The character of “Unko Kanji Drill” (Poop Kanji workbook) will become “wagashi” (Japanese dessert)”

26.December.2017 | FOOD

From the wagashi series using the motifs of characters titled, “Tabemasu,”  wagashi of the character which appears in “Unko Kanji Drill” “Unko Sensei” called “Tabemasu Unko Sensei Wagashi” (two kinds) will be sold from the 29th of December at stores throughout Japan such as at AEON stores.


 “Unko Kanji Drill” is a workbook targeting all elementary school students which gives example sentences using “poop.” The number of issues so far has exceeded 2.79 million.

img_145893_2 img_145893_3 img_145893_4

The 2 wagashis have eye-glasses, mustaches and neckties, the same as the character depicted in the workbook. The shape of its hip is also very nice.

The bean jam inside has two flavors which are “banana flavor” (yellow) and “peach flavor” (pink), The wagashis have a delicate flavor and soft texture.

img_145893_5 img_145893_6 img_145893_7

The products are recommended for family events and for the kids who use “Unko Kanji Drill.”

Let’s eat “Tabemasu Unko Sensei Wagashi” and have fun.





Tabemasu Unko Sensei Wagashi

Price: 260 yen each (tax included price – 280 yen)

Release date: 2017,12,29 (Fri.)

Available stores: AEON (except in Okinawa), Daiei, Max Valu, Marunaka, Sanyo Marunaka, KOHYO, Peacock Store (the products will be released subsequently)

※Please note that some stores do not sell the products.


Unko Drill:



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※The available dates of each store might differ.

※Please note that some stores will not sell the products.

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