Christmas is coming soon! Seven illumination events in Tokyo/Kanagawa.

23.October.2017 | FEATURES / SPOT

The weather is getting cold and the winter season is just around the corner.

Can’t wait until Christmas which is the biggest winter event! I will introduce to you some romantic illumination spots which will be opened from November.



Shibuya Hikarie (2017,11,1 (Wed.) to 12,25 (Mon.))


Minnie Mouse, the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse will appear at the event.

Various kinds of photo spots (scenes) will be installed in many areas inside the facility such as the scene where Minnie Mouse is preparing for Christmas with Micky Mouse and the scene where Minnie Mouse and Daisy are dressing up for the holiday season.


Detailed information:Mini Mouse will appear on Hikarie’s Christmas illumination “TOKYU CHRISTMAS WONDERLAND 2017”




Date: 2017,11,1 (Wed.) to 12,25 (Mon)

※The date differs depending on the facility

Venue: Shibuya Hikarie

Address: 2nd street, 21-1, Shibuya, Shibuyaku, Tokyo





Tokyo Sky Tree (2017,11,9 (Thurs.) to 12,25 (Mon.))


A “French Christmas” event where Lisa and Gaspard are highlighted will be held at the 450m-high viewing galleria under the original story of “the first Christmas in Tokyo where Lisa and Gaspard decorate the highest observation deck of Tokyo Sky Tree.” The world of Lisa and Gaspard and hear-warming oil paintings can be enjoyed at this event while viewing the beautiful sight of the city with Christmas illuminations.

Detailed information: “Tokyo Sky Tree”×”Lisa and Gaspard” Christmas event



Date: 2017,11,9 (Thurs.) to 12,25 (Mon.)

Venue: Tokyo Sky Tree observation deck, viewing galleria





Tokyo Midtown (2017,11,15 (Wed.) to 12,25 (Mon.))


 “Midtown Christmas 2017” is a Christmas event which will reach its 10th year anniversary in November 2017. A rendition of cosmic space above the vast 2,000㎡ grass area can enjoyed at the popular main event “Star Light Garden.”

Different renditions will be performed each day under the theme of “cosmic journey!” You can enjoy the rendition each day imaging many kinds of planets in the solar system such as the “moon,” the “sun” and “Saturn.”


Detailed information: Tokyo Midtown which will reach its 10th year anniversary this year will hold a Christmas illumination event this year



Midtown Christmas 2017

Venue: Tokyo Midtown / 9th street, 7-1, Akasaka, Minatoku, Tokyo

Date: 11,15 (Wed.) to 12,25 (Mon.)

Light up: 17:00 to 23:00

※Welcome illumination – until 24:00




Omotesando Hills (11,8 (Wed.) to 12,25 (Mon.))


Under the theme of “100-colored Christmas trees’ wood,” an artistic Christmas illumination will be held. The vivid-colored woods of Christmas trees created by “Shikiri,” a concept based on Japan’s traditional “majikiri (partition)” and a 7m tall white tree which is a layered, three-sided pyramid tree will be set up. The sight of the soft light shows and the various kinds of colors depending on place, angle and time will offer each visitor an emotional experience.


Detailed information: Colorful trees will light up Omotesando Hills “100 Shoku no Christmas Tree no Mori” 



Date: 11,8 (Wed.) to 12, 25 (Mon.)

Light up: 11:00 to 23:00

※The light up will start right after the light up ceremony which will be held only on the 8th of November (Wed.).







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