“Wagashi (Japanese desserts)” of Kirby and Waddle Dee are available at LAWSON!

24.November.2017 | FOOD

 “Tabemasu,” a wagashi series using the motifs of characters, started selling the wagashi set, “Tabemasu Hoshi no Kirby” using the motifs of the main character of the “Hoshi no Kirby” series “Kirby” and the character which appears in all the series called “Waddle Dee” from the 21st of November 2017 (Tue.) at all LAWSONs throughout Japan.


 “Tabemasu” is a series of character wagashi which is a contraction of “taberareru (eatable) mascot.” The series represents the characters using wagashi’s dough made of candy, sugar and mochi powder. It is a new type of wagashi series which is made in a precise manner and it portrays the cuteness of each character. So far, they have sold many character wagashis such as “Disney,” “Snoopy,” “Rilakkuma,” “Doraemon,” “ONE PIECE” and “Yokai Watch.”


This time, they created a wagashi dessert using the motifs of Kirby and Waddle Dee from the “Hoshi no Kirby” series which reached its 25th anniversary on April 2017. Both characters are made of wagashi’s dough.




The cute and round eyes of Kirby are reproduced in a precise manner. The bean jam inside the wagashi of Kirby is “peach flavor” and Waddle Dee is “caramel flavor.” You can enjoy the mild and soft texture and detailed taste.


For those of you who like the “Hoshi no Kirby” series and who want to enjoy an unusual dessert this is a “must check it out!”



Tabemasu Hoshi no Kirby

One kind (two pieces are included in a pack)

Kirby (peach flavor)

Waddle Dee (caramel flavor)

Price: 366 yen (tax 395 yen)

Release date: 2017,11,21 (Tue.)

Available stores: LAWSONs (chilled dessert corner) throughout Japan (except in Okinawa)

※The product is not available at Natural LAWSON and LAWSON Store 100.

※The quantity of the product is limited


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