DNCE x End of the World (SEKAI NO OWARI) collaborative song “Hallow” is released

25.October.2017 | MUSIC

DNCE, is a funk-pop band from the US with the big hit “Cake by the ocean.” Since last year DNCE and End of the World (SEKAI NO OWARI) members have become friends and the release of this recent collaborative song “Hollow” is result of this friendship.


Last December DNCE’s record company arranged for the two bands to come together for a meal. The members hit it off and when DNCE came to Tokyo in March of this year they visited SEKAI NO OWARI’s communal home “Sekaowa House.” There they had a session together and sang “karaoke” together and these good times developed into the release of this recent song. Cole, the bassist of DNCE has these words about this recent collaboration. “People coming together and building friendships. That’s how this collaborative song was born. It was a real natural process.”


When Fukase listened to the demo song which Nakajin made, he thought “This song will improve if we play it with DNCE.” Then they agreed to play together.  The title was decided so that it is easy for the fans to remember. The collaborative song “Hallow” was completed.


「Hollow」DNCE x End of the World (SEKAI NO OWARI) can be downloaded from iTunes, Apple Music only. The album “DNCE –Jumbo Edition- will be released on November 8th and DNCE will visit Japan for their first Japan Tour. Keep your eyes on them and check if they will be performed this song or not? Their Tokyo live is already sold out.


DNCD 「Good Day remixed by End of the World (SEKAI NO OWARI)」 has been distributing on GYAO! for a limited time. Check out their collaborative music!



「Hollow」DNCE x End of the World (SEKAI NO OWARI):https://umj.lnk.to/HollowPR

『DNCE –Jumbo Edition-』

「Hollow」「Good Day remixed by End of the World (SEKAI NO OWARI)」

Release on November 8th


「Good Day」MV:https://gyao.yahoo.co.jp/player/00101/v12551/v0871400000000549075/


DNCE official website:http://dnce.jp

SEKAI NO OWARI Official website:https://sekainoowari.jp/mob/news/newsLis.php?site=S&ima=4901&cd=E_NEWS


  • SEKAI NO OWARI Performed at Makuhari Messe, Asia Tour To Follow

    26.July.2019 | MUSIC

    SEKAI NO OWARI is currently on their Japan tour “The Colours”. From July 24 to 25 they performed at Makuhari Messe, leaving the venue on a very high note. 

    After four years since the release of Tree, they released their albums Eye and Lip on February 27, 2019. In April, they followed up on the album releases with their Japan tour The Colours, which is their biggest tour to date with 28 performances in 13 venues across the country. This autumn, they will be touring Taipei, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing under the same live tour title, and much more. This is the most jam-packed schedule from SEKAI NO OWARI that anyone has ever seen. 

    Over the two days at Makuhari Messe, approximately 32,000 fans attended to watch SEKAI NO OWARI.


    A statement by vocalist Fukase:

    We are performing at 24 locations for this tour. After a while it suddenly hit me that this is the biggest tour SEKAI NO OWARI has ever been on. It makes me happy to think that we managed to up our game to a whole new level without even realising it. Thank you for your support. After a year or so, we will be reaching our 10th anniversary, so we are thinking of what we could do to celebrate. Thank you and please continue to support us,” he said, thanking the fans. 

    That leaves just four more performances of the tour left. The last performances will be held on August 24 and 25th at the Mie Prefectural Sun Arena, bringing their grand tour to a close. In total, an estimated 280,000 fans will have attended this phenomenal tour. 


    Photographers: 太田好治、立脇卓、鳥居洋介

  • SEKAI NO OWARI Digitally Release ‘Kimi wa Tsukiyo ni Hikari Kagayaku’ Theme Song

    15.March.2019 | MUSIC

    SEKAI NO OWARI dropped two new albums simultaneously on February 27, 2019―Lip and Eye―which marked their first studio album release Tree in 2015. Both albums ranked No. 1 and No. 2 on the Oricon Album Charts on March 6 respectively, and both continue to enjoy sound sales.

    The four-piece Tokyo pop band has just made their song Mitsu no Tsuki -for the film- available for digital download and stream (March 15). The song is a special arrangement of the original track Mitsu no Tsuki included on Lip. It was written for the Japanese film Kimi wa Tsukiyo ni Hikari Kagayaku (“You Shine in the Moonlit Night”) which also hit Japanese theatres on March 15.

    Exclusive cover art was also released for the track which is inspired by the title of the film―shining moonlight.


    SEKAI NO OWARI made the following statement about the newly-arranged track: “We discussed [a new version] while we were writing the new albums. The original song was already complete, but Mitsu no Tsuki -for the film- is a new arrangement written as the main theme for the film. We wrote it together with Takeshi Kobayashi, who was our sound producer. It has a classic sound but you can also still hear that it is us. I hope people will like it, it’s very different from Mitsu no Tsuki on the album.”

  • END OF THE WORLD Reveal CD Cover for New Single ‘Illumination’

    11.October.2018 | MUSIC

    END OF THE WORLD’s new single Illumination was released digitally today on October 11. The four-member pop rock band have also unveiled the artwork for the single.

    It features a snowy road and the glow of warm orange lights, making a perfect and fitting piece of artwork for the song.


    Illumination is being used as the main theme song for the TV Asahi drama series Legal V: Gen Bengoshi: Takanashi Shoko.

  • “Good Day,” one of DNCE’s songs was remixed by SEKAI NO OWARI and was released online.

    26.September.2017 | MUSIC

    One of Japan’s most famous bands, SEKAI NO OWARI remixed DNCE’s (a funk-pop band from the United States) song called “Good Day” and released this online. The name of the remix version is “Good Day remixed by End of the World (SEKAI NO OWARI).”



    The two bands have been building a close friendship and the release of the remixed version was an exciting event for fans of both bands. An animation music video was released this month.


    “Good Day” music video;



    It was decided that the song will be included in DNCE’s album “DNCE Jumbo Edition” but since the song was so popular, the band decided to release the song online ahead of the release of the album.


    The remixed version of “Good Day” in which both SEKAI NO OWARI’s dreamy sound and DNCE’s happy sound can be enjoyed is a “must check!”

    Also, DNCE will hold their first Japan tour (they visited Japan once in the past). They performed just once in Tokyo last time but this time they will hold concerts in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. It is a rare chance to see them performing in cities other than Tokyo!



    First, why not check out this song on the Internet.



    【Release information】

    “Good Day remixed by End of the World (SEKAI NO OWARI)”



    【Tour Information】

    DNCE GOGO SAIKO Japan November 2017



    2017,11,7 (Tue) / Akasaka BLITZ / Open 18:00 / Start 19:00

    1F standing 8,000 yen / 2F reserved seat: 9,500 yen (tax not included / additional fee for one drink)

    1F standing: children under elementary school cannot enter / 2F children older than four years old must have a ticket.



    Live Nation Japan e-mail: info@livenation.co.jp




    2017,11,8 (Wed) BIGCAT / Open 18:00 / Start 19:00

    All standing: 8,000 yen (tax included / additional fee for one drink) ※Children below elementary school cannot enter the venue


    Kyodo Information

     TEL: 0570-200-888(10:00~18:00) http://www.kyodo-osaka.co.jp/



    2017,11,9 (Thurs) DIAMOND HALL / Open 18:00 / Start 19:00

    All standing: 8,000 yen (tax included / additional fee for one drink) ※Children below elementary school cannot enter the venue


    CBC Television Office

    TEL: 052-241-8118(week days 10:00~18:00) http://hicbc.com/event/


    【Pre order】 Live Nation Japan pre order: 9,22 (Fri.) 18:00 to 9,25 (Mon.) 23:59

    General sales 10,14 (Sat.) 10:00


    【Product information】

    “Good Day remixed by End of the World (SEKAI NO OWARI)” “Kissing Strangers feat. Nicki Minaj” is also included!

    “DNCE Jumbo Edition”

    Release date: 2017,10,25 (Wed.)