Czecho No Republic and Sky-Hi Co-Write Song “Time Travelling” to be Released on September 27th

08.August.2017 | MUSIC

Sky-Hi recently appeared alongside Czecho No Republic’s concert at ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2017 at Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki Prefecture on August 5th. Both artists performed their co-written track “Time Travelling” for the very first time, a song which was revealed to be the lead track to their upcoming single of the same time to be released on September 27th.


Czecho No Republic had been hinting at something new in the works for a while at their shows and on their blog. The result came to be the band trying something completely new – a co-written track – together with whom it was later revealed to be Sky-Hi.


Sky-Hi took on board Czecho No Republic’s thoughts and ideas and the two artists stood side-by-side and challenged themselves to making a track of their own. The song itself bears the wistful melodies of Czecho, threaded together by the emotional messages of Sky-Hi. The song demonstrates and elicits the mutual charm of each artist while at the same time displaying entirely new territory for them in a work that embodies something which evokes a sense of nostalgia in the listener.


The first press edition of the single comes with a jam-packed DVD containing the music video for “Time Travelling” directed by Hideaki Sunaga, as well as footage from the recording session of the song, a special documentary featuring both artists, and more.


The coupling song, titled “MUSIC,” features vocalists loved by Czecho No Republic including Sonoko Inoue, Ryoma Inoue (SHE’S), Emi Okamoto (Friends), Kenta Kataoka (sumika), GEN (04 Limited Sazabys), Takahiro Shibata (Wasureranneyo), Sensei (Tokyo Karankoron), Sakana Fujimori (SAKANAMON), Maki Tatsuya (go!go!vanillas), Sho Wada (TRICERATOPS), as well as the DJs Daigo Iimuro and Saeka Bando from FM802. The widely anticipated song will be featured first on FM802.


The single is now available for pre-order. If you order by August 20th you will receive a special Czecho No Republic × Sky-Hi poster featuring a new visual, and if you order instore at select stores and online your CD will come in an original jacket.


Czecho No Republic continue to challenge themselves to new ideas and they are proving their capability and potential with a satisfying-looking upcoming release. It’s time to get excited!



Czecho No Republic × Sky-Hi

New Single – “Time Travelling”

On Sale September 27, 2017


First Press Regular Edition – (CD+DVD) [COZA-1377/8]

Price:¥1,800 (tax included)



①Time Travelling



①Time Travelling – Music Video

②Czecho No Republic × Sky-Hi Documentary


Regular Edition – (CD-only) [COCA-17371]

Price: ¥1,000 (tax included)

①Time Travelling



■Early Pre-order Bonus

“Czecho No Republic × Sky-Hi” New Visual B2-size Poster

Order “Time Travelling” at stores and online shops in Japan by August 20, 2017 to receive a free B2 poster of Czecho No Republic and Sky-Hi!


※The visual for the B2 poster will be unveiled at a later date.

※Some stores and online shops are not participating in this campaign so be sure to check first before pre-ordering.

※Enquire with the stores directly regarding the availability of the early pre-order bonus.


■Purchasing Bonus

Order “Time Travelling” at select stores and online shops to receive an original CD jacket.


TOWER RECORDS (+online shop) – TOWER RECORDS Original CD Jacket

HMV (+online shop) – HMV Original CD Jacket

TSUTAYA (TSUTAYA Online Shopping is pre-order only) – TSUTAYA Original CD Jacket

Supporting shops other than the ones above – Original Support CD Jacket


※The visual for the bonus will be unveiled at a later date.

※A list of supporting shops will be available at a later date.

※Limited stock. Will no longer be available once all have been purchased.


■Early Pre-order Bonus & Purchasing Bonus Details:


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