“Hello Kitty” and “Papaya Togen S” will collaborate! A bath additive which makes your skin smooth and shiny will be released.

17.September.2017 | FASHION

The Hello Kitty bath additive, “Papaya Togen S Hello Kitty” will be released in  drugstores throughout Japan from the 16th of September, 2017 (Sat).


The long, “best seller” product which was released 60 years ago with an illustration of beautiful woman taking a bath on the package called “Papaya Togen S” will collaborate with Hello Kitty. The new product comes in a cute pink package and has a peach scent.

The cute illustration of Kitty taking a bath wearing a peach-colored ribbon is proof that Kitty is a friend of the woman and can be seen only on the package of the new product. The soft peach scent and clear-pink colored hot water will offer you a soothing bath time.


Let’s have a “cute” bath time by using “Papaya Togen S Hello Kitty” ♡



Papaya Togen S 70g can Hello Kitty

Price: 420 yen (tax not included)

Content: 70g (the product comes with a measuring spoon)

Effective for:  heat rush, chapped skin, bruise, sprain, stiff shoulder, neuralgia, eczema, chilblains, hemorrhoids, Sensitivity to cold, back ache, rheumatism, recovery from exhaustion, skin-crack, chapped skin, sensitivity to cold before or after giving birth.

※  sulfur, which is corrosive to bath hadware is not included in this product.

Special website: http://www.goshu.co.jp/yourtogen/