FEMM Releases Music Video for ‘Crystal Ball’ from New EP ‘THE SIX’

29.August.2022 | MUSIC

Mannequin rap duo FEMM released a music video for the song Crystal Ball from their new EP THE SIX, released on August 17.


This song is a powerful ballad produced by Danny L. Harle, a pioneer of hyper-pop who has worked with Rina Sawayama and other artists, and John Ryan, who has provided many songs for One Direction, Maroon 5, and more. FEMM added some particularly poignant lyrics to the track, including the line “take the unexplored path (not the one shown to you by someone else) illuminated by the light you emit, even if it is still weak.”


Crystal Ball (Music Video) on YouTube:



The music video was produced in collaboration with majotae, a Japanese fabric brand that uses hemp, a sustainable material that has become popular worldwide in recent years. The costumes were based on origami and were designed by Tomomi Ono, a fashion designer who worked for Maison Martin Margiela in Paris and has been developing a “brand without a name” since 2009. The video was directed by 2nd Function, which has provided creations for global fashion brands like GUCCI.


The music video’s color palette is reminiscent of Japan, combining plenty of white and red objects. The video aims to inspire viewers to remember and accept the past while moving ever forward, so be sure to give it a watch. 


  • FEMM Releases Music Video for ‘THE SIX,’ Theme Song for MBS Drama Series

    19.August.2022 | MUSIC

    Since their debut in 2014, the female mannequin rap duo FEMM has continued to wow audiences with its avant-garde approach to music. The two have been active mainly in the United States and Europe.


    Since their debut, the duo has continued to release unique new music. The main track from their latest album Tokyo Ex Machina, We Got Each Other, managed to chart for 12 consecutive weeks on the major U.S. radio chart MEDIABASE/Activator Chart.


    FEMM’s new track THE SIX has been chosen as the theme song for the MBS/TBS drama series Ikinokotta 6-nin ni Yoru to, which is currently airing in Japan. 


    The aggressive and avant-garde song may be a first for a Japanese drama theme song. With a sound typical of FEMM, the track was written by the duo themselves after receiving an offer from the drama’s director Ken Ninomiya. The series follows survivors of a zombie apocalypse, and in response, FEMM’s song stresses the importance of staying true to oneself in any situation, no matter how terrifying. 



    Director Ken Ninomiya gave the following comments about the song.


    – – – – –


    FEMM’s music gives off this innate cheerfulness and a mischievousness that I thought would be perfect for the drama’s theme song, so as a fan and creator myself, I had to make an offer. 


    I asked that the song be a celebration of the six main characters as they grow and reforge who they are day after day. 


    And thus, THE SIX was born. The song, which calls out the characters’ names over and over, not only embodies their strength and their desire for a brighter future, but also encapsulates the drama in a tangible way. (More on that later.)


    I’m happy to be able to tell this story along with this incredible song.


    – – – – –


    The song is also the title of FEMM’s upcoming EP THE SIX, and a music video has been released. The video was shot in an industrial area by the sea in Chiba Prefecture, the same setting as the drama. Described as a “summer dystopian movie,” it has an unusually sad storyline created by FEMM and features the two dressed as zombies. The choreography was created by GENDAI, who leads the popular dance team KUROKO.


    Be sure to listen to THE SIX and check out the drama series if you can!

  • FEMM Releases Tokyo-Based Cyberpunk Music Video for ‘Crawl Away’

    10.August.2022 | MUSIC

    The mannequin rap duo FEMM has just returned from an expansive European tour through England, Germany, and France.


    The main track from their latest album Tokyo Ex Machina, We Got Each Other, managed to chart for 12 consecutive weeks on the major U.S. radio chart MEDIABASE/Activator Chart, and in September, the two will return to Europe to perform in Spain.


    The music video for their song Crawl Away, from their upcoming mini-album THE SIX, has been unveiled. The album will be released on August 17, 202.


    Crawl Away (Music Video):



    FEMM has always had cyberpunk as a theme for its visuals, and this time, the duo decided to collaborate with UK-based concept artist Max Prentis to kick up the retro-futuristic feel. The video is both set in a faraway time and nostalgic, bringing together 80s melodies and flashy visuals of a distant Tokyo.


    As the duo continues their activities in Europe and the United States, their new song THE SIX is being used as the opening song for the MBS/TBS drama Ikinokotta 6-nin ni Yoru to, which has just begun airing.

  • FEMM Releases Music Video for ‘Falling For A Lullaby,’ Announces European Tour Dates

    07.July.2022 | MUSIC

    Japanese electronic dance duo FEMM continues to impress. While still relatively unknown in Japan, the main track from their latest album Tokyo Ex Machina, We Got Each Other, managed to chart for 12 consecutive weeks on the major U.S. radio chart MEDIABASE/Activator Chart, rising as high as #48 as of June 22, 2022. 


    The song Fxxk Boyz Get Money, ranked in the Top 10 on Billboard’s World Albums chart and was also selected as the Best Indies Album at HMV in the U.K. The girls have continued to become popular in the U.S. in Europe. 


    The pandemic forced the duo to cancel all festival appearances in the U.S. and Europe. Their recent album Tokyo Ex Machina took over five years to complete.


    The music video for Falling For A Lullaby is finally here featuring Jenna Andrews, who previously worked with BTS on the video for Butter. Inspired by the current cyberpunk craze, this song is worth a few dozen listens at a minimum.


    Falling For A Lullaby(Music Video)

    In terms of visuals, FEMM has received high acclaim from Western media outlets such as Vice, Noisey, and DAZED. The new video was made along with BRDG, a close friend with many fans around the world, and YAMACHANG, one of the best laser artists in Japan. The work stands out for its incredible use of light and color.


    Starting in July, the duo will embark on a European tour. The dates are listed below, so if you live in the UK, France, or Germany, don’t miss this stellar show!

  • FEMM Releases Music Video for ‘Lolly,’ Produced by LISACHRIS

    29.January.2022 | MUSIC

    Japanese electronic dance music duo FEMM has become popular influencers around the world. Following the success of the pair’s song Fxxk Boyz Get Money, the mannequin duo ushered in a new era in the female rap scene, with their debut album ‘Femm-Isation’ entering the Top 10 on the U.S. World Albums Billboard chart.


    The pair, RiRi and LuLa, released their second album ‘Tokyo Girls Anthem’ in December 2021. The release featured Boys Noize, who produces music for A$AP Rocky and Frank Ocean, Danny L Harle, who produces for Charli XCX, and Star Boy, who works with DaBaby and Lil Uzi Vert. 


    After dropping the music video for Mental Health feat. Yup’in, one of the most unique songs on the album, the pair have now released the video for Lolly.


    Lolly (Music Video)


    Produced by LISACHRIS, who has provided music for ANARCHY and ZORN, the addictive and aggressive track is surprising, considering the sweet title. The flow of native English also makes this an incredibly catchy song.


    Following Peach, Come & Go, and Keep it Cool, Lolly takes place in the virtual city of New Tokyo created by Max Prentis, a London-based creator popular for his Japanimation-inspired cyberpunk illustrations. 


  • Mannequin rap duo FEMM will release a full-fledged copied video of WINK’s “Sabishi Nettaigyo”

    15.October.2017 | MUSIC

    The famous song “Fxxk Boyz Get Mone” gained much popularity centering around teenagers of L.A. with its radical and technical rap.

    The Japanese mannequin rap duo “FEMM” has been gaining high reputation from main medias around the world such as “vice” of the U.S., and “DAZED”/” Huffington Post of England. Also, many popular influencers in Western countries such as Perez Hilton Anna Dello Russo are sharing their video.

    FEMM has been working under the concept of “reviving the cultures of the 80’s and 90’s “ since 2015 ahead of the modern revival boom. Recently, they announced that they will release an album featuring famous Japanese pop songs from the past and they have released the video copying music video of WINK’s “Sabishi Nettaigyo” which is one of the songs included in the album.


    FEMM – Sabishi Nettaigyo

    “Sabishi Nettaigyo” is a song of WINK which swept the music industry in the 80’s and the “emotionless faces” of the members gathered much attention. The video of FEMM features the emotionless faces of the two “mannequins.”

    They are copying the composition of each cut and dance precisely and the size of the screen is 4:3. The quality and color of the video is as same as the video released in the 80’s and they have recreated this old fashion into a modern style. The video is not just a copied video but a “revival” video.

    10211_FEMM_Cap3 (1)
    The cover album “80s/90s J-POP REVIVAL” will be released on the 18th of October initially. The CD and cassette tape will be sold on the 25th of October.

    Keep checking on FEMM’s activities!




    <FEMM Release Info>
    Cover Album『80s/90s J-POP REVIVAL』
    Release date:10/18
    CD release:10/25

    Pre-order can be made at:

    01 My Revolution feat. Akina, Anna & Mikako from FAKY
    02 Candy Girl
    03 Sabishi Nettaigyo
    04 Donna Tokimo
    05 Sumire September Love
    06 There will be love there -Ai no Aru Basyo-
    07 Dear Friends
    08 Roman Hiko
    09 Sotsugyo
    12 Konya wa Boogie Back (nice vocal) feat. Lil’ Fang from FAKY & Yup’in

    <FEMM Info>
    FEMM OFFICIAL WEBSITE:https://femm.jp


  • Mannequin duet, FEMM” will release their new song and music video,「Do It Again」featuring LIZ

    20.April.2017 | MUSIC

    Mannequin Lap Duet, FEMM” will release their new song and music video, 「Do It Again」featuring the American woman artist, LIZ.

    The theme of their songs since 2016 has been “Revival of the 80’s” and this present music is a compilation of this theme. This is very emotional song and expresses the feelings of heroines in TV games who dominated the world at that time.

    Heroines are considered to be meek and weak but FEMM considered them to be strong and sturdy woman. This music is very FEMM and could be considered a “girl’s” anthem.

    Do It Again feat. LIZ (Fake 3D Music Video)

    They’ve caught “DAZED” (in the UK) and “creators project’s” (now: “Creators” in the USA) attention. Such “world-class” media is highly regarding not only their music but also their music video image work.

    They used the method called「SPLIT DEPTH」and made 「Fake 3D Music Videos」using optical illusion techniques. It looks deep and solid as a analog video.

    Featuring the artist, LIZ is the first-ever woman contract artist of the popular label,”MAD DECENT.”

    She has collaborated in the past with such popular artists as Pharrell Williams、Ryan Hemsworth、Ushe and ZEDD.

    She is a highly regarded writer and composer and she composed the melody and wrote the English lyrics.

    The familiar “rubber clothes” are made by the “House of Harlot” in England which is the most famous rubber specialty store.

    Louby McLoughlin who is living in London took charge of the styling for these clothes. FEMM is now touring Denmark and London to give concerts.

    Check out the world-famous FEMM!


    Digital Single

    Do It Again feat. LIZ

    2017.5.3 Available

    FEMM OFFICIAL WEB:https://femm.jp 


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  • FEMM Join the HYPER JAPAN PARTY in London, 23 April!

    15.April.2017 | MUSIC

    A celebration of great music from and inspired by Japan, brought to you by JPU Records and the UK’s largest Japanese culture festival, HYPER JAPAN. The event takes place at the O2 Academy2 Islington, London, on Sunday 23 April 2017 and includes performances from Tokyo’s dance / pop mannequins FEMM, electronic musician Shirobon, and tunes span from JPU Records, the home of kick arse music from Japan.



    A dance and pop duo formed by two mannequins, RiRi and Lula. Prior to their debut, they were a smash hit mainly among teens in the US and Europe. With their popularity increasing, they have been gaining support from fashionistas and influencers around the world. Also, in Japan they have consistently been in the news after appearing in the Google Android TV commercial and performing at popular events like “FASHION’S NIGHT OUT,” “ ULTRA JAPAN” and “YouTube FanFest.” In February 2016, they made a major debut with “PoW! / L.C.S.+Femm-Isation.” (The music video was labeled a “BUZZ CLIP” by MTV Japan.) For the video, they collaborated with cutting edge creators and their unique choreography was highly acclaimed by influencers around the world resulting in over 7.5 million views on YouTube. FEMM is now under the spotlight as the new fashion icon.



    Shirobon is an electronic musician from London, England. In 2006 Shirobon started making music using a Nintendo Game Boy and went on to release music and play shows using only the Game Boy. In 2009 he took some time out to discover the world of modern production and came back into the scene in 2013 with his crossover EP ‘Back Tracking’. Shirobon now plays shows around the world and runs his record label ‘Hyperwave’. Known for his futuristic sound and catchy melodies Shirobon will deliver some extreme party vibes!




    Tickets go on general sale from 16 April and will be prices around £10.

    Ticket link: https://academymusicgroup.com/o2academyislington/events/966723/femm-tickets



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  • AMIAYA, Una & FEMM to perform at KAWAII MONSTER CAFE for “TOKYO POP” this June!

    20.May.2016 | FASHION / MUSIC

    The “KAWAII MONSTER CAFE” is the latest craze located in Tokyo’s famous fashion and pop-culture district Harajuku. The theme park-like café has made news headlines as customers who visit it are transported into a whole new dimension. The café is gaining attention both inside and outside Japan and is famed as the location for the popular event “TOKYO POP”, a party that serves to deliver Tokyo culture through a mixing of different genres. The event is held on the first Friday of every month; but the next party will be held on Monday June 3rd.


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    TOKYO POP gives people the chance to experience Tokyo fashion and music. It gathers together the best and biggest key fashionistas and icons in once place, something you normally wouldn’t be able to witness. A huge line-up of artists will be attending, including TOKYO POP regulars “AMIAYA”, “Una” and “FEMM”. The event will also see the KAWAII MONSTER CAFE’s producer “Sebastian Matsuda” grace the venue, “BabyMary” from FALINE, who have a large following both inside and outside Japan, “MARIA FUJIOKA” from popular brand FIG&VIPER, and “LISACHRIS”, who deliver a huge arsenal of songs from many artists and brands.

    10 people from 5 units at MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON have been invited to attend the event and get infected by the DJs and performances within the unbelievable and extraordinary atmosphere of the KAWAII MONSTER CAFE.

    PastedGraphic-12■ Date/Venue
    Friday June 3rd, 2016 / OPEN 20:00

    ■Advance Ticket Purchase (Play Guide)


    <e-plus Purchase> Saturday May 21st, 10:00~Friday June 3rd,18:00

    AMIAYA / Una / FEMM

    Sebastian Masuda / BabyMary(FALINE) / MARIA FUJIOKA / LISACHRIS and more

    ・「MONSTER」An enchanting SHOT you can only drink at the KAWAII MONSTER CAFE ☆
    ・Do not fear, for you can eat here! KAWAII MONSTER CAFE offers some bewitching food☆
    ・If you snap a photo of UPS cosmetics and upload it to your social media, you can receive some UPS goods☆



    《How to Apply》
    Please e-mail the subsequent necessary information to press@mosimosi-nippon.jp
    Please be aware that those under the age of 20 may not apply.
    Deadline: May 30th
    ②Date of Birth (attendees will be Photo ID checked)
    ③No. of people


    Those under the age of 18 are not permitted to enter.
    To prevent those under the age of 18 entering and those under the age of 20 from underage drinking, all attendees will be photo ID checked (Passport, Driver’s License, National ID Card, Foreign Residence Card [no photocopies]).
    Any persons who wish to purchase alcohol will be photo ID checked.
    Please be aware that those who do not hold photo identification will be refused entry without exception.

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  • TOKYO POP event delivering Tokyo culture to be held at KAWAII MONSTER CAFE in Harajuku! AMIAYA, Una, and FEMM to perform!

    30.March.2016 | MUSIC / SPOT


    An all new event delivering Tokyo culture will be held in Harajuku at the KAWAII MONSTER CAFE on Friday April 1st.

    This event was held at the SOUND MUSEUM VISION last year in June, and has people from all different kinds of countries scrambling to this event that serves as a party embodying Tokyo culture through a mixture of genres. This first Friday event will open as a regular event. A number of artists will be performing, including AMIAYA, Una, and FEMM. People active in the Tokyo fashion and music scene such as BabyMary (FALINE) will also be assembling.

    See TOKYO POP for yourself by heading on over to the KAWAII MONSTER CAFE in Harajuku!


    Date: Friday April 1st, 2016
    Time: OPEN / START 20:00
    ※CLOSE 25:00
    YM Square Bld, 4-31-10 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo


    AMIAYA / Una / FEMM
    BabyMary(FALINE) / MARIA FUJIOKA(FIG&VIPER) …and more!!!


    Advance Ticket booking


    VIP S:15 places
    ¥150,000 (ENTRANCE FEE/VIP CHARGE/2 Champagne bottles/2 PASSOA bottles)
    VIP A:8 places
    ¥40,000(ENTRANCE FEE/VIP CHARGE/1 Champagne bottle/1 PASSOA bottle)
    VIP B:6 places
    ¥30,000(ENTRANCE FEE/VIP CHARGE/1 Champagne bottle/1 PASSOA bottle)
    VIP C:3 places
    ¥15,000(ENTRANCE FEE/VIP CHARGE/1 Champagne bottle/1 PASSOA bottle)
    ※Please reserve your VIP ticket via the number below.
    03-5413-6142 (KAWAII MONSTER CAFE)


    ※Those under the age of 18 are not permitted to the event.

    You may not enter the venue if you fall below the age of 18. Those under the age of 20 are forbidden from buying and drinking alcohol. Upon entering, all persons will be ID checked, so please be sure you have a form of photo identification (passport, drivers license, Juki Card, Foreign Residence Card [photo copies not permitted]).


    You will also be asked for ID when you purchase alcohol. Please be aware that there will be no exceptions for those not holding photo identification.