MAN WITH A MISSION released the jacket of their new song created by a live painting in Shibuya

11.October.2017 | MUSIC

The jacket of MAN WITH A MISSION’s new single “My Hero / Find You” which will be released on the 1st of November (Wed.) was released.


The releasing method of the jacket gathered much attention because it was very unique. The live painting event by the two graphic artists Kaoru Soda and YOICHIRO started at 11:00 AM all the sudden. The venue of the event was a special booth in front of Shibuya Tower Records. The jacket of the single was depicted on a black cloth.


The illustration of the jacket which was represents the machine body of Kamikaze Boy who is the member of the band since the single “My Hero” is the opening theme of the animation “Inuyashiki.”


Many passersby stopped by and the venue was filled with excitement as the live painting event proceeded. After the live painting was done, a post card of the jacket (quantity limited) was handed out to the spectators.


A “wrapping bus” of the jacket will be in service in Tokyo from the 31st of October (Tue.) so you might be able to see their jacket.

MAN WITH A MISSION 「Find You」(Movie Ver.)

In addition, the content of the single was released too. The CD consists of two A-side singles (“My Hero,” the opening theme of the animation “Inuyashiki” and “Find you,” the ending theme of the movie “Fukumenkei Noise”) and two other songs which are “Mr. Bad Mouth” and the remixed song by Ken Ishii, “Memories [Ken Ishii Remix].”


The first edition includes a DVD which consists of three videos which are the documentary video of the last live of the tour called “Dead End in Tokyo Extra Tour” held at Marin Messe Fukuoka on the 1st of April, the director’s cut edition of mission video “Jan Ken Jonny Hiyatoi Baito de Hizeni wo Kasegu!!” which was played on the tour and the non-credit opening video of the animation “Inuyashiki” (Fuji Television, noitaminA).

Let’s check the new single “My Hero / Find You” with this unique jacket.


Release information

Single “My Hero / Find You”

2017,11,1 (Wed.) release

[First edition] CD+DVD SRCL9551-52 1,700 yen (tax not included)

[Normal edition] CD SRCL-9553 1,200 yen (tax not included)


【Songs included in the CD:First edition and normal edition】

1: My Hero

Opening theme of the animation “Inuyashiki” (Fuji Television, noitaminA)

2: Find You

Ending theme of the movie “Fukumenkei Noise”

3: Mr. Bad Mouth

4: Memories [Ken Ishii Remix]

【Contents included in the DVD:only for first edition】

1: Dead End in Tokyo Extra Tour Documentary(2017.4.01 Marin Messe Fukuoka)

2: Jan Ken Jonny Hiyatoi Baito de Hizeni wo Kasegu!! Director’s but version

3: Non-credit opening video of the animation “Inuyashiki” (Fuji Television, noitaminA)

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Tour information

MAN WITH A MISSION presents「Dog Days Tour 2017」

11/10(Fri.) Ehime / Matsuyama WstudioRED

11/13(Mon.) Gunma / Takasaki clubFLEEZ

11/15(Wed.) Ishikawa / Kanazawa EIGHT HALL

11/19(Sun.) Aomori / Hirosaki Mag-Net

12/02(Sat.) Saitama / Saitama Super Arena

12/03(Sun.) Saitama / Saitama Super Arena

12/07(Thurs.) Okinawa / Music Town Otoichiba


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