New TV anime URAHARA is based in Harajuku! Sumire Uesaka & Luna Haruna to sing opening and ending themes!

25.August.2017 | MUSIC / SPOT

The anime “URAHARA” will be broadcasted from this autumn! The opening and ending theme songs and the additional cast members have also been announced!


The storyline is based on a real shop that exists in Harajuku called “PARK”, that is dedicated to FASHION×OTAKU×CREATION. An alien from outer space called “Scoopers” invades the earth, threatening to snatch away earth culture. In the shaken Harajuku, three girls carry the pain in their chests of this sci-fi drama.


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So, who’s who?


Luna Haruna took up the challenge to become a voice actress for the first time ever in her life and for this anime, has been given the roll of Rito Sudo. Sumire Uesaka has been given the roll of Mari Shirako, and Kotoko Mentsumugi’s roll will be voice acted by Manaka Iwami.


…and who sings the opening and ending theme songs?

Sumire Uesaka has taken on the opening theme song, while Luna Haruka sings the ending theme song. The two girls, working as voice actresses, main characters and artists in one show, are offering more than enough to go crazy about!


The opening theme song “Antithese Escape”, sung by the cool pop girl Sumire Uesaka paints a whole new world of fun music!


The ending theme song is a rock tune that reflects the anime and crosses over with the personality of Luna Haruna. Both the ending and opening themes amplify the magnificence of URAHARA.


The cast of the side characters has also been revealed! The mysterious character Misa Maruno, who looks up to the three main characters as older sisters, is voiced by Amano Kokoa. Riho Lida was given the roll of Sayumin, the loving owner of a crepe shop, who, like a crepe herself, wraps the three girls in her love. The strange pet fried shrimp is voiced by Yasunori Matsumoto.


Crunchyroll, a service that broadcasts anime to America, and bilibili, which broadcasts to China, are taking action! This Harajuku-based anime and its main theme song is going to be broadcast all over the world through these services! (Which is why you should watch it!)


Don’t miss out on your slice of Harajuku culture!




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