New hot & tasty beverages arrive in time for winter at Tsujiri in Ginza’s GINZA SIX

30.November.2017 | FOOD

The Ginza branch of Uji tea shop “Tsujiri” are set to release a limited edition winter menu starting from December 1st.


Tsujiri Ginza is the only branch of Tsujiri in the Kanto region, maintaining the company’s offer of a new experience of matcha. The “Tsujiri Soft – Koi Cha” on the menu is gaining much popularity right now. Sold at the café stand, this rich ice cream uses double the amount of matcha than the regular serving.

This season, Tsujiri Ginza are offering two winter-only items to the menu: the “Kyo Latte Koi Cha Zenzai” and the “Houjicha Chocolat.”img_144090_1

“Kyo Latte Koi Cha Zenzai” – ¥610 tax incl. (pictured right)

This latte uses exquisite Uji matcha and has a white-flowered camellia design topped with adzuki beans from Hokkaido. If you mix the red bean cream into the beverage the latte will become nice and sweet.



“Houjicha Chocolat” – ¥610 tax incl. (pictured left)
This is a rich houjicha hot chocolate mixed with flavoursome Vanhouten chocolate and Tsujiri’s own fragrant houjicha tea.



Tsujiri Ginza continues the 150-year legacy of Tsujiri’s exceptional matcha. Don’t miss out on their very special seasonal menu.




“Tsujiri Ginza” Winter Menu

Available: December 1, 2017 to end of February 2018


Tsujiri – Ginza Branch

Address: GINZA SIX B2, 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo

Open: 10:30-20:30

TEL: 03-6263-9988