Tori Matsuzaka & Natsume Mito continue to voice act for Paddington 2!

26.July.2017 | FASHION

“Paddington” was a worldwide whirling sensation and arrived in Japan in January 2016. Based on the long term best-selling children’s story Paddington Bear, the film “Paddington” was followed up by the sequel “Paddington 2”!


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Japan waits with bated breath for the release of the film which will be in January 2018. A quick trailer has been released, revealing some sneak peaks. The figure of a gentleman, round eyes and unintentionally fluffy fur. Paddington Bear is back! In Paddington 2, Paddington takes up the challenge of window cleaning in order to buy a present for his beloved Aunt Lucy for her 100th birthday. Get ready for a mysterious incident in the middle of the city, an adventure where the familiar Brown family chase up a crazy incident with Paddington, and some classic moments, where the clumsy Paddington Bear wears a bucket of detergent on his head. The whole of Japan will be healed once again by this cute, lovable Bear’s reappearance.


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Nicole Kidman, who plays the character Millicent, is still targeting Paddington from the first film. In Paddington 2, the antagonist Phoenix Buchanan is played by British actor Hugh Grant. A vain, charming actor losing his sparkle, Buchanan’s popularity is on the downfall. Everyone is curious to see just how Hugh Grant will portray this role. Continuing from the first film, it has been decided that the voice actors/ voice actresses for the Japanese version of the film will not be changed! The voice of Tori Matsuzaka is the perfect match for the respectful, charming Paddington. Arata Furuta has taken on the roll of the kind Mr. Brown. Yuki Saito is voice acting for Mrs. Brown, and the main spirit of the family, the diligent Judy, will be voice acted by Natsume Mito.


We know you can’t wait for the roadshow in January, so please check out the official website or trailers in the meantime!



Paddington 2
Release date:Nationwide roadshow January 2018

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