (tax included)

    A bridge made from banana stretches over a valley of autumn leaves in a beautiful arch shape. The banana ice cream is complemented with gyuhi mochi cake and warabi mochi. The chewy texture of this Japanese parfait resembles banana daifuku cake!

    Korilakkuma Seto Inland Sea lemon chiffon  ¥980  (tax included)

    This is a fluffy chiffon cake that uses Seto Inland Sea lemons and honey. The cake is sprinkled with berries, and lemons slices decorate the cake to resemble flowers, creating a sweet yet sour flavour.

    Delicious Rilakkuma/ Korilakkuma honey sandwich  ¥600  (tax included)

    The Rilakkuma Brioche Bread and Korilakkuma White Bread are filled with different ice cream flavours! Those cute round eyes will win you over in no time! ♪

    *Takeaway item

    Rilakkuma autumn leaves manju (pack of 2) ¥350  (tax included)

    These cute Rilakkuma autumn leaf-themed manju are an Itsukushima original!
    *Takeaway item


    Momiji manju (includes 8)  ¥1,200/Decorated wooden paddle(small, 5 patterns) ¥1,600 each/Kumano makeup brush /small dish (7 varieties) ¥800 each  (all prices with tax included)


    There will also be Itsukushima Rilakkuma Tea House original goods! Of course, this includes the Itsukushima’s speciality momiji manju buns, momiji wooden paddles and art overflowing with Itsukushima’s specialities such as lemons!


    There is just so much on the limited edition menu and there are just so many goods too! Check out the official website too!

  • Netflix Original Series ‘Rilakkuma and Kaoru’ to be Released on April 19

    26.March.2019 | ANIME&GAME

    Netflix just posted an English trailer for Rilakkuma and Kaoru, the first ever Rilakkuma stop-motion animation.

    Netflix describes the series: “Her life might be a little mundane, but Kaoru gets to go home to Rilakkuma, her endearingly lazy roommate who happens to be a fuzzy toy bear.”


    The show will feature appearances from the lazy Rilakumma, the hard-working Korilakkuma, and the adorable Kiiroitori.

    Twelve episodes are planned foe release across 12 months.

    Lana Condor (X-Men: Apocalypse, Alita: Battle Angel) will provide the English dub for the main character Kaoru. The series is being directed by Kobayashi Masahito who has worked on many stop-motion pictures.

    Rilakkuma and Kaori will hit Netflix on April 19, 2019 with a new episode airing every month.


    ©2019 San-X Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

  • Cherry Blossom Jam Filled Rilakkuma Confections Releasing at Lawson Convenience Stores

    21.March.2019 | FOOD

    Japanese confectionery brand Tabemas is releasing new cherry blossom flavoured Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori confections. You’ll find them at Lawson convenience stores around Japan from March 26.


    ‘Tabemas’ is an abbreviation of the Japanese words taberareru masukotto, meaning ‘mascots that you can eat.’ It is a Japanese confectionery series that combines well-known characters and Japanese sweets made from ingredients like red bean paste, sugar and rice flour. Their products are hugely popular in Japan and are described as being too cute to eat. These delicate treats are the perfect dessert for the hanami season.



    This product was originally released back in 2017, but this time they have made it even more delicious and fitting for the springtime. Rilakkuma is posed holding a pink cherry blossom flower while Kiiroitori is wearing one on his head. Inside both of them are two different bean pastes: Rilakkuma is brown sugar syrup flavoured while Kiiroitori is cherry blossom flavoured.


    They not only taste delicious but are carefully crafted by hand so perfectly that you’ll find them nearly too cute to eat!

  • Rilakkuma Ice Cream Maker―Create Cute and Delicious Ice Cream From Home!

    14.March.2019 | FOOD

    Kai Housewares is joining paws with the adorable Rilakkuma to release the Rilakkuma ice cream maker and ice cream spoon on March 20, 2019. This makes it easy for fans of the cuddly bear to make and enjoy rich and delicious ice cream from their very own home.

    Kai has been collaborating with Rilakkuma since 2017. It began with the cookie cutter set which cut cookies into Rilakkuma shapes followed by the sandwich maker which cut your sandwiches into the shape of Rilakkuma.


    Rilakkuma Ice Cream Maker: Open Price

    The new ice cream maker makers it easier than ever whip up authentic ice cream. You simply put in the ingredients of your choice and flip the switch. You’re able to continue mixing in ingredients while as air enters the machine, so the butterfat, which is the deciding factor of the flavour, becomes uniform, allowing you to create smooth melt-in-the-mouth ice cream. Its compact size also means it will fit nicely inside home freezers. You can make an endless amount of ice cream at home in a very short space of time♡


    Rilakkuma Ice Cream Spoon: ¥600 (Before Tax)

    The Rilakkuma ice cream spoon, which is sold seperately, is made from aluminium which has 12 times the thermal conductivity rate than that of stainless steel. The heat from your hand will travel down to the end of the spoon making it nice and easy to scoop your ice cream even when it’s frozen solid.


    Get these cute and convenient Rilakkuma items and enjoy ice cream to the fullest this spring from the comfort of your own home.

  • Springy-textured fried sweet treat Rilakkuma-yaki makes a comeback with new packaging design!

    09.March.2019 | FOOD

    Springy-textured dough filled with custard cream, the delicious Rilakkuma-shaped fried sweet treat is making a comeback! As the “Mochi mochi Rilakkuma yaki” was so popular the last time it came out, this time the packaging has been renewed! You can purchase this sweet treat at Lawson convenience stores nationwide from Tuesday 12th March. This does not include Lawson 100 stores.

    Mochi Mochi Rilakkuma yaki ¥146 (+tax)



    As the springy-textured “Mochi mochi Rilakkuma yaki” makes a comeback, you can enjoy the relaxed pose of Rilakkuma as you dig in! The fried outer shell is combined with honey and filled with custard pudding-flavoured cream because Rilakkuma’s favourite dessert is pudding!


     The Rilakkuma yaki was first released in November 2018 and because it was so popular, it will be sold once again! This time, the packaging has been changed to an image of Rilakkuma lazing about in the lawn! This spring-like design is perfect to celebrate the season!


    This is perfect for a picnic or cherry-blossom viewing so make sure you try one this spring♪

  • Cute Sleepy Rilakkuma Toys Help Charge Your Smartphone

    11.February.2019 | FASHION

    “Rilakkuma Suya Suya☆On the Cable” is a new product being released by Toy company Blind Box this May.


    Cable-hugging toys are a popular item in Japan. They solve a problem that iPhone users face with their cable disconnecting making them unable to charge their phones. Not only do they ensure your cable stays in, it’s a fun way to decorate your cable and make it look cute. These sleepy Rilakkuma huggers are the fourth collection in the series.

    The box comes with five designs: a relaxed version of the classic Rilakkuma, a cute Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori which will make you want to fall asleep by just looking at them, an adorable Korilakkuma which despite being small fits nice and snug around your cable, a cool looking Chairoikoguma, and the sleepy Korilakkuma and Chairoikoguma duo.


    Don’t miss out on these super cute and convenient items!

  • Make Your Own Cute Rilakkuma Shaped Sandwiches

    15.December.2018 | ANIME&GAME / FOOD / Uncategorized

    KAI Group is releasing a new sandwich cutter on December 17 that will allow you to make your very own Rilakkuma shaped bread.


    Rilakkuma is a popular character that was created by San-X in 2003 and has gone on to become an internationally recognised and beloved face. The sandwich cutter enables you to punch out Rilakkuma’s face to make cute bread. This makes as a great gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or for your own kitchen.

    Sandwich Cutter Rilakkuma: ¥800 (Pre-Tax)

    Its simple use means you can easily create whatever you like – you could even fill your sandwich with curry to make Japanese curry bread. What’s more is that the leftover bread can be toasted and filled with egg or even fruits to make French toast.


    This item is easy to use even on a busy day, so try it yourself and make your breakfast or lunch even more exciting!

  • Cute Rilakkuma Confection ‘Mochi Mochi Rilakkuma Yaki’ Releasing at Lawson

    05.November.2018 | FOOD

    Rilakumma fans rejoice! An adorable new custard-cream filled Rilakkuma delectable is hitting Lawson convenience stores across Japan on November 6.

    The Mochi Mochi Rilakkuma Yaki features Rilakkuma laying down relaxed. The chewy and springy dough exterior is made with honey and inside it’s filled with Rilakkuma’s favourite food: custard purin flavoured cream. When placed onto a plate it looks like Rilakkuma is just taking some time for a cute chill-out session.


    This makes for a perfect snack, one that you’ll be snapping photos of and posting online without even thinking about it.