Concert to be Held at World Heritage Site Kumano-Nachi Taisha in Wakayama

25.August.2022 | MUSIC / SPOT

Each year, an incredible event is held at Kumano-Nachi Taisha, a Shinto shrine and World Heritage Site located in the Kii Mountain Range of Wakayama Prefecture.


To kick off the ‘diamond celebration,’ a special concert will mark the 1,250th anniversary of the birth of Kobo Daishi, the Japanese Buddhist monk who founded the Shingon school of Buddhism. Yoshimi Tsujimoto, a shakuhachi player from Hashimoto, will perform, while the event also hopes to bring tourism to the area by sharing more information about Wakayama with the masses. 


Date: October 22, 2022, 13:30
Venue: Danjo-garan Buddhist Temple


[Part 1] Chorus of local elementary school students, etc.

[Part 2] Talk Session


Hougen Yabu (Director of Head Temple Kongobu-ji on Mount Koya)

Yoshimi Tsujimoto (Shakuhachi player)

[Part 3] Concert

Performer: Yoshimi Tsujimoto (Shakuhachi player)

*Will include a percussion, guitar, and keyboard session


<About the Call for Visitors>

350 Guests are Invited!

*If there are too many applicants, a drawing will be held.

*Livestreaming of the event will also be available online.


Application Period: August 23 – September 26, 2022

 *Postcards must be postmarked by September 26. Those applying n the website must do so by 23:59 on September 26.


How to Apply:

  1. By postcard

Address: Yamabutai Concert Section
Wakayama Broadcasting Co.
3-3 Minatohonmachi
Wakayama, 〒640-8577

What to Include: Zip Code, Address, Name, Age, Phone Number, Admission
*Can include up to 2 guests.


     2. On the special website

Please apply using the application form on the special website.



Keep in Mind:

1. Incomplete entries will be considered invalid.

2. Only one application per person is allowed.

3. If there are too many applicants, a drawing will be held. Winners will be announced when numbered tickets are sent out.

4. Personal information provided in each application will not be used for any purpose.


(For Reference) Past Performers

2015 – Hitomi Shimatani (Danjo-garan Buddhist Temple)

2016 – Chitose Hajime (Kumano-Nachi Taisha)

2017 – *Canceled due to typhoon.

2018 – Kumiko (Oyunohara)

2019 – May J. (Kumano-Nachi Taisha)

2020 – *Canceled due to the ongoing pandemic.

2021 – Yuki Koyanagi (Kumano-Nachi Taisha)


■Cast Profiles

◆ Hougen Yabu / Director of Head Temple Kongobu-ji on Mount Koya

・1993 – Graduates from Koyasan University

・In 2011, he became the chief priest of Kirihata Temple, where he remains to this day.

        *Kirihata Temple [Fukuoka Prefecture] / Sasaguri 88 Sacred Sites, #10

・In 2021, he became the Director of Head Temple Kongobu-ji on Mount Koya and was also appointed as the director of the 1,250th birthday celebration for Kobo Daishi, the founder of the Buddhist sect.