Aimer who sang the theme song of the animated movie “Gekijoban Fate” talks about the allurements of the movie!

02.November.2017 | MUSIC

It has been a week since the animated movie “Fate/stay night [Heaven‘s Feel]” was released. The box sales of the movie exceeded 400 million yen and the number of  viewers has exceeded 240 thousand. Aimer who sang the theme song of the movie and the music director Yuki Kajiura talked about “HF.”


“HF” is called the “Sakura route” (one of  several endings) in the “Fate series” which was started as a PC game. The unique episode was recreated using latest animation technologies.


The feelings of the heroin represented in the theme song and the new music which you could not hear in the past “Fate” series are gathering much attention. Aimer commented, “How much blood will be spilled and how many tears wll be shed?” with regards to the creating of this works.


The two talk about the eroding world which is being played out behind the everyday life of the hero, Shiro Emiya and the heroine, Sakura Mato depicted in this works.


▼Conversation between Aimer (singer) and Yuki Kajiura (music producer)


The movie “Fate/stay night [Heaven‘s Feel]” made us feeling anxious. We are now afraid of the Servant”


-Please tell me about your impressions of this movie.

Yuki Kajiura (Kajiura): I had seen the animation before its completion but I was surprised when I saw the completed version. The snow and the facial expressions of the characters were so beautiful. The swarm of bugs was so scary.

Aimer: Right.


Kajiura: I thought, “Does it have to be this precise?” Another allurement of this movie is the beautiful scenery of the city – the quiet, peaceful atmosphere that the city has. The contrast between the quiet and peaceful city in the first part and the cold atmosphere of the city in the latter part is great.


Aimer: I felt excited when I saw the fighting scenes. I was thinking, “What is happening!?” The sound effects were memorable because the characters are not talking too much. The sound of Shiro drawing a bow was so realistic.


-Were there any other parts that you liked?


Kajiura: The battle scenes against the berserker was so scary. I was thinking “The battle of servant is sure scary.” while watching the battle scenes. The berserker was so big and fast. You can feel the power that the servant has through the big screen. I’m sure everybody will be surprised.


Aimer: The movie was filled with a feeling of despair. I felt sympathy for Shiro who gets involved with another world. I was thinking “What’s going to happen? Is he going to die?” There was no, “He’s never gonna lose.” feel to it.

Kajiura: That’s true


Aimer: In this movie, battles are fought in very realistic sceneries and many people in the movie are not aware of the battles. I often walk around at nighttime, so I often think “something might happen.” I think maybe there is a battle going on that we don’t know about. There is a reality that makes me think that way.


Kajiura: I was thinking “run away, Shiro!” while watching the movie. I was feeling nervous for sure.


<The lyrics of the theme song “Hana no Uta” reveals the content of the next movie? >


-Were there any stipulations from the director with regards to the music?


Kajiura: To tell you the truth, I didn’t want to insert any music in the first part of the movie. I intended to put less music in the first part.


-You (Kajiwara) have been creating music for the “Fate” series. What is the character of this movie?


Kajiwara: The stories depicted in the “Fate”series are hidden behind the daily lives of Shiro and Sakura. So, I used brave music in the scenes where the hidden stories proceed. In the scenes featuring Shiro and Sakura, I used mellow-sounding music to boost the atmosphere of a love story which I have never used in previous “Fate” works.


Aimer: The music represents the fact that there is an epic battle behind the small world where Shiro and the other characters reside. By the way, I had a good cry when I heard the arranged version of “Hana no Uta” used in the scene where Shiro and Sakura talk inside the storehouse.


Kajiura: It might be hard to notice but the melody of “Hanauta” is used often in the movie. The chorus of the song is used in the opening theme.


Aimer: Oh, really? I will watch the movie carefully again.


-I heard you (Kajiwara) created the lyrics and melody of the theme song “Hana no Uta.” Does the song represent the feelings of Sakura Mato, the heroin of the movie?


Kajiura: Yes. I wanted to create a song from the viewpoint of Sakura. Sakura does not show her feelings in the first episode of the work, so I represented her feelings through the song so that the viewer of the movie can understand her feelings. However, the lyrics of the songs reveal the story of the movie a bit. But the creators of the movie told me “It is OK to make a song representing the feelings of Sakura.”


-What was your impression when you (Aimer) first heard “Hana no Uta?”


Aimer: I thought the melody of the chorus was very catchy. Then I thought, “You’re not going to that note next!” It seemed you were going to the note that you weren’t supposed to go to.

I like the lyrics on the first verse “I can’t forgive everything that hurt you” and on the second verse “You did not forgive the things that hurt me.” I felt like I was hit by the lyrics.


-I see.


Aimer: I have never sung such a feminine song. The passionate lyrics of the song have a strong impact because Sakura is a quiet person. I felt sympathy with her feelings. Pure feelings can get dark sometimes. I felt emotional while I was singing this song.

The highlights of the movie – I wonder how much blood was spilled and how many tears were shed in this works.


-Who is your favorite character?


Kajiura: I have to say Sakura is my favorite character. This is a movie which makes you like Sakura. I want everybody to see how Shiro and Sakura will face difficulties.


Aimer: My favorite character is Sakura too. She had the impression of “a girl who loves cooking” but I was pleased to know her feelings.


-Lastly, please tell me your recommended parts and music in the animation movie “Fate/stay night [Heaven‘s Feel]”


Kajiura: As the viewpoint of the music director, I want the viewers to enjoy the difference between the music used in the scenes of Shiro and Sakura and the battle scenes. In mid part of the movie, you can see the long battle scene between the servant (lancer) and a character and I want everybody to watch this scene closely. By the way, it is recommended to watch the first/second episodes of “Unlimited Blade Works”(TV version broadcasted in 2014) in order to understand the story of the movie deeply.


Aimer: You can feel the evolvement of Japanese animation through this movie. They must have worked so hard to create the battle scenes.


Kajiura: Right.


Aimer: Talking about the theme song, I cried when I heard it in the end roll, even though I had sung it. I would be pleased if you could listen to the song until the end since Kajiura-san presented the feelings of Sakura through the song.

-I see. Now, I want to watch the movie again even though I have already watched it once. Thank you for your time.

Let’s watch the movie “Gekijoban Fate” at movie theatres and listen to the theme song “Hana no Uta”sung by Aimer.




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