“Iwamotocho/Higashi Kanda Family Bazar”- A “must visit” for all coffee&shopping-lovers

28.November.2017 | FOOD / SPOT

Higashi Kanda/Iwamotocho has been known as the “birthplace of the fabric industry in Japan” since the Edo Era.

“Iwamotocho/Higashi Kanda Family Bazaar” used to be a small bazaar but the number of the visitors counts more than 100 thousand and many pop-up restaurants gather at the event in addition to many clothing stores and sundry goods stores.
This year, “Shiritsu Coffee Shogakko (elementary school)” owned by Hisashi Yoshida who has been a teacher at a local elementary school for 21 years will participate the event for the first time.

Under the concept of “every school is a meeting place,” the shop collaborates with many kinds of artists and restaurants and participates in many kinds of art events and sells coffee at IT companies. 

“Drip Coffee one-drink-free ticket” will be offered!

“Kind Wear” will offer 400 yens worth of“Drip Coffee one-drink-free tickets” which can be used at Shiritsu Coffee Shogakko for those of who spend more than 5,000 yen or registered as a member on the 25th (Sat.)/26th (Sun.) of November and the 2nd of December.

Kind Wear will sell formal wear for both men and women, stylish pillows and silver cars.

“Shiritsu Coffee Shogakko” menu
Drip Coffee 400 yen (tax not included)

A hand-dripped coffee roasted by the skilled roaster who Yoshida, the owner of the shop puts his trust in.

Café Latte 500 yen (tax not included)

A mild and rich latte of a special espresso.

Dirty Chai 600 yen (tax not included)

A latte mixed spicy-flavored chai and espresso-shot. You can enjoy the exotic and adult-tasting bitterness.

Baked Goods 300 yen (tax not included)~

Baked goods can be enjoyed on a day-by-day-basis.

Let’s enjoy a coffee and buying goods at “Iwamotocho/Higashi Kanda Family Bazaar.”

77th Iwamotocho/Higashi Kanda Family Bazaar

Address: 〒101-0032 3rd street, 8-9, Iwamotocho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo

Business hours: 9:00 to 17:00

Date: 2017,11,25 (Sat.), 26th (Sun.), 12,02 (Sat.), 03 (Sun.)


Shiritsu Coffee Shogakko

Address: 1F, LOKO Building, 12-6, Uguisudanicho, Shibuyaku, Tokyo

Business hours: Tuesday to Thursday 11:00 to 19:00, Friday to Sunday 11:00 to 23:00

Fixed holiday: Mondays

Access: 6 minutes on foot from Tokyo Toyoko Line Daikanyama Station Front Entrance

10 minutes on foot from JR/Tokyu/Kyoo/Tokyo Metro Shibuya Station


Kind Wear

Address: 〒101-0031, 2-2-5, Higashi Kanda, Chiyodaku, Tokyo

Access: 7 minutes on foot from JR Line Akihabara Station (Showa Street Entrance)

4 minutes on foot from Hibiya Line Akihabara Station (4th Exit)

4 minutes on foot from Chikatetsu Toei Shinjuku Line Iwamotocho Station (A4 Exit)

7 minutes on foot from Tsukuba Express Line Tsukuba Express Akihabara Station (A1 Exit)