Calbee Potato and Protoleaf Release Easy-to-Grow ‘Potato Bag’

22.December.2021 | FOOD

Calbee Potato has teamed up with garden soil giant Protoleaf for a unique new product! Potato Bag will allow customers to grow their own potatoes directly from a bag, and are currently on sale at home and garden centers in the Kyushu area.


The soil found in Potato Bag is made of light, easy-to-carry coconut peat and husk chips. Even if you have no experience in the garden, no problem–just pick a spot and water them! The soil can also be disposed of as burnable garbage after, so cleanup is simple.


Potato Bag was created as a way to get young people interested in food production and creation. The product already contains all necessary fertilizer, and the potato seeds found within have been created and perfected by Calbee over the past decade.


  • Calbee to Release Thick ‘Potato Deluxe’ Potato Chips in Nagano & Niigata

    08.November.2018 | FOOD / Uncategorized

    Japanese snack food makers Calbee Inc. will release their new potato chip line ‘Potato Deluxe’ on November 12 in Nagano Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture. Available in both mild salt and black pepper flavours, the chips are three times thicker than their regular cuts.


    Calbee’s thickest chips to date, a packet of Potato Deluxe contains a heap of delicious double-fried chips that are cooked carefully to seal the full flavour. On the first bite they are nice and crunchy, and after that they retain their firm texture, never getting soggy.

    The salt flavour is made with rock salt from Lorraine in France. It has a distinct refreshing taste to it that doesn’t take away from the original flavour of the potatoes, but rather enhances it.

    The black pepper chips are laced with a beef flavour as well as another hidden relish: finely powdered miso. Its full flavour can be enjoyed in the aftertaste.


    Calbee wanted to create a new kind of potato chip that its customers had never tried before. It took them around 10 months to produce them. They held test sales in February 2018 and received much praise from buyers and so decided to put them on the market.

    These chips are available in Nagano Prefecture and Niigata Prefecture only, so if you see this exclusive pack be sure to pick them up!