Join in the Pom Pom Purin “Pomgao” campaign—pull a cute Pom Pom Purin face and receive goodies!

24.August.2017 | SPOT

The team over at Sanrio Co., Ltd. are starting a new project titled Pomgao de Pom Pom Purin to Otomodachi! on August 24th based around the popular Sanrio character Pom Pom Purin.


The very popular Zipper model mimmam will be joining the new campaign as a “Pomgao Ambassador” to support the spread of Pomgao, or “Pom Face,” throughout the rest of Japan.


“Pomgao de Pom Pom Purin to Otomodachi!” builds on Pom Pom Purin’s 20th anniversary last year by getting even more people involved with the cute character and bringing him to life by having families and friends get involved with the project.


You can join in the campaign by taking a photo of yourself pulling the same face as Pom Pom Purin with his round, puffy cheeks and uploading them to social media with the hashtag #ポム顔 (#pomgao).


▶mimmam×Pom Pom Purin “Opening Movie”

Be sure to check out the campaign video below featuring mimmam adorably pulling the Pomgao in numerous different situations!


Also, as part of the campaign, if you take a photo of yourself doing the Pomgao at Sanrio Puroland and post it on your social media with “#ポム顔” (#pomgao)and “ピューロ” (“puro”) in Japanese then you will be able to receive a special Pomgao seal which is not for sale anywhere. And if you arrive at the park with your clothes co-ordinated in yellow and brown in the colours of Pom Pom Purin and pull a Pomgao at the ticket counter then you will receive a special price on your entry passport. Just by making a Pomgao, you can receive special service and be part of the campaign!


The Sanrio Shop will hand out Pomgao seals to people who purchase something, and other Pomgao related services will be running throughout the park too. For full details on the campaign, make sure to check the official website below!



Pomgao Campaign Official Website:

Pomgao Campaign Details Page: