Better your fortune for 2018 at Uranai Fes 2018 in Roppongi!

02.January.2018 | SPOT

A 3-day New Year’s festival will be held at Roppongi Hills from January 6th-8th titled Uranai Fes 2018 NEW YEAR


This marks the 3rd run of the event, with the new theme being “an amusement park for better fortune.” They say that just by visiting the festival your good fortune will increase. For just 3 days, Roppongi Hills will give life to a dreamy, fortune-motif theme park.


At 2018’s festival, you’ll of course be able to have your fortune told by a fortune teller – someone it’s hard to get reservations with due to the sheer number of bookings – and there will be a range of attractions themed on bettering your fortune. There will also be stage performances from popular talent and fortune tellers, lucky food and sweets in collaboration with popular stores, original good-luck merchandise and more!


Inside, you’ll be able to get your hands on festival-original omikuji slips that will tell your fortune, receive a birthday fortune-telling message at “365 fortune voice” from men with handsome voices including Ryuji Kagami and the guys from Otokogekidan Aoyama Omotesando X, have your fortune told at the “Kaomiiru” that tells your fortune in an instant just looking at your face – something that over 1,300 people participated in last time – and much more for a total of 12 attractions. Your fortunes will increase simply by having fun!


Just for this festival, there will also be a collaboration with popular food & sweet shops and a fortune teller. There will be original good-luck menus including ramen fromage from “Due Italian,” cupcakes from the always-Instagrammable “LOLA’S cupcakes” and more.


“Ganbei,” a restaurant in Gojo, Nara that holds one Michelin star, will also be present to serve up New Year’s grub, and you can look forward to getting your fingers into a croissant waffle from renowned French cuisine specialist Hiroyuki Sakai. You’ll definitely regret eating it because you’ll just want another!


Expect to see lines of original merchandise too, including the money-lucky “fortune wallet,” and “lucky socks” that will turn you a stroke of fortune from your feet. There will be plenty of other good-fortune goods too, including “Year of the Dog” merchandise for 2018, distinctively coloured “Lucky Colour Goods” and more. And you may have an opportunity to purchase directly from that celeb and that fortune teller!


Registration to attend 2018’s Uranai Fes is now open on the official website. You will receive your own original Uranai Fes omikuji for free, so you can enjoy the festival even more smoothly. The whole event will also be live broadcast from the internet broadcasting station “Uranai TV.”


Increase your luck and fortune for 2018 at Uranai Fes 2018 NEW YEAR



Uranai Fest 2018 NEW YEAR

Location: Roppongi Hills, Roppongi Hills Arena, Hills Café/Space, O-yane Plaza

Running: January 6, 2018 – January 8, 2018

Time: January 6th-7th at 11:00-20:00 (last entries 19:00) / January 8th at 11:00-19:00 (last entries 18:00)

Price: Free Entry (*select Uranai services will charge a fee)

Uranai Fes 2018 Official Website: