Hoodies, knits and pajamas! Collaborative products of HELLO KITTY and GU will be sold

13.December.2017 | FASHION

GU will sell a collaborative products with Sanrio’s very popular character HELLO KITTY from the 9th of January 2018 at GU stores throughout Japan and on its online store.
GU collaborated with a character of Sanrio for the first time. The trendy/retro-taste products use the designs of HELLO KITTY back in 1970.

They will sell various kinds of products which a wide range of generations can enjoy such as the sweat pull hoodie with the print of HELLO KITTY, dot patterned pullover, V-neck cardigan, ensemble knit, front zip sweat where HELLO KITTY’s embroidery is stitched on the reverse side of the item.

Also, don’t miss the lounge wears and pajamas for kids (girls)/women.

Women’s tops – products



Women’s lounge wear – products



Kid’s (girls) lounge wear – products

HELLO KITTY×GU products will surely sell out in a fast order. Can’t wait to buy them!



HELLO KITTY×GU Collaboration Collection
Website: https://www.gu-japan.com/jp/
The prices noted above do not include tax.

Products with ★ mark will be sold at mega stores and online stores only.