Pac-Man’s new brand, “PAC-STORE” and “3COINS” will release collaborative items

02.October.2017 | FASHION / SPOT

The 300-yen-shop, “3COINS” which delivers happiness to their customers, will release collaborative items with Pac-Man’s new brand “PAC-STORE.” Items which are a mixture of retro style of the 80’s and a modern style will be sold from October 7th (Sat.).


main copy

The concept of the items is “Kawaii”×”PAC-MAN.” The characters of “PAC-STORE” will become original goods such as hand towels, pass cases and masking tape.


■Product lineup

sub1 copy

sub4 copy

Porch, hand Towel (300 yen)


sub2 copy

Masking tape (150 yen)


sub3 copy

 Allonge set (300 yen)


sub5 copy

Mirror (300 yen)




sub6 copysub7 copysub8 copy

Pass Case, pen case, key holder (300 yen)


sub9 copy sub10 copy

Pochette, knit cap (500 yen)


sub11 copy

Let’s get PAC-STORE’s retro and “Kawaii” items at a very low price.




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