An “ukioe” item now comes with the “Tokyo Midtown Award’s” award product – a sake gift

18.October.2017 | FOOD

Tokyo Midtown has been holding an art and design competition titled, “Tokyo Midtown Award” starting from 2008 with the aim of “promoting JAPAN VALUE.”

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In this competition, a lot of design ideas are collected and some winning works can be commercialized. This time, the winning work in 2015, 「Ukiyoe puchipuchi」will be commercialized. To date, a total of 16 works have been turned into events or commercialized products.

Ukiyoe puchi puchi(R) won the semi-grand prix from among 1,316 entries in the design competition held with the theme of “hospitality” in 2015.

In the begging of 20th century, Japanese people surprised Europeans by exporting ceramics using cushioning material that had “ukioe” designs on them.

This is a product where ukiyoe has been printed on bubble cushioning material. It is perfect for the wrapping of alcohol bottles.

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“Omedetai paper cup” received the Good Design Award in 2017. It was commercialized in March of this year.

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Stay tuned for the next commercialized items!


Ukiyoe puchi puchi(R)

Price: large ¥324, small ¥302(tax included)

Selling agency:Kawakami Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Selling date: November, 2017(plans)

Material: polyethylene


large(for one bottle)180×570mm

small(for four bottles)150×475mm


Artist: coneru

<Member /Satoru Shimizu, Jun Yamane, Takahiro Uekubo, Ryusuke Sugawara>


Omedetai paper cup

Price: ¥637(tax included, 50 pieces)

Selling agency:Sunnap Co..

Materials:virgin pulp 100%, polyethylene laminate processing

Capacity: 7 ounce(205ml、72.6φ×79.3mm)

Artist:Yu Inoshita