“Loft” will release sundries relating to cherry blossoms

13.January.2018 | FASHION

Loft will sell spring sundries related to “cherry blossoms” from mid-January to mid-February.


In Japan, cherry blossoms are thought to be a motif that brings luck. The products noted below are recommended to use as gifts for friends, students preparing for an entrance exam and persons who will starting new endeavors from this coming spring.


 “Haru wo Kotohogu Sakura no Pink (Charley) 378 yen

A bath additive which has the scent of cherry blossoms which brings good luck.


 “Fukufuku Yu” Sakura Usagi (Charley) 216 yen


 “CLEAN” Fabric Spray – Signs of spring (fragrance) 972 yen

A cherry blossom fragrance where you can feel the advent of spring.


“Venus Spa” Perfume Stick – Spring Blossom (Fitz Corporation)

1,620 yen


 “ettusais” Quick Care Coat – Sakura (ettusais) 1,026 yen ※this product will be available from mid-January.

A pink-colored nail beauty essence which coats nails with a thin/transparent vail.


 “Kneipp” Hand Cream – Sakura 75ml (Kneipp Japan) 810 yen ※this product will be available from mid-January

A hand cream that has the gentle scent of cherry blossoms. The letters “Now and Forever” are printed on the product and the product is recommended to use as a gift for students who are going to graduate this coming spring.


Loft-limited “Little Charm” – You’re My Treasure Sakura Set (Fragrance) 1,620 yen ※this product will be available from mid-January

A gift set that includes two kinds of limited fragrance hand creams.


 “Amino Mason” Moist Shampoo & Treatment Sakura Limited Kit “(Stella Sead) 3,024 yen ※this product will be available from mid-January


 “bande” Someiyoshino (Nishikawa Communications) 432 yen ※this product will be available from the mid-January

The “Someiyoshino” (a variety of cherry blossom) version was added to this series of masking tape. Your letters and message cards will become gorgeous just by sticking this masking tape on it.


 “DELDE” Pen Porch – Sakura 2 kinds (Sun Star Bungu) 1,491 yen ※Mid-February ※prices noted above include tax



Haruwo Kanjiru Sakura Zakka Uriba

Date: 2018,01,15 (Mon.) to 02,28 (Wed.)

Stores: Loft stores/sales floors throughout Japan including Shibuya Loft