Hoshino Resort “Roterudo Hiei” is holding an exciting tour to explore Mount Hiei and experience better-fortune praying

10.December.2017 | SPOT

Hoshino Resort Roterudo Hiei is a unique auberge located close to the summit of Mount Hiei. Starting from January 10th next year, the resort will hold a range of fun activities that includes prayer at Hiyoshi Taisha – a Shinto shrine – and walking around the Mount Hiei area.


A total of 4 activities will be hosted that will give participants a turn of good fortune.


Collecting ‘goshuin’ stamps at Mount Hiei’s Enryaku-ji monastery


There are twelve goshuin stamp points at Enryaku-ji on Mount Hiei where you can collect goshuin stamps rooted in the site’s origin. The shrine with the best fortune is Daikokudou. Mount Hiei is location of origin for the belief in Japan’s Daikokuten, or god of wealth. It is said that Toyotomi Hideyoshi became ruler after making a vow to the Daikokuten, which is where it gets the name “Shusse Daikokuten” (God of Success), making it a recommended place to pray for good fortune. Guests are invited to receive an original goshuincho.


Special prayer at Hiyoshi Taisha for good fortune


Hiyoshi Taisha is enshrined at the foot of Mount Hiei and stands as the lead shrine of all 3800 Hie and Sannou shrines around Japan. Its history is said to date back around 2100 years ago. Good fortune praying at Hiyoshi Taisha, Mount Hiei’s guardian and protector, offers prayer at the West Hall of Worship, a recognised National Treasure by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. After taking good fortune prayer, you can get your hands on some limited edition “good fortune bell” souvenirs.


Try “Kaisou Soba” at 300-year old establishment Honke Tsukuri Soba


To adjust to a weaker stomach, the ascetic monks will eat soba after finishing their fasting at Mount Hiei. A soba business was established in town which served as the sole kitchen for Enryaku-ji. It still bustles with shrine visitors 300 years on. Honke Tsukuri Soba serves up their special long and thin soba noodles, original 5-coloured soba dango, tofu skin recipes and more, as well as a kaisou soba set that comes with a lucky charm. Their fantastic soba and lucky charm set are only available to guests of Roterudo Hiei.


Spa treatment using “Hiei no Reisui” flowing from Mount Hiei


Mount Hiei is recorded as “Hie no Yama” in the kojiki, one of Japan’s oldest texts. It became known as “Hiei no Reisui” for its beautiful miracle-working water. Roterudo Hiei offer a spa treatment using this water which will improve your fotune.


Draw the curtain on a wonderful New Year at Roterudo Hiei.



Hoshinoya Resort Roterudo Hiei – “Mount Hiei Kaisou Sanpo” (Mount Hiei Better Fortune Walk)

Address: Ipponsugi Hiei, Sakyō-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Running: January 10, 2018 – March 31, 2018

Time: 9:30-14:00

Price: ¥5,500 (tax + service charge incl.) *includes original goshuincho

Booking: Reservations must be made for check-in

Notes: A separate fee is payable for prayer at Enryaku-ji (¥700) and the goshuincho (¥300) directly at Enryaku-ji.