World Trigger Anime Series gets Valentine’s Day Pop-Up Store at LOFT Locations

07.January.2022 | ANIME&GAME

Popular anime series World Trigger is getting a Valentine’s Day pop-up store at six LOFT locations starting January 7, 2022. The event will feature exclusive illustrations of the main characters with lots of chocolate motifs. 


Replica Small Avatar Mascot: ¥1,100 (Tax Included)


World Trigger Acrylic Stand VD: ¥1,650 each (Tax Included)

Acrylic Keychain VD: ¥792 each (Tax Included)


World Trigger Acrylic Stand Heart Cat: ¥990 each (Tax Included) 

World Trigger Acrylic Keychain Heart Cat: ¥792 (Tax Included) 

World Trigger Heart Pins: ¥440 each (Tax Included) / BOX: ¥3,960 (Tax Included)

World Trigger Imabari Towel Replica: ¥990 each (Tax Included)


World Trigger Pen: ¥396 each (Tax Included) 

World Trigger Clear Folder: ¥440 each (Tax Included)

World Trigger Hoodie: ¥5,720 (Tax Included)


World Trigger Crunchy Chocolate Pin Sweets: ¥864 (Tax Included)

World Trigger – Ikoma’s Eggplant Curry: ¥972 (Tax Included)


World Trigger Acrylic Stand Badge Sweets: ¥880 (Tax Included) / BOX: ¥7,920 (Tax Included)

World Trigger Plate: ¥1,650 (Tax Included)


World Trigger Chocolate: ¥880 each (Tax Included) *Available in February

World Trigger Masking Tape: ¥462 each (Tax Included) *Available in February






  • Danganronpa and Illustrator Kei Mochizuki Team Up for Second Collaboration

    27.May.2022 | ANIME&GAME

    From May 20 until June 5, select Loft locations around Japan will be offering special collaborative goods featuring characters from the Danganronpa series as drawn by illustrator Kei Mochizuki.


    This will be the second collaboration between the popular series and illustrator, given the immense turnout for the first event. Unique merchandise will be on sale at each venue with bonus items being given to those who spend a certain amount!



    From pins to acrylic stands, the goods feature the characters from Danganronpa drawn in a sleek new way. With so many designs to choose from (48, in fact), which items would you want to take home?



    (C)Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

  • Anime Series World Trigger Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 to be Released in April

    15.April.2022 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    The soundtrack for World Trigger Seasons 2 & 3, which both aired in 2021, will be released on April 27, 2022.


    The anime adaptation of Daisuke Ashihara’s sci-fi action manga, currently serialized in Jump Square, first premiered in 2014. A second season aired from January to April 2021, and a third season ran from October 2021 until January 2022. 


    The soundtrack will contain a total of 39 sounds. The music was composed by Kenji Kawai, who has written the music for the series since season one. On October 17, 2021, the World Trigger Symphonic Band event was held at the Tokyo Garden Theater.




  • Hikaru no Go Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Pop-up Store at LOFT Locations

    26.January.2022 | ANIME&GAME

    In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Hikaru no Go anime series, a special pop-up store will open at Umeda, Nagoya, Tenjin and Ikebukuro LOFT locations.

    Newly-Drawn Traditional Go Outfit ver. Pin (10 varieties)

    Newly-Drawn Traditional Go Outfit ver. Double-sided Acrylic Keychain (10 varieties)

    Newly-Drawn Traditional Go Outfit ver. Mini Signboard (10 varieties)

    Newly-Drawn Traditional Go Outfit ver. BIG Acrylic Stand (5 varieties)

    Newly-Drawn Traditional Go Outfit ver. Victory Ema BIG Wooden Keychain (5 varieties)

    Newly-Drawn Traditional Go Outfit ver. Clear Folder (6 varieties)

    Newly-Drawn Traditional Go Outfit ver. Wooden iPhone Case (5 varieties)

    Newly-Drawn Hikaru Shindo and Akira Toya Traditional Go Outfit ver. Round Cushion (1 variety) *Double-sided

    20th Anniversary Big Wooden Stand (1 variety)

    20th Anniversary Fan (1 variety)

    20th Anniversary Logo Tote Bag (1 variety)

    Bonuses: Limited-Edition Bromide (7 varieties)


    Box Purchase Bonus

    Hikaru Shindo Newly-Drawn Traditional Go Outfit ver. Square Pin

    Akira Toya Newly-Drawn Traditional Go Outfit ver. Square Pin (AMNIBUS Exclusive)

    Hikaru Shindo vs. Akira Toya Newly-Drawn Traditional Go Outfit ver. Double-sided Acrylic Keychain (Limited-Edition Event Bonus)

    Hikaru Shindo & Fujiwara-no-Sai Newly-Drawn Traditional Go Outfit ver. Acrylic Keychain (AMNIBUS Exclusive)

    Akira Toya Newly-Drawn Traditional Go Outfit ver. Mini Signboard (Limited-edition Event Bonus)

    Hikaru Shindo Newly-Drawn Traditional Go Outfit ver. Mini Signboard (Limited-edition Event Bonus)



    From January 22 until March 21, 2022, for every ¥2,000 (tax included) spent, guests will receive a random bromide (7 varieties) as a bonus!




  • BE:FIRST to Hold Photo Exhibition at Umeda LOFT in Osaka

    13.December.2021 | MUSIC / SPOT

    BE:FIRST is a seven-member dance and vocal group created during THE FIRST boy band audition. Organized by BMSG, a company founded by popular rapper SKY-HI, the group immediately amassed an army of fans who immediately fell in love with the suave members. The group’s first photo exhibition was held for three months in Tokyo, Nagoya, and online, with more than 10,000 people showing up. 


    Because of the incredible response to the event, a second version is coming to Osaka for a limited time from January 7 until January 23, 2022. The exhibition will feature about 200 photos highlighting their debut, their first solo concert, and other curious moments in their career. Those interested will be able to see the photos online as well!


  • Jujutsu Kaisen Pop-Up Store Opening at Seven LOFT Locations in Japan

    12.November.2021 | ANIME&GAME

    Popular anime series Jujutsu Kaisen will receive a themed pop-up store at seven LOFT locations around Japan from November 9, 2021, until January 31, 2022. 


    RT Campaign


    A number of limited-edition goods will be on sale at each location, including postcards featuring popular characters that are perfect to use in smartphone cases. Fans won’t want to miss these rare goods while they’re here, so head to a LOFT location if you can!

  • Popular Chichiyasu Chi-bou Fair 2021 Returns to LOFT Locations After Two Years

    09.September.2021 | FASHION / SPOT

    Household goods shop LOFT is teaming up with beverage company Chichiyasu for the Chichiyasu Chi-bou Fair 2021 at four locations nationwide. The event will run from September 16 until September 29 at Shibuya LOFT, and from October 20 until November 3 at Nagoya LOFT, Umeda LOFT, and Tenjin LOFT. Chi-bou is the name of the adorable character on the Chichiyasu logo.


    Chi-bou Drawstring Bag (Set of 2): ¥1,650 (Tax Included)

    Chi-bou Gauze Handkerchief: ¥770 each (Tax Included)

    Chi-bou T-shirt: ¥2,200 each (Tax Included) *Only available at Shibuya LOFT and Umeda LOFT.

    Chi-bou Pouch: ¥1,650 (Tax Included)

    Chi-bou Rubber Keychain (Set of 2): ¥1,650 (Tax Included)

    Chi-bou A5-size Notebook: ¥385 each (Tax Included)

    Chi-bou Mug: ¥1,650 each (Tax Included)

    Chi-bou Eco Bag (with Pouch): ¥2,200 (Tax Included)

    Chi-bou Masking Tape (Chichiyasu Milk/Boxed Milk): ¥495 each (Tax Included)



    The Chichiyasu Chi-bou Fair was a popular event held at Shibuya LOFT in 2018 and at Yokohama and Umeda LOFT locations in 2019.


    How would you like to buy some of this adorable merchandise?


  • City Hunter Manga Pop-Up Store to Open at Umeda LOFT in Osaka

    22.April.2021 | ANIME&GAME / SPOT

    Anime, manga, and tokusatsu event organiser CRAZY BUMP has announced the opening of a pop-up store centred on Tsukasa Hojo’s manga series City Hunter which will run from May 12 to 25.

    The pop-up shop first ran in Nagano in Tokyo last month and is now heading to Osaka. It’s themed on Ryo Saeba versus Umibozu.


    ©北条司/コアミックス 1985,版権許諾証AG-301

  • Enjoy a Healthy Junk Food Menu at Shibuya LOFT’s New Cafe 2foods

    21.April.2021 | FOOD / SPOT

    Shibuya LOFT opened its new ‘2foods’ cafe on April 15 which serves junk food healthily.


    2foods uses absolutely no eggs or milk in their menu – everything is plant based and healthy, making it a haven for vegan foodies, especially in Japan where there aren’t as many vegan places as other countries. What’s better is that everything’s reasonably priced too. There are around 60 menu items to choose from, like curry and soba as well as desserts, organic coffees and lattes, cold pressed juice, and more.

    Artist’s rendition of the cafe


    Curry | ¥1,023 (Tax Included)

    A hearty and spicy curry served with brown rice which is better for digestion.


    Tantanmen Ramen | ¥968 (Tax Included) | Shibuya LOFT exclusive

    A ramen soup with 100% gluten free rice flour noodles, soy milk, sesame seeds, peanuts, soy meat, and other healthy and natural ingredients.


    Egg Doughnut Sandwich | ¥528 (Tax Included)

    A vegan egg sandwich that doesn’t use eggs but tastes just like them.


    Gateau Chocolate | ¥528 (Tax Included)

    A rich chocolate gateau made with brown rice powder and soy cream.

  • Monster Strike x World Trigger Collaboration Launches in the Mobile Game

    05.February.2021 | ANIME&GAME

    XFLAG launched and in-game collaboration for the popular hunting RPG mobile game Monster Strike on Tuesday (February 2) in which players have the chance to obtain several characters from the anime series World Trigger.


    World Trigger Characters to Appear in Gacha

    Osamu Mikumo

    Yūma Kuga

    Chika Amatori

    Yūichi Jin

    Kirie Konami


    World Trigger Characters to Appear in Quests






    World Trigger is an ongoing sci-fi action manga series written and illustrated by Daisuke Ashihara. It is serialised in Jump Square. The series received its first anime series in 2014 with a second season that began airing last month. The collaboration features a line-up of heroes and villains from the series entering the world of Monster Strike.

    “ミクシィ”, “mixi”, the mixi logo, “XFLAG”, the XFLAG logo, “モンスターストライク”, “モンスト”, and “MONSTER STRIKE” are registered trademarks of mixi, Inc.

  • LOFT Opens Second Overseas Branch at Ito-Yokado in Chengdu

    23.January.2021 | FASHION / SPOT

    Japan’s leading household goods and stationery chain LOFT has announced the opening of a new branch at the Ito-Yokado department store in Chengdu, China on January 29, 2021. It comes as the company’s second store to open outside of Japan following their first overseas branch in the Shanghai commercial district Xujiahui on July 24, 2020.


    LOFT first made its face known with the opening of its store in Shibuya back in 1987. The company is known for its concept of “Showcase of Time” as its stores promote browsing and customers taking their time to look the assortment of goods on show rather than simply going to get what they need.


    The new overseas branch and its shelves will focus on family households which it is advertising with the slogan “They’re Sure To Have Something” (translated from Japanese).

    Shuangnan LOFT grand opening promotion designs

    LOFT Gift Tins (6 Designs)


    LOFT Limited-Edition Tokyo Yellow Series

    LOFT Limited-Edition stationery designed by CHALKBOY

    Dragon Quest x LOFT Merch Collab


    China-Exclusive LOFT Items

    Chengdu Ito-Yokado LOFT exclusive grand opening merch design

    LOFT Limited-Edition Hair Care & Skin Care Set (Available while supplies last)


    LOFT grand opening original eco-bag

    Shuangnan LOFT will boast over 10,000 specially-select items from trending Japanese cosmetics to LOFT-exclusives, grand opening celebratory items, stationery, character goods, and much more. The store’s LOFT APARTMENT section will feature items made in collaboration with over 100 Chinese artists from apparel to accessories.

    To commemorate the store’s grand opening, the first 10,000 customers to spend over 200 yuan will receive an original LOFT eco-bag for free. Coupons with 10% off  items will also be available on the WeChat mini program between January 29, 2021 and February 21, 2021.

  • ‘World Trigger’ Anime Series Is Getting A Third Season

    23.December.2020 | ANIME&GAME

    The first season of the anime World Trigger by Toei Animation consisted of 73 episodes and aired between October 5, 2014 and April 3, 2016. The original sci-fi action manga was created by Daisuke Ashihara and featured in popular manga magazines such as Weekly Shōnen Jump and Jump Square (Shueisha Inc.). From its days in the Weekly Shōnen Jump to when it moved to Jump Square, the manga kept accumulating large numbers of fans, becoming one of the most popular stories out there. It has been announced that the anime is getting a second season and this is set to air on January 9, 2021 on TV Asahi Keiretsu. The broadcastings are scheduled to occur every Saturday from 1:30am.


    A Third Season Has Also Been Announced

    A third season is also scheduled to be made. In the second season, members of Galopoula from the Planet Nation attack the border agency. In the B Rank Battles Arc, Yūma, Osamu and the gang sharpen their skills to become B-rank agents. The third season is bound to be filled with even more thrilling content.


    Right now we know that season two will air from January, however, more information on the broadcasting schedule for season three is yet to be released. It’s not long now until we can finally enjoy season two!


    ©Daisuke Ashihara/Shueisha Inc., TV Asahi/ Toei Animation

  • South Korean Cosmetic Brand CILY Launches Japan Edition Packaging

    12.March.2020 | FASHION

    South Korean cosmetic brand CILY released a new “Japan Edition” packaging for its products at LOFT stores around the country on March 7.

    CILY is a South Korean cosmetic brand produced by Kang Taeri. Having much experience with various brands of makeup from her fashion photo shoots, Taeri conceived the brand to offer ease-of-use when applying makeup to the masses. Her brand mimics the beauty of Asian women. Japan’s first flagship store opened in Shinsaibashi, Osaka on January 25 this year, which caused the brand to trend on Japanese social media for the power of its products.


    The Japan Edition packaging will have pre-sales in Japan. The two-colour chic Korea Edition packaging is available in-store and on CILY’s official online shop.

    CILY SILKY LIP – ¥1,500 (Before Tax)

    This lipstick bears a creamy texture and high tone colouring. Apply for glossy and plump-looking lips.

    CILY EYES ON ME – ¥1,200 (Before Tax)

    Two mattes and four shimmery and glittery picks make up this collection of 6. Colour your eyes elegantly with this silky powder.

    CILY BLOSSOM BLUSH – ¥1,400 (Before Tax)

    Though this blush is a powder, it effortlessly slides across the skin with its silky texture.

    CILY EVERLASTING MASCARA – ¥1.700 (Before Tax)

    Make your eyelashes look natural but with plenty of volume. This mascara keeps your lashes looking beautiful all day.


    Get ready for spring with Taeri’s beautiful collection.