Salmon rice bowl restaurant “Kumada” to open in Harajuku

29.December.2017 | FOOD / SPOT

Salmon rice bowl restaurant Kumada will open its doors in Harajuku, Tokyo on December 29, 2017.


Using only the finest domestic salmon from Japan, Kumada is a worthy contender in the city’s culinary contest with its catalogue of salmon rice bowl dishes.

Its winning highlight is the brand of domestic fish used in the food – high quality salmon of which only a small quantity is produced in Japan – making for an unmatched level of freshness.


When catching the fish, a set of specific processes are followed to preserve the level of freshness of the fish, called ikejime and shinkeijime. The fish are also delivered immediately after being caught, ensuring firmness and a glossiness on the body as well as great texture and fat and a sweet flavour delicious enough to blow you away.


Shinshū Salmon Rice Bowl (Nagano) – ¥980

The mountainous region of Nagano is home to some gorgeous clear streams that trickle between the mountain range. Nagano is a prefecture that isn’t near the ocean. The Shinshū salmon that are raised in the clear streams there are fresh and have a melt-in-the-mouth texture.



Maraena Rice Bowl (Nagano) – ¥1,280

Did you know, salmon is in the same family as whitefish? Coregonus maraena, or just “maraena,” has a silvery-white appearance that brings to mind the image of snow. It’s fleshy and has a rich flavour. If you’re lucky you can get maraena roe, also known as ‘golden caviar.’



Sendo Batsukan Domestic Salmon Rice Bowl – From ¥980 (+tax)

When it opens, the restaurant will be graced with Shinshū salmon and maraena from the oceanless Nagano Prefecture, as well as Nishimera salmon from Miyazaki Prefecture. The Shinshū salmon is thin and mouth-wateringly tasty. The maraena is smaller than your regular salmon and beautifully white.


Kumada Rice Bowl – ¥980

The defining dish of Kumada is the Kumada Rice Bowl with its meaty and fatty salmon spine, flying fish roe tataki, spring onion and cucumber, all of which produce a gorgeously photogenic arrangement of ingredients. You can choose to add high-grade roe from Hokkaido, snow crab, and uni to make the dish even fancier.



Aburi Salmon Rice Bowl – ¥980

The aromatic smell and juiciness of the salmon in this rice bowl is increased depending on how much heat is used to cook the fresh and lightly salted salmon. As soon as the salmon enters your mouth its soft texture just melts on your tongue. You can also add mayonnaise and have it grilled to your liking.

You won’t be able to get enough of the B-grade deliciousness of the flavour. These two Kumada original rice bowls used salmon from Norway, and it’s that very reason why this salmon rice bowl restaurant boasts true worth – the freshness is impeccable.



All of the rice bowls come with free salmon powdered chadzuke. You can choose the flavour – salmon pollack or salmon walnut. Dashi packed with good flavour and salmon walnut. Be sure to try this unique chadzuke – it packs a punch and offers a flavour you will never have tried before.

For people who aren’t too into chadzuke, there’s also a free service for rich flavoured salmon soup and red salmon roe.


At Kumada they don’t use traditional vinegared rice – they take full advantage of the original flavour of the rice using an ohitsu rice server. But they don’t serve fresh rice upfront – they let it rest in a wooden ohitsu for a little while, perfect for creating seafood rice bowls.


Kumada will run a special campaign on December 29th and 30th to celebrate the store’s opening. Each dish will be discounted – you can get the 3 different salmon rice bowls for ¥1,000 each, the Kumada rice bowl for ¥500 and the Aburi rice bowl for ¥500. Kumada will also be open January 1st-3rd for the New Year, so how about making Meiji Shrine in Shibuya your first shrine visit of the year before heading to Kumada?


Address: Sukigara Building B1, 3-20-10 Jingumae, Shibuya
Open: 11:30-20:00
Closed: Tuesdays (*open January 2nd)