“MINIONS” will hijack “31 Ice Cream” in the campaign titled, “MINIONS 31 JACK”

02.November.2017 | FOOD

31 Icecream will begin the campaign title, “MINIONS 31 JACK” starting on November 1st (Wed.).

The very popular and mysterious characters who love bananas, the MINIONS, who featured in the film series, “Dispicable Me” will hijack all 31 Ice Cream stores for the month of November. It will be a month of MINIONS everywhere! Fun limited items will also be sold.


MINIONS are even in the ice creams! Campaign limited flavors will be debutedBoo Ya! MINIONS


The very cute MINIONS will appear in ice creams as various fun flavors. There are ice creams which express the representative colors of the MINIONS yellow and blue. The “Yellow color ice cream”comes from bananas and pineapples. And the ice cream,  “Blue soda sobel”ice cream is from the MINIONS overalls. There are three more flavors where the cute MINIONS are hiding and say,“Boo Ya!”


Because of the MINIONS’ tricks the ice cream changes

Happy Doll MINIONS


Big eyes made of chocolate, a Santa hat made of chocolate and a banana-shaped chocolate are some toppings you will find in the campaign items. The MINIONS’ face expressions can be seen in a big eyed “smile” a heart eyed “lovely” and a “ill tempered” face.


You will want them all! Three types of MINIONS-designed cups.

Triple pop MINIONS


The “triple top ice cream” where you can choose the 3 flavors you want is also “MINIONS covered.”There are 3 original designs for the cups. The designs are all so cute you will want them all. There is a limit to the number of cups so get yours early on.


Variety pack MINIONS


For the “variety pack” where you can choose the 6 flavors of your choice, the take-out box has a MINIONS design. Furthermore, for those who purchase some items a campaign-special MINIONS zipper bag (4 sets) will be handed out.


The happy-go-lucky MINIONS will help to liven up Christmas

Bello! Christmas MINIONS


A Christmas cake where a MINIONS face is the surface of the cake will be debuted. The flavor of this cake will be the most popular, “popping shower” and “chocolate chip.”In addition, for those who order some items in advance, a MINIONS calendar will be handed out as a present. The number of calendars are limited so make you order right away.


This November, why not go to your nearest 31 Ice Cream shop and experience the world of MINIONS!




Boo Ya! MINONS single and regular size

Price 360 yen (tax included) Also the price may vary according to the store.

Sales period: starting November 1st (Wed.) sold only during this campaign period. * Sales will end when the items are sold out


Happy Doll MINIONS

Smile  Lovely   Ill-tempered

Price: 450 yen  (tax included) Also the price may vary according to the store.

*You can choose your favorite flavors

Sales period: November 1st (Wed.) ~ November 30th (Thurs.) *planned period


Triple Pop MINIONS

Everyone gather! Party! Cool!

Price: 520 yen (tax included) Also the price may vary according to the store.

Sales period: November 1st (Wed.) ~ November 30th (Thurs.) *planned period

MINIONS designed zipper bags

L size 2 bags + M size 2 bags  total 4 bags

L size  M size 205mm×220mm 135mm×170mm


Variety Pack MINIONS

Small 6

Price: 1,450 yen

Regular 6

Price: 2,000 yen

*(tax included) Also the price may vary according to the store.

Sales period: November 1st (Wed.) ~ November 30th (Thurs.) *planned period

Bello! Christmas MINIONS

Price: 3,400 yen (tax included) Also the price may vary according to the store.

Sales period: November 1st (Wed.) * Sales will end when the items are sold out

TM & © Universal


  • Minions Confections Sneak Their Way Into Lawson Convenience Stores in Japan

    05.August.2020 | FOOD / MOVIE

    Bandai Candy’s character-inspired Japanese confectionery series Tabemas released a new batch of Minion-themed Japanese wagashi confections at Lawson convenience stores in Japan (excluding Lawson Store 100 branches) on August 4, 2020.

    ‘Tabemas’ is an abbreviation of the Japanese words taberareru masukotto, meaning ‘mascots that you can eat.’ It is a Japanese confectionery series that combines well-known characters and Japanese sweets made from ingredients like red bean paste, sugar and rice flour.

    Tabemas Minions | ¥264 (Before Tax)

    The line-up includes familiar faces from the Despicable Me and Minions films, namely the childish Bob, Stuart—who loves a prank—and Kevin who has a leader presence about him. The confections feature all the little details for each character, from the goggles and hair to the colouring.


    Each character has its own delicious bean paste flavouring too: Bob is banana flavoured (his favourote), Stuart is strawberry, and Kevin is chocolate. Which do you want to try the most?


    © Universal City Studios LLC. All Rights Reserved.

  • Minions Plan To Take Over McDonald’s Japan This Summer

    14.July.2020 | FOOD / MOVIE

    Just when you thought McDonald’s couldn’t get more yellow, the world-famous fast food restaurant is now teaming up with Illumination Entertainment’s lovable yellow minions, creating a new line of tasty treats,  fun toys and more. The new line includes the Banana McShake®, Waffle Cone Chocolate Banana Ice Cream, a Minions Happy Meal® and much more. The minions will be taking over the menu from July 17, 2020 for a limited time only.
    *Unavailable at certain branches

    The minions are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. From the packaging of the food to McShakes and toys, there’s just so much going on this summer.

    Banana McShake® Small: ¥120円/ Medium: ¥200
    *Image for illustration purposes only

    Enjoy the mild flavour of banana embraced in sweet cream. As the flavours melt on your tongue, you will feel refreshed. The small-size cups are decorated with original illustrations of the main minions Bob, Kevin and Stuart and are in limited supply. Enjoy the sight of mischievous minions joke around on your drink as you get refreshed.

    Waffle Cone Chocolate Banana Ice Cream: ¥250 (Price may vary)

    *Image for illustration purposes only

    A crispy waffle cone filled with milky, rich soft serve ice cream and drizzled with a rich chocolate sauce and sweet banana sauce – a minion’s favourite flavour. Your ice cream will be served wrapped in collaboration-limited packaging. During the collaboration period, all waffle ice cream cones (plain, strawberry, chocolate and almond) will be served in special minion-themed wrapping.

    Minions Happy Meal®


    Selling: July 17, 2020 ( approximately four weeks)
    Bonus Toys: A total of 30 minions toys and 30 golden versions.
    *All minion toys are in limited supply
    *You cannot choose which toy you will get with your meal

    The Minions Happy Meal® comes with a toy. There are a total of 30 different minion toys and each one is pulling a hilarious and mischievous pose. Which one will you receive? From dancers and sporty minions to firefighters, the toy collection represents the large variety of minions that we’ve seen over the ten years. There’s even a Bob holding a teddy bear and a King Bob. There are also gold versions of the toys too, however, these are very rare to come across. Each toy will be sealed in an exciting minion capsule, adding to the excitement.

    If you purchase the set on July 18 or July 19, 2020, you will be given a holographic minion stickers so you can enjoy the mischievous minions even more. There is also a campaign on twitter where 32 winners will be rewarded with the complete minions set!


    Campaign Running: July 13 (13:00) ー July 15, 2020 (23:59)
    How To Apply:
    1. Follow the official McDonald’s Japan account (@McDonaldsJapan
    2. Reply to the post with the tweet that contains the hashtag #わたしのミニオン愛はミリオン級 by copy and pasting the hashtag and writing a message to declare that you are a minions fan.
    Prizes: 32 winners will be chosen to receive a Complete Minions Happy Meal®

    From July 10, 2020, McDonald’s will be sharing eight different minion-themed backgrounds on their website. These collaboration-limited backgrounds are perfect for spicing up your online video calls and web meetings.


    McDonald’s Minions Virtual Background Download: https://www.mcdonalds.co.jp/campaign/minions/cmp01/
    Accessible From: July 10, 2020 (Available for approximately 5 weeks)

    *8 different backgrounds available


    Join in the minions fun at McDonald’s this summer!


    *Food and item names have been translated from Japanese
    © Universal City Studios LLC. All Rights Reserved. 

  • Prepare for New Year by Ordering a Minion or Hello Kitty-Themed New Year Osechi Food Bento in Advance

    28.August.2019 | FOOD

     To properly celebrate a Japanese New Year, Osechi cannot be overlooked. Osechi is a Japanese term referring to special food traditionally served during the New Year holidays. The food is filled with the hopes, wishes and happiness of people. This year, Belle Maison has released Minion-themed and Hello Kitty-themed osechi bento boxes.


    Belle Maison opened their reservation website for these Osechi Bento boxes on August 23rd. 

    2-Tier Minion Osechi Bento Box: ¥22,000 (after tax)

    Underneath the dazzling smiling face of the minion is a bento box packed with delicious New Year’s goodness. The box contains a mix of traditional flavours as well as small appetizer-style bites. This is something that children as well as adults would love. The box even includes a delicious soup and a cured and steamed white fish kamaboko, which bears the image of a minion.


    3-Tier Hello Kitty Osechi Bento Box: ¥19,900 (after tax)

    The Hello Kitty Osechi comes in a Hello Kitty 45-year anniversary box. From the Hello Kitty ribbon-shaped mochi to the pink lilies made from yokan jellied red bean paste, this bento box is packed with cute and beautiful Hello Kitty goodness. There is also Hello Kitty mousse made from whipped cream and a Hello Kitty steamed bun with a sweet potato and chunky adzuki bean paste filling. This box is packed tightly with so many delicious desserts. 


    Order online during one of the following advanced sale periods for a discount:

    Period 1 (10% off): August 23 ー September 30, 2019

    Period 2 (7% off): October 1 ー 28, 2019

    Period 3 (3% off): October 29 ー November 25, 2019 

     The earlier you order, the larger the discount so if you are interested, you should order earlier rather than later. 


    There is no better way to experience a Japanese New Year than with a Minion or Hello Kitty-themed Osechi Bento Box. 



    ⒸUniversal City Studios LLC. All Rights Reserved ©1976,2019 SANRIO CO.,LTD. APPROVAL NO.G600783

  • Minion Design Glasses to be Released by Zoff

    24.April.2019 | FASHION

    The reign of the Minions continues as Japanese glasses brand Zoff has revealed a new collection based on the popular characters from the Despicable Me series. The glasses line will be released at Zoff stores and the company website on April 26.



    Opal Frame


    The banana design features―you guessed it, a banana design, every Minions’ favourite fruit. The inner part of the frame also has Gru’s “G” logo on it.


    This design is inspired by the denim dungarees that Minions are known for wearing. This design makes it easy for incorporating with casual fashion.


    The leather quality is brought about using a special manufacturing technique. Its chic design is perfect for wearing to school or the workplace.


    This “Daily Line” of glasses is perfect for both Minions fans and people wanting to just have fun with fashion in a nonchalant way. They are made using lightweight materials too and so are comfortable to wear. Zoff also stocks children’s sizes of these glasses too making it perfect for parents and kids to have fun matching.





    The “Classic Line” uses metal frames―something which is popular right now―and is a golden colour, the Minions’ favourite. The rims look thick when viewed from the side and so give them both a goggle-type and trendy look.


    The classic spectacles too are lightweight and so are comfortable sat on the face. They are recommended for more mature fans of the Minions as well as people simply looking for classic-looking frames.

    All of these glasses some with the above-pictured glasses case and wipe with the three most popular Minions illustrated on them: Kevin, Stuart and Bob.


    TM &©Universal Studios

  • Get ready for the first ever Minion-themed Kamaboko ー so delicious and healthy!

    03.March.2019 | FOOD

    An adult’s favourite movie character – the minion. Now, you can enjoy this face on Kamaboko, which is a kind of Japanese cured seafood product. It is often served on top of Japanese dishes such as ramen!  The Kamaboko Minion will be released for sale on Friday 1st March 2019.

    The Minions’ distinctive large eyes and blue and yellow colour themes have been accurately recreated. With this kamaboko, you can add a splash of fun, colour and flavour to your dishes.


    Kamaboko is popular because it is a good source of protein, easy and quick to prepare, and is often a good alternative for people who don’t like fish. It is also the perfect source of nutrition for kids too!

    The best feature of the Minion Kamaboko is that it is designed to look like Minion Bob; the most popular Minion.

    The Kamaboko comes in two different packaging designs that are colourful and lively ー as if the Minions have jumped right out of the film! It also comes with a Kamaboko board which is decorated with Minion Bob’s face on the back!


    ※ There is only one design for the Kamaboko Minion board.

    Whether you’re making a bento rice box, udon, or chawanmushi egg custard, just put a slice of Kamaboko Minion on the top and your food will be magically transformed into a cute and fun dish!


    Just looking at it will make your heart pound with excitement! Get your hands on some as soon as they’re out!


  • Minions Set to Bring a Yellow Christmas to Universal Studios Japan

    08.November.2018 | SPOT

    Universal Studios Japan have added a new daytime program titled Yellow Christmas to its upcoming winter event Universal Wonder Christmas.


    The main event of Yellow Christmas will see the cheeky minions come together for the Minion Hacha Mecha Christmas Party which anybody can have fun joining in with.

    This party promises to be bigger, better and crazier than last year’s hugely successful run. Expect to see Minions donning Christmas attire as well as appearances from Gru and Santa Claus. Yellow balloons will float across the event and many bubbles will be blown as everyone comes together for festive merry making. For the event finale Minion-yellow confetti will fly across the whole area.


    Christmas decorations will also line the Minion Park for the first time since its opening. You can expect to see the yellow mischief makers helping put up decorations and enjoying the Christmas of their lives. The decorations will give rise to a completely new kind of Christmas aesthetic from the usual red and green combination.

    Wave to Gru and the Minions as they come to greet guests for the Minion Christmas Greeting with Gru.


    Get involved in the festivity with the Minions at USJ!

  • Minion Themed Banana Chocolate Halloween Tarts Released at Ministop Convenience Stores

    01.October.2018 | FOOD

    Halloween is almost here, which means it time to start getting in the spooky mood. The new Halloween Minion Banana Chocolate Tarts just dropped pre-sales at Ministop branches across Japan on October 2, with general sales beginning on October 17 at AEON Retail.

    These tarts are the perfect treat for the Halloween season, featuring designs of Minions from the popular Despicable Me film franchise together with other Halloween motifs like pumpkins and monsters. They are yellow like the Minions and banana flavoured – Minions’ favourite flavour.

    The tarts are crunchy and are covered with a white chocolate coating. Inside is a banana flavoured mousse layered like a cheesecake as well as chocolate mousse. The banana and chocolate make for a deliciously rich combination.

    Part of the fun of buying these tarts is choosing which one to go for. There are 6 designs to choose from that include Bob, Jerry and Stuart. The packaging too has Minion decorations with Halloween colours.

    A special campaign is also being held from October 2. Three lucky people have the chance to win the above Minions Christmas cake by posting their photos of their tarts with the hashtag #トリックオアミニオンタルト on Twitter and Instagram.


    Get your hands on a cute Minions tart in Japan this Halloween!

  • Minions Clover Friends Smart Speakers Released by LINE

    21.August.2018 | FASHION

    LINE have released two new Minion models in their Clova Friends smart speaker range on August 21: “Clova Friends (MINIONS Kevin” and “Clova Friends mini (MINIONS Bob). They also released the Clova Friends Dock which comes with a remote control and is compatible with both Clova Friends and Clova Friends mini.

    Clova Friends is a series of cute smart speakers modelled on popular characters such as those in the LINE FRIENDS gang like Brown the bear and Sally the chick.


    The speakers are equipped with the AI assistant Clova which, similar to the Amazon Echo, is voice controlled and can update you not only on the news and weather but can play music and tell you fortunes too.


    They have been on sale since December last year and make it feel as if you’re really talking to the characters. They can be enjoyed together with friends and family too.

    The newest entry to the character range include the popular Minions from the hit animated movie franchise Despicable Me.

    The two types include the taller Clova Friends Kevin and the shorter Clova Friends mini Bob who has two different eye colours.


    You can converse with the Minions using their language with words like “Banana” and “Bello.” You can also say things to them in Japanese like kawaii ne (“Aren’t you cute?”), suki da yo (“I like you”) and tsukareta (“I’m tired”) and they will give a wide range of different reactions. You can also make requests like asking them to do a sum or sing a song.

    The models are also customizable and come with different stickers to change their facial expressions.


    The Clova Friends Dock was also released alongside the two models which is compatible with your TV, house lights and air conditioning. Make your life easier by simply giviving a command like “Hey, Clover, turn off the TV” (Nee Clova, terebi o keshite).


    There are also future plans to increase the number of compatible electronic devices.


    Clova Friends (MINIONS Kevin)
    Available: LINE Clova website and Rakuten Books
    Price: ¥8,640 (Tax Included)
    Clova Friends mini (MINIONS Bob)
    Available: LINE Clova website, Rakuten Books and select electronic stores
    Price: ¥5,400 (Tax Included)Sales location details: https://clova.line.me/where-to-buy/ 

    Clova Friends (MINIONS Kevin)×Clova Friends mini (MINIONS Bob) Set
    Available: LINE Clova website and Rakuten Books

    Price: ¥9,900 (Tax Included)


    Clova Friends Dock
    Available: LINE Clova website and select electronic stores

    Price: ¥3,780 (Tax Included)


    Clova Friends×Clova Friends Dock Set
    Available: LINE Clova website and select electronic stores

    Price: ¥11,330 (Tax Included)
    *The “Clova Friends (MINIONS Kevin)” and “Clova Friends Dock” set is available on the LINE Clova official website or Rakuen Books only.


    Clova Friends mini×Clova Friends Dock Set
    Available: LINE Clova website and select electronic stores

    Price: ¥8,370 (Tax Included)


    Clova Friends Minions Official Page: https://clova.line.me/clova-friends/minions/

    LINE Clova Official Website: https://clova.line.me/


    ™&©Universal Studios

  • Licca-chan Dresses Up as Minion in Cute Collaboration

    04.August.2018 | ANIME&GAME

    Licca-chan is a Japanese dress-up doll series by Takara whose popularity can be compared to that of Barbie in the US. She has teamed up with Despicable Me to receive her very own Minion outfit. This version will go on Sale on August 4 at toy shops, department stores and online in Japan, as well as Takara’s official shopping site Takara Tomy My Mall.

    The collaboration was devised after the Minions won the Japan Character Awards 2018 which was held on March 29, while Licca-chan received an honourable mention.


    Licca expressed her love for Minions on her Twitter account. Her dress-up doll outfit features a yellow shirt and denim overall, as well as engineer boots, and a Minion hat with goggles. She also comes with a Tim teddy bear which Bob is always holding in Despicable Me.

    There are over 30 items of Minions merchandise available from Takara Tomy right now. Check the official homepage for more details.


    Minion Daisuki Licca-chan

    Price: ¥3,800 (Pre-Tax)
    On Sale: August 4, 2018
    © TOMY:TM & © Universal Studios
    Official Website: takaratomymall.jp

  • Limited Edition Minions Ice Cream to be Sold This Summer at Baskin-Robbins in Japan

    16.July.2018 | FOOD

    Baskin-Robbins, known as “31” in Japan, will sell a limited edition Minions ice cream this summer from July 17 to August 30. The ice cream is based on the banana-loving Minions from the film series Despicable Me.

    This limited-edition summer flavour is called Minions Meccha Fruits and as the title suggests is packed full of delicious fruit flavours. The orange coloured sourbet contains banana, apple and orange while the green sherbet is a mix of lychee, kiwi and white grape. The orange sourbet is also decorated with edible blue and yellow Minions.

    For this ice cream, the usual Small Double size has been upgraded to the Regular Double at no extra cost and called Minions Double, meaning you get an extra 50%. It’s served in one of three original Minion cups: ‘Aloha,’ ‘Fever!,’ and ‘Tropical.’ It even comes with a Minions spoon.

    If you purchase three Minions Double from August 10 you can get one of the tote bags pictured above for just an extra ¥150.

    If you want something to cool you down even more, then get yourself the Crushed Ice Minion pictured above which combines the Minions ice cream with crunchy shaved ice. There’s also a variety pack box and two other ice creams, Minion Sweets Hunt and Bello! Minion. The seasonal Boo Ya! Minion flavour is also making a return.

    Minions are set to take over Baskin-Robbins. Join the fun!


    Minions Mecha Fruits

    Price: Single Regular Size – ¥360

    Available: From July 17, 2018 for a limited time


    Minions Double

    Price: ¥470 (*Cup selected randomly)

    Available: July 17, 2018 – August 30, 2018


    Crushed Ice Minion

    Price: ¥450

    Available: July 17, 2018 – August 19, 2018


    Variety Bag Minion

    Price: Small (6) ¥1,450 / Small (12) ¥2,800 / Regular (6) ¥2,000 / Regular (12) ¥3,380

    Available: July 17, 2018 – August 19, 2018


    Minion Sweets Hunt

    Price: ¥4,000

    Size: 19cm x 5cm

    Available: From April 20, 2018


    Bello! Minion

    Price: ¥2,850

    Size: 14cm x 5cm

    Available: From April 20, 2018


    Boo Ya! Minion

    Price: Single Regular Size – ¥360

    Available: From July 17, 2018 for a limited time


    *All prices include tax. Prices differ from store to store.


    Baskin Robbins Japan: http://www.31ice.co.jp/

    TM & © Universal Studios


  • Cute Minion Chocolate Banana Tarts to be Released at MINISTOP Stores Across Japan

    24.March.2018 | FOOD

    Minions are the ubiquitous, lovable characters from the animated movie franchise Despicable Me. Get ready to see them in a completely new form: starting on March 27th, 2018 the little guys will become banana chocolate tarts available at select MINISTOP for stores in Japan.



    The crunchy tart dough is coated in white chocolate. The tart is layered with the Minions’ favourite banana flavoured mousse, and hidden inside is a chocolate sauce. The combination of the banana and chocolate make for an irresistibly cute dessert!


    There are 6 designs on the film that covers the tart featuring Minions such as Bob, Kevin, Stuart and others, as well as 4 different types of Minion packaging. They’re all super cute♡


    There are 24 different fortune-telling patterns to enjoy depending on what tart design and packaging you choose. Find the results on the official homepage.


    Fans of the Minions will no doubt be overjoyed with receiving one of these cute tarts as a gift! Be sure to visit MINISTOP if you’re in Japan.



    Minion Banana Chocolate Tart

    On Sale: From March 27, 2018

    Price: ¥204 each (w/ tax ¥220)
    Available: At select MINISTOP branches across Japan.

    *Be aware that some branches will not stock the product.

    *Limited stock. Once all have been sold the product will discontinue.

    *Sales are subject to cease depending on the time or period.

    *Sale times differ from store to store.


    Website: http://www.bandai.co.jp/candy/minion_tart

  • Hugely popular “MINIONS RUN” event to host its first ever game in Fukuoka

    17.November.2017 | SPOT

    Despicable Me 3 will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in Japan on December 6, 2017.

    Despicable Me 3 is the latest creation from Illumination Entertainment. Released earlier this year in July, the animated film topped the Japanese box office 4 weeks in a row and has earned $1 billion worldwide.


    To celebrate the released of the movie on DVD and Blu-ray in Japan, an event titled “MINIONS RUN” will be held at Fukuoka Castle Kouro-Kan on Saturday December 9th. People will be given a Minions costume to wear and be sent on various missions they must complete to win the game.


    All Minions must begin at the opening stage. They must then seek out secret locations that have been set up and solve all the puzzles!

    There will be lots of great places to take photos too such as a billboard and giant balloon, so you can enjoy the event at your own face whole taking photos with your family and friends. There will also be a fair and Minions merchandise for sale, so be sure to go and take a look.

    The event is also holding a hashtag campaign. Simply follow the official Minions social media and post the hashtag #ミニオンズラン福岡 (“Minions Run Fukuoka”) for a chance to win some merch. The event is running from November 11th to December 9th.


    Despicable Me 3 – DVD & Blu-ray
    On sale December 6, 2017
    DVD & Blu-ray Set – ¥3,990 (tax excl.) / Blu-ray & 3D Set – ¥5,990 (tax excl.)
    [4K ULTRA HD + Blu-ray Set] ¥5,990  (tax excl.)
    【First Press Limited Edition】DVD Series Pack w/ Bonus DVD – ¥6,990 (tax excl.)
    【First Press Limited Edition】Blu-ray Series Pack w/ Bonus DVD – ¥8,490 (tax excl.)
    ©2016 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

    MINIONS RUN Fukuoka
    Address: Fukuoka Castle Kouro-Kan (Jonai, Chūō-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture)
    Date: Saturday Dec. 9, 2017
    Registration: 10:00-15:00
    Opening Stage: 11:00-11:30 (subject to change)
    Event: 11:00-17:00 (event will begin once registration begins – once somebody clears the mission registration will close)

    Tickets now on sale.
    ■Purchasing in advance: Adults (13-years+) – ¥6,000 / Children (4-years to 12-years) – ¥4,000 (*ticket prices listed include tax)
    ・Yahoo! Ticket: http://r.y-tickets.jp/minions1703
    ・Lawson Ticket:  http://l-tike.com/minions_run_f (L-Code:82877)
    ・Ticket Pita: http://w.pia.jp/t/minions-run-f/ (P-Code:837-550)
    ・e-plus: http://eplus.jp/minionsrun1209/

    ■Same-day Tickets: Adults (13-years+) – ¥6,500 / Children (4-years to 12-years) – ¥4,500 (*ticket prices listed include tax)
    *New and original costumes will be handed out per person to participate in the event. Sizes include: kids, medium and large.
    *Same-day tickets can be purchased on site from 10:00am.
    *Children aged 4-years and above must hold a valid ticket (costumes will only be handed out to those that have a ticket)

    Event Website: http://www.minions-run.jp

    MINIONS RUN Fukuoka Hashtag Campaign:
    Running: November 11th to December 9th (23:59)