Let’s enjoy the strawberries produced in Japan! “Qu’il fait bon’s” “2018 Strawberry Week!”

10.January.2018 | FOOD

A fruit tart specialty shop “Qu’il fait bon” will hold its annual popular event “2018 Strawberry Week!” from the 25th of January 2018 (Thurs.) to the 31st of January (Wed.).



This year, they released ten kinds of sweets items using strawberries including the new product “Ichigo to Orange no Tart!”(strawberry and orange tart)

This is an event featuring strawberries where you can enjoy strawberry tarts that both kids and adults love.



Specially Selected Fukuoka Prefecture’s Amao no Tart

(GRAND FRONT OSAKA, Kyoto, Fukuoka Prefecture-limited)

The juicy and sweet variety called Amao produced in Fukuoka is known as “the king of strawberries.” It is a tart that uses custard cream and fresh cream with Amao strawberries as a topping.
Price:one piece 1,337 yen /whole(25cm) 12,744 yen


0185_静岡県産_紅ほっぺのタルト_c_tr (1) copy

Specially selected Shizuoka Prefecture’s Beni Hoppe no Tart

(GRAND MESON GINZA, Tokyo Sky Tree Town Soramachi Shop, Aoyama, Yokohama, Shizuoka, Hamamatsu, Sendai-limited)

Beni Hoppe is a variety which has a sweet/sour and rich flavor. The tart is a special tart that uses strictly selected big Beni Hoppes. The tart has a simple/gorgeous flavor using lots of custard cream and fresh cream.
Price:one piece 1,337 yen /whole(25cm) 12,744 yen



Shizuoka Prefecture’s Kirapiko no Tart

A tart using lots of “Kirapiko” strawberries produced in Shizuoka Prefecture which has the gorgeous scent of strawberries. The tart uses home-made jam using sour cream and big Kirapikos. The combination of lots of strawberries and cream will make you captive of this sweets item.

Price:one piece 1,100 yen / whole(27cm) 8,316 yen



Kyoto’s Ujimaccha to Ichigo no Tart

The fresh scent of strawberries matches well with the delicate and bitter taste of matcha. This tart uses lots of fresh cream and financier and it has lots of butter inside. The colors of the tart which are red and green make for a superb match.
Price:one piece 691 yen / whole(25cm) 6,588 yen ※all prices include tax



They will also sell lots of cakes using strawberries.

Let’s enjoy all kinds of strawberry desserts at “2018 Strawberry Week!”



Qu’il fait bon “2018 Strawberry Week!”


Date: 2018,01,25 (Thurs.) to 01,31 (Wed.)