Tokyo Café Series: “Futsu ni Fruits”—A fruit sandwich stand in Daikanyama, Nakameguro

01.December.2017 | FEATURES / FOOD

Today, we’d like to introduce to you “Futsu ni Fruits,” a shop produced by a certain popular café in Omotesando that sells fruit sandwiches.


“Futsu ni Fruits” is produced by Omotesando’s popular café & bakery, “Bread, Espresso &,” and is the first place in Nakameguro area to specialize in fruit sandwiches. The shop’s name implies that we should enjoy eating fruits not just on special occasions – but on regular days too.



You can find it located near Yarigasaki Crossing and can be easily accessed from either Daikanyama and Nakameguro.


The shop is small and compact, part of its charm being that it’s a stand. The shop’s design is styled around a Showa fashion shop, maintaining a retro vibe while also having a pop feel to it. There are also benches installed so you can enjoy sitting down and eating whatever you order.


The shop counter is lined with different varieties of fruit sandwiches. They embrace seasonal fruits, so you can enjoy going as many times as you like. They offer standard and scrumptious fruit sandwiches as well as delicious original ones, such as one filled with fresh cream and topped with red bean paste!


Futsu ni Fruits (¥350 – tax incl.)

You will find the “Futsu ni Fruits” sandwich listed on the shop’s billboard menu. It’s filled with banana, pink grapefruit, orange and kiwi and stuffed with a light serving of fresh cream, giving it a refreshing taste.


Aki no Yonaga ni (¥400 – tax incl.)

This is the limited edition seasonal sandwich for this season. It has a rich, luxurious taste thanks to the Japanese persimmon and sweet bean paste. The bread used for the fruit sandwiches is delivered every morning. The fruits and bread taste perfect together, and their soft and fluffy texture make this a winning sandwich!


Fruit Milk (¥400 each – tax incl.)

What goes hand-in-hand when eating bread? Milk, of course! These cute bottles of milk are prepared on-site every morning. The milk comes in various flavours, including fruit mix and banana milk. They also serve coffee milk (350 – tax incl.) using Ogawa Coffee beans.


“Futsu ni Fruits” even sells little accessories such as badges and stickers. The cool pop-style logo is the same as the shop’s logo.

This colourful fruit sandwich shop might be small, but it’s definitely one photogenic café stand. Why not treat yourself to a sweet fruit sandwich during your shopping trip or city stroll?



Address: 1-1-71 Nakameguro, Meguro, Tokyo

Open: 10:00-18:00

No fixed holidays.

TEL: 03-6451-0178