The world’s most delicious, thick maccha (green tea) chocolate! “Nanaya” will sell “eatable tea.”

06.November.2017 | FOOD

“Nanaya” which makes desserts using Shizuoka maccha, has been selling hand-made, tea flavored chocolate since the spring of 2016. Starting this winter of 2017, they will sell new items, “7 kinds of maccha chocolate where you can choose the strength of the maccha.”

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Seven kinds of maccha chocolate where you can choose the strength of the maccha
This series of chocolate has the flavor of cocoa butter and an “adult-tasteing” bitterness. You can enjoy the quality flavor and the lingering gentle aftertaste since the slightly coarse texture accents the flavor of the ingredients. 
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The products do not use any aroma chemicals nor additives, something which is the same with the tablet. This renewed maccha chocolate using milk produced in Shizuoka Prefecture has 7 degrees of strength and will be served in an originally designed cup. In accordance with the renewal, they will sell new flavors including gyokuro (high-quality green tea), genmaicha (roasted rice tea), and Japanese black tea and milk.

The taste of the maccha chocolate gets thicker from No.1 to NO.7 and the same has been done for the hojicha (roasted green tea) flavor. They say No.7 is probably the strongest maccha chocolate in the world (under survey). For those of you who want to eat something special, you should order this unique chocolate.
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・Maccha chocolate No.1 to No.6

Gyokuro, Hojicha, Genmaicha, Wakocha, Milk – 10 pieces / 360 yen (tax included)
・Maccha chocolate No.7 – 10 pieces / 390 yen (tax included)

 kinds of tablet-type tea chocolate 
They renewed the summer chocolate and will sell them as a new product this winter season.

Seven kinds of tea chocolates *price does not include tax

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(1)Maccha – one piece / 860 yen (tax included)

The product uses high quality maccha produced in Okabecho, Fujiedashi. A high-quality maccha chocolate which is not too sweet/bitter.

(2)Gyokuro – one piece/860 yen (tax included)

The product uses high quality gyokuro tea leaves produced in Okabecho, Fujiokashi which is known as one of the most famous gyokuro-producing areas. The rich flavor of gyokuro which is similar to aonori (seaweed) is so delicious.

(3)Asatsuyu – one piece/600 yen (tax included)

The product uses a rare variety of tea called Asatsuyu. The product has less bitterness and a kind flavor which is similar to artemisia.

(4)Fujikaori – one piece / 540 yen (tax included)

The product uses the tea leaves of a very rare variety called, “Fujikaori” which is a hybrid variety of an Indian variety and Japanese variety. The flavor is similar to Japanese wisteria or Jasmin and it is an exotic product with a rich smell and strong bitterness.

(5)Hojicha – one piece / 540 yen (tax included)

The product uses freshly roasted tea leaves. A unique roasted flavor similar to cacao/coffee flavored chocolate will fill your mouth.

(6)Genmaicha – one piece / 540 yen (tax included)

The product uses “yabukita” tea leaves and roasted genmai produced in Fujieda and it has a balanced flavor of scorched rice and the bitterness of tea.

(7)Wakocha – one piece / 540 yen (tax included)

The product uses black tea produced in Japan called “Benifuki” which is known as the standard variety of Japanese black tea. This variety has a different flavor from the varieties produced in tropical areas. Wilt fermentation produces a soft bitterness. 

Both of these series will be sold on the Internet from the 9th of November. Let’s enjoy the newly developed chocolates of “Nanaya.”



Nanaya Fujieda Main Store

Address: 141-1, Uchiseto, Fujiedashi, Shizuoka Prefecture


Nanaya Aoyama Store

Address: Nanaya Chocolate Shop – 2-8-3, Shibuya, Shibuyaku, Tokyo,

Nanaya Gelato Shop – 2-7-12, Shibuya, Shibuyaku, Tokyo

Kosaga Eraberu 7shu no Maccha Chocolate Series – 2017,11,04

Tablet Type no Ocha Chocolate Series – 2017,11,07

All products will be sold on the Internet – 2017,11,09


※All the products noted above are made without using any aroma chemicals, coloring and lecitin. Therefore, a bloom phenomenon (a phenomenon where the surface of the products gets white when the oil of cacao butter separate) might occur if the storing condition is not good. Please note that such a phenomenon might occur because the product does not use any additives.