Sanshodo’s popular “Strawberry Warabi Mochi” returns for 2018

12.January.2018 | FOOD

The season for Sanshodo’s Strawberry Warabi Mochi has arrived again this year. Available both online and in-store, this toothsome pleasure uses domestic warabi mochi made from bracken starch. Combined with succulent strawberries, this delight has a fine, exquisite flavour.


Sanshodo’s creation uses store-grown extra-large tochiotome strawberries that are wrapped in bracken starch mochi made in Japan.


The Strawberry Warabi Mochi gained so much attention last year that Sanshodo could not keep up with production.


Blanketed in scarlet strawberries and red bean paste, Sanshodo’s Strawberry Warabi Mochi continues to thrive in an industry where the circulation of domestic warabi mochi is extremely low. The strawberries have a palatable balance of sweetness and sourness, and of those strawberries, only large tochiotome ones are used, full-bodied with the fruit’s natural juice.


So that people can enjoy the sweets in their freshest form, no preservatives or additives are used.


 Feel the air of spring early by sinking your teeth into Sanshodo’s fresh Strawberry Warabi Mochi.



Strawberry Warabi Mochi

Price: Set of 3 – ¥1,500 (w/ tax ¥1,620) / Set of 6 – ¥2,800 (w/ tax ¥3,024)

On Sale: January 15, 2018

Contact: 0120-07-3410