Upcoming Summer Anime Series ‘Dark Gathering’ Announces Additional Character & Voice Actress

08.March.2023 | ANIME&GAME

A new character and voice actress set to appear in this summer’s Dark Gathering anime series has been announced! Rina Kawaguchi will play Ai Kamiyo, the second student to appear in Keitaro’s home tutoring job. Ai witnessed her brother pass away due to her unfortunate condition, so it will be curious to see how she interacts with the main character. Check out a comment from Rina Kawaguchi below!


Rina Kawaguchi (Ai Kamiyo)

“Hello, everyone! I’m Rina Kawaguchi, and I’ve been chosen to play the role of Ai Kamiyo in the anime series Dark Gathering. I absolutely love the horror genre, and when I auditioned for this part I was obsessed with becoming a part of Dark Gathering. When my manager told me that I had been chosen to play Ai, I got on the train to go home and literally cried happy tears! This is an unparalleled horror masterpiece ready to blow you away, and I’m hoping that tons of people give it a watch this summer!”


Fans attending AnimeJapan 2023 on March 26 will be able to attend a special Dark Gathering panel featuring voice actors Yu Sasahara, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Kana Hanazawa, and Rina Kawaguchi. It’s unclear what the cast will reveal while on stage, so fans won’t want to miss it! Those invited to the panel will be selected by a special free drawing and applications will be accepted until March 8 at 23:59.

Trailer #1


The manga is currently serialized in Shueisha’s Jump SQ and tells the story of Keitaro Gentoga, who can communicate with spirits. After becoming a shut-in after a difficult incident, he meets a genius girl named Yayoi Hozuki who can see Keitaro’s ability. Yayoi is instantly able to tell that Keitaro has skill as a spirit medium, and she invites him to go with her to a haunted location. The two then start their journey capturing evil spirits.

Stay tuned for more Dark Gathering news!


  • Dark Gathering Anime Gets New Key Visual, Trailer, Cast Announcements

    15.November.2022 | ANIME&GAME

    A new key visual and trailer have been released ahead of the premiere of the Dark Gathering anime series next summer. The main cast has also been announced, with Yu Sasahara playing Yayoi Hozuki, Nobunaga Shimazaki playing Keitaro Gentoga, and Kana Hanazawa playing Eiko Hozuki. The cast has also provided comments, which you can read below!


    The Dark Gathering manga was launched in Shueisha’s Jump SQ in March 2019. Created by Kenichi Kondo, the series follow Keitaro Gentoga, a boy with the ability to see spirits. A shut-in for over two years, he slowly reintroduces himself to society as a private tutor, where he meets an incredibly smart girl named Yayoi Hozuki. She’s instantly able to see Keitaro’s mysterious skill and quicking invites him to go with her to a haunted place. From there, the two begin capturing evil spirits.


    The anime is being directed at OLM by Hiroshi Ikehata, known for his work on FLCL Progressive. Shigeru Murakoshi is in charge of series composition while Shinya Segawa provided character designs.

    The key visual shows the three main characters in front of a spooky Torii gate, each holding candles to add to the mysterious atmosphere.


    The trailer also shows the three characters in action and is filled with traditional horror elements. Fans certainly have their hopes up for this one!


    Keep an eye out for more details about Dark Gathering ahead of its broadcast in the summer of 2023!


    Cast Comments

    Yu Sasahara (Yayoi Hozuki)

    “I’m Yu Sasahara, and I’m happy to announce that I’ll be playing the role of Yayoi Hozuki! I’ve always loved spooky occult stories, so when I asked to audition for Dark Gathering, I quickly read the original manga and was overwhelmed by its incredible world. It was so fascinating! I felt like I was meant to play Yayoi! I’ll do my best to make sure that everyone enjoys both the horror and the fighting elements, so let’s go!!”


    Nobunaga Shimazaki (Keitaro Gentoga)

    “Keitaro is a boy who’s attracted to the occult and who is constantly being pushed around by ghosts and his occult-loving childhood friends. Something I love about him is that no matter how many times he finds himself in a bad situation, he always manages to react in a different way and never gets accustomed to it. Even people who don’t typically like horror might like this series just for Keitaro’s reactions! (laugh)


    The staff and cast have worked incredibly hard to bring this series to life. Ghost-centric horror anime is pretty rare these days, so I hope that you’ll love it as much as the original manga!”


    Kana Hanazawa (Eiko Hozuki)

    “To be honest, I’m not good with horror. Dark Gathering is seriously scary, but putting myself into Eiko’s shoes made things easier! She’s so excited by psychic phenomena that she’s strangely okay with the terrifying things happening around her. Sure, she’s a little weird, but that’s okay! Eiko, thank you! Both fans who have read the manga and those totally new to the story will have a great time–it’s scary, but it’s super compelling too.”



  • ‘Dark Gathering’ Horror Manga Gets Anime Adaptation in 2023, Teaser Trailer and Visual Released

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    Kenichi Kondo’s Dark Gathering manga series will get an anime adaptation in 2023! The manga is currently serialized in Shueisha’s Jump SQ, and the announcement was made on Ghost Day in Japan which falls on July 26.

    The series will be directed by Hiroshi Ikehata, known for his work on FLCL Progressive and Space Battleship Tiramisu. Filled with horror, it will be interesting to see what is in store for us from OLM studios, famous for the Pokemon and Beyblade Burst series.

    The teaser visual shows Yayoi Hozuki standing in a dimly lit tunnel, while the teaser trailer shows the many spirits that will appear in the adaptation. The manga tells the story of Keitaro Gentoga, who has the ability to communicate with spirits. After becoming a shut-in after a difficult incident, he meets a genius girl named Yayoi Hozuki who can see Keitaro’s ability. The two start on a journey to capture evil spirits.


    Teaser Trailer

    Keep an eye out for more details coming soon!