Doraemon Clover Friends Mini Smart Speaker Released by LINE

01.June.2018 | ANIME&GAME

LINE released a Doraemon model of their ‘Clova Friends mini,’ a smart speaker equipped with the Clova AI assistant.


According to a user questionnaire*, Clova Friends, which was released last year, is used by people of all ages in numerous situations, including on their break and when they wake up. This time, the company have developed a more family-friendly product that people can use regularly by using the character Doraemon.


*Details and results of the questionnaire can be found over on the official Clova blog (Japanese).


The new Clova Friends mini Doraemon model makes use of all of the previous Clova Friends functions but also introduces Doraemon’s voice. He will answer in various ways when you talk to him, with lines such as “I’m Doraemon. I’m happy to speak to you.” (Translated from Japanese.)

Clova Friends mini doraemon_mainドラえもん

There are 51 secret tools in Doraemon’s conversational arsenal, including unique references such as to his favourite food dorayaki as well as mice which he doesn’t like. For example, if you say to him in Japanese, “It’s hot,” he’ll respond “How about drinking some Eskimo Extract? Whenever you say it’s hot the temperature will feel a cool 3℃.” It’ll feel like you’re having a real conversation with the blue robotic cat himself. You can even request him to sing a song, say a tongue twister and much more. The company are also considering going ahead with more updates for the software in the future, so he’ll be able to do even more things.


In addition, to celebrate Doraemon the Movie: Nobita’s Treasure Island breaking box office records in the franchise, a special outfit has been released for your Clover Friends mini Doraemon to wear. There are just 200 available on a first-come, first served basis which were released at the Fujiko·F·Fujio Museum and on Rakuten Books on June 1.



Clova Friends mini Doraemon

Available: On the official LINE Clova website and in select electronic stores. Full details on the locations can be found on the Clova blog (Japanese).

Price: ¥5,400 (Tax Included)


Clova Friends mini Doraemon Cover Set

Available: Fujiko·F·Fujio Museum, Rakuten Books

Price: ¥19,872 (Tax Included)

Clova Friends mini:

Clova Friends mini Doraemon: