KAORU KITO YUZU’s lemon cake using Kito Yuzu will be sold at Shibuya Hikarie

09.January.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

“KAORU KITO YUZU“ located on B2F of Shibuya Hikarie in Tokyo will sell “Kito Yuzu Lemon Cake,” a  product representing the natural taste and flavor of Kito Yuzu.



“KAORU KITO YUZU“ is a Kito Yuzu specialty shop which offers products using yuzus produced on their own farm located in the Kito Area of Tokushima Prefecture.




“Kito Yuzu Lemon Cake” is a product which represents the natural flavor of Kito Yuzu using lots of fresh yuzu juice grown on the farm owned by the company.

To make a cake where one can taste the natural flavor of Kito Yuzu, the product is baked in a “lemon shape” (elliptical shape) so that the flavor of Kito Yuzu can be contained inside the product.

This sweets item is small but has a rich flavor. The cake which has the fresh sourness of yuzu is suitable to be used as a gift for “White Day.”




The product also uses the peelings of Kito Yuzu’s fleshy skin. The peel is gathered in the center of the cake so that you can enjoy the fruity texture and the scent of Kito Yuzu.



Also, “Kito Yuzu Tart Chocolate Flavor” which has an adult-tasing bitter flavor was added to their tart series.

The tart using Kito Yuzu which is not too sweet uses thick chocolate filling that goes well with the sourness of Kito Yuzu. The tart matches well with coffee and milk.


It is recommended to heat the cake in a microwave oven (500w) so that you can enjoy a soft texture.

Why not enjoy a hot Kito Yuzu tart with a warm drink?



“KAORU KITO YUZU‘s” desserts are gaining popularity as a souvenir item.

Let’s enjoy the scent of Kito Yuzu while eating their sweets items.




Address: ShinQs B2, Shibuya Hikarie, 2-21-1, Shibuya, Shibuyaku, Tokyo
Business hours:10:00~21:00

Kito Yuzu Lemon Cake

Price: 2,160 yen – six pieces / 3,456 yen – 10 pieces / 5,400 yen – 16 pieces (all prices – tax included)


Kito Yuzu Tart Chocolate Flavor

Release date: 2018,01,19

Price: 361 yen – one piece / 2,261 yen – six pieces (all prices – tax included)