Classy kimono brand “KIIRO” comes to Isetan department store in Shinjuku

13.January.2018 | FASHION

KIIRO creates mode kimono for women with a high fashion sense. For a limited time only, the brand will make their way to the 2nd floor center park of department store Isetan in Shinjuku, in Tokyo Kaihoku, and the 7th floor Isetan Kimono Club.


“KIIRO” means “colours that work.” It’s an innovative kimono brand for women experienced in the ways of the world where one can freely enjoy fashion that is you through colour and design.

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KIIRO is managed by Mimatsu, an 85-year-old clothing store, who offer innovative kimono designs, such as “kimono styled like dresses” and “both clothing and kimono layered.”


What really made their debut was the kimono artwork created by 38 different women. Women from a diverse range of industries came forward to offer their own unique and gorgeous styles, such as tarento Masami Hisamoto, fashion consultant Nagisa Ichikawa and model Chiaki Hatakeyama.


These must-see kimono are displayed instore for the duration of the event, as well as on KIIRO’s official Instagram page.


Flocky Dot Kimono: 78,000 + tax

This flock dot kimono is made with shantung, a type of silk fabric. The ability to change the hem and sleeves, something not found in ordinary kimono sewing, will have people double-taking.


Fukure Chidori Kimono: ¥78,000 + tax

A houndstooth design made from jacquard. This original design uses different materials left and right and has both a traditional and contemporary style to it.


Shoron Pochette: 7,800 + tax

A metallic coloured pouch bag that adds spice to the kimono style.


Cinema Scarf: ¥15,000 + tax

The cinema actress design scarf works with the kimono style of collar and can be used freely as an obi sash.


The event will run from January 17th to January 29th. During that time, the first 10 customers who purchase a kimono or obi can participate in a special event at “Suehirotei” in Shinjuku San-chome where you can listen to a rakugo performance dressed in a kimono, have a rare look backstage, and talk with a professional rakugo storyteller. Comes with a kimono service on the day.


Rakugo Event: February 11, 2018 / 3pm-5:30pm (subject to change)

*Please note that the contents of the event are subject to change.

Experience a new world of kimono with “KIIRO.”



Location: Isetan Shinjuku 2F Center Park / Tokyo Kaihoku / 7th Floor Isetan Kimono Club

Running: January 17, 2018 – January 29, 2018