4s4ki Releases Animated Music Video for BOUNCE DANCE to Celebrate Release of New Album

27.August.2022 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

4s4ki (Asaki) is an artist for a new generation. The creator releases new alt-pop music from Tokyo to the world, and recently released the album Killer in Neverland on August 24, 2022. To celebrate, an animated music video for the track BOUNCE DANCE has been released! The song is on the album and is a collaboration with TV Tokyo’s new KASHIKA project.


Killer in Neverland features 12 new tracks themed around virtual reality and being yourself. The artist aims to blur the lines between the real and virtual worlds, urging young people to log out of reality sometimes to escape. Many songs were produced entirely by 4s4ki, and the first limited edition includes two CDs and one Blu-ray. In addition to the special album Heaven or Hell, which includes all 12 songs from EPs released between December 2021 and February 2022, this fan-favorite work includes 4s4ki – Live in Parallel World 2022, 4s4ki’s first ever live Blu-ray. The album has attracted a great deal of attention overseas, especially in the U.S. and South Korea.


BOUNCE DANCE feat.4s4ki – KASHIKA_02



Of the songs included on the album, BOUNCE DANCE is particularly unique. The track was written for TV Tokyo’s KASHIKA project, started in conjunction with the digital animation studio Qzil.la. The project combines the visual and musical expression of emotions, memories, air, smells, and other unseen things. An animated music video was created based on the concept and is available on the KASHIKA YouTube channel.


The first song in the project has attracted attention for its innovative method of combining live action and animation, as well as being sung by three different singers, each with their own music video. The number is a powerful song that affirms diversity and differences from 4s4ki’s unique perspective and is accompanied by a danceable and colorful track created by maeshima soshi.


The project’s animated music video was directed and character designed by Kamata, who also directed ZOMBIELAND SAGA and the OP of YASUKE.


  • Japanese Rapper 4s4ki Makes Her Major Debut and Announces 3 New Singles With Overseas Artists

    14.March.2021 | MUSIC

    Japanese alternative pop rapper and singer-songwriter 4s4ki has announced that she is making her major debuts from Victor Entertainment’s SPEEDSTAR RECORDS label.


    4s4ki writes, composes, and arranges all of her music herself. She is a stand-out in Japan’s music industry and has garnered attention both at home and overseas. She performed her first solo concert “Year 4444” at LIQUIDROOM in Tokyo on March 11, 2021. All tickets sold out, and the show was streamed for free worldwide on YouTube.


    4s4ki has announced the digital release of three new singles: FAIRYTALE feat. Zheani on April 14, gemstone feat. Puppet on May 14, and ALICE feat. smrtdeath on June 4. Each track features a non-Japanese artist. Zheani is an Australian rapper who is known for her “Fairy Trap” style of music. Puppet is a New York-based artist and sound producer who is signed to Monstercat. smrtdeath is a project by LA-based artist Mike Skwark known for his mix of genres such as hip-hop, emo, trap, alternative rock, and more, which he fuses into tracks released through Epitaph Records. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call this collection of artists working with 4s4ki an epoch in the making for the Japanese music industry.


    4s4ki will release her first major debut album this summer.