Sano ibuki’s ‘ZERO’ to Serve as 2nd Ending Theme for ‘Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer’ Anime

17.October.2022 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

On November 23, Sano ibuki will release his long-awaited second mini-album ZERO. The album will include six tracks, including Platinum, used as a tie-in song for ASAHI WHITE BEER. It will also include twilight, the opening theme song for the MBS drama series Takara-kun & Amagi-kun


A new song to be featured on the album, ZERO, will be used as the second ending theme for the anime series Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer. An adaptation of Satoshi Mizukami’s manga, this second season follows a very successful first season airing in July. The series follows a college student, Yuuhi Amamiya, who is chosen as a Beast Knight and tasked with helping a princess defeat an evil mage to save the world.


Comment from Sano ibuki

“My song ZERO has been chosen as the second ending theme for the anime series Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer!


I read the manga series so much that I wore out the pages, and I can’t believe I was allowed to create a song for the show.


I’ll be 26 this year, and when I first read the manga, my boyish heart called out from deep inside of me. I ran out of the house as fast as I could for no reason at all. 


Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer is such a wonderful reminder of both extreme loss and extreme happiness. 


When the piece was in production, I was asked to make it something that matched the opening song.  


I hope ZERO will be a perfect song for the second season, and that it will be the perfect BGM for the fan’s reunion with the characters. 


Please enjoy it.”


  • Sano ibuki’s Seven Days War Anime Film Theme ‘Omajinai’ Features in Special YouTube Video

    14.December.2019 | ANIME&GAME / MOVIE / MUSIC

    Sano ibuki released his debut album STORY TELLER last month and has already reverberated across Japan, with ibuki being praised as an up-and-coming newcomer. He released his first single, Sensou Zenya/Omajinai/Spirit on Wednesday.


    The track Omajinai features as one of the main themes for the anime film Seven Days War which hit Japanese theatres yesterday on December 13. In line with the hotly-anticipated release of the movie, a special video was released on Sano ibuki’s YouTube channel in collaboration with it. Check it out below.

    The anime film is an adaptation of Osamu Souda’s short novel series Seven Days War (Bokura no Nanokakan Sensou), which has over 20 million copies in print. Sano’s three-track single tells the story of the children’s battle against the adults.

    Omajinai is a ballad full of hopes and prayers. Sano ibuki conversed with the film’s director Yuta Murano on numerous occasions on how and when it should be used during the movie. The special collaborative video features the beautiful and iconic scene with the lanterns being raised into the night sky with other memorable scenes interwoven throughout.