More than 150 thousand people visited the very popular ramen shop in Paris “HAKATA CHOTEN!” The shop won 1st place in the rating blog of Paris.

07.October.2017 | FOOD / SPOT

JFPM GLOBAL SARL opened the Hakata tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen shop “HAKATA CHOTEN” in France in May of 2015. There are two shops in Paris and the number of the visitors exceeded 150 thousand.

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 “HAKATA CHOTEN” is a full-fledged tonkotsu ramen shop (first tonkotsu ramen shop in Paris) which offers Hakata ramen with tonkotsu soup boiled for more than 24 hours and thin noodles (1.3 times heavier than the noodles offered in Japan). The hardness of the noodles (normal, hard, hardest) and the flavor of the soup (light, normal, thick) can be chosen and the people in Paris are surprised with their sensitive service. A report concerning “HAKATA CHOTEN” has been uploaded on our MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON website so please take a look.

Detailed information:


They explain to their customers about ramen details such as the fact that noodle get softer with time, the system of “kaedama” (noodle refilling system) and how to eat ramen. The interior of the shop is created based on the image of a shrine gate and the ramen is offered in “Aritayaki (famous Japanese porcelain)” bowls so that customers can experience the traditional culture of Japan.


The shop is popular not only with Parisians but also with Chinese people visiting Paris, and about 250 people per day visit the first shop named, “HAKATA SHOP Opera Shop.”

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“Tonkotsu Ramen Special (comes with an egg)” 14 Euro (about 1,820 yen)


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“Negi Goyaza” five pieces / 7 Euro (about 910 yen)


The shop was introduced by the local media and blogs by famous Japanese people residing in Pars. Their ramen and gyoza won the first place in the famous Japanese restaurant blog ( They also received the following comment by the mayor of Paris, Anne in 2015, “I am glad that your shop was introduced in the magazine “A Nous Paris” and I think your shop is one of the best shops in Paris.”

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 “Mazesoba (mix noodle)” is also very popular. They developed this menu in July of 2017 because the shop did not have an air conditioner. They thought that they should sell something that is not hot during the summer season. There are two types; “Mazesoba” (12 Euro / 1,560 yen) and “Karamiso Mazesoba” (13 Euro / 1,690 yen). These menu items are very popular among French people. One of the customer said, “this dish is not too heavy compared to their hot ramen and the system where customers can use vinegar is really great.”


They started a delivery service from the 5th of September 2017 which includes menu items such as ramen (soup and noodle are separated), gyoza (dumplings) and green soybeans. They put the broth and noodles inside a container which has passed a heat-duration test many times and the delivery system is known as a unique system among people in Paris.

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They are introducing Japan’s ramen culture to French people. Why don’t you visit the shop when you visit Paris?

A detailed report about this shop can be found at the following site:





Address: 53 Rue des Petits Champs,75001 Paris France

Business hours:



Holidays: 1/1、5/1、7/14、12/25




Address: 16 Rue de la Grande Truanderie,75001 Paris France

Business hours: 12:00-22:00(LO:22:00)

Holidays: 1/1、5/1、7/14、12/25