An Internet café & capsule hotel “Booth” which offers awesome services in Shinjuku

27.November.2017 | SPOT

In this article, I will introduce to you a very stylish capsule hotel & Internet café located in Shinjuku Station.


The design of the Internet café is very stylish

The best point of this café is that it is located in an area which is just 5 minutes on foot from JR Shinjuku Station East Exit! If you get lost, please refer to this video which tells you how to get to this Internet café.


This is the outside of the Internet café. It looks like an actual café or stylish club.

You have to take an elevator since the front counter is located on the 7F.


Pay the fee at the counter and choose from the menu. They will keep your luggage for free and offer you a blanket and charging cables for devices such as smartphones.


Precise services

Their menu items can be divided into two sections which are “cupule hotel” and “Internet café.”



You can choose either men/women booth or women-only booth in the capsule hotel.

A TV, an alarm and a light are installed inside each capsule. They also have book shelves in the common area on the floor and many kinds of tour pamphlets written in English. A shower room is also available.

 “Women-only” booths have good security since one cannot enter the booth without using a card.

They have many services which women need such as powder rooms and amenities.


The Internet café has private booths and an open-space room.

The private booths have two kinds of rooms which are rooms with a reclining chair and a Japanese-style small private room which is suitable for a group.


The recommended point of the Internet café is the open space

There are no designated seats and therefore you can sit in any chair you want. It feels like you are sitting in a café since they have sofas and window tables where you can view the city of Shinjuku.

A smoking area is also available.

I think the open space is suitable for those of who are not familiar with dark and narrow private rooms.


The good thing about the open space is that it has a drink/soft-served-ice cream bar and the fee of the space is only 500 yen (for two hours).

You can make use of this space when you are tired after shopping in Shinjuku.

The drink/soft-served-ice cream bar is an all-you-can-eat/drink style. Wi-fi is also available!


Why not visit this booth when you visit Shinjuku.



writer:Nao Shiota



Booth Net Cafe & Capsule

Address: 7F, 1-15-5, Kabukicho, Shinjukuku, Tokyo

Business hours: 24 hours

Access: 5 minutes on foot from JR Shinjuku Station East Exit