“Sailor Moon” yukatas will be sold

31.January.2018 | FASHION

“Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon Yukata (Japanese traditional summer clothes)” will be sold from April 2018 at department stores and kimono specialized stores throughout Japan.


“Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon Yukata” is a collaborative yukata series of Sailor Moon and Kyoto Marubeni. Cute yukata sets using the motifs of the 5 Sailor Moon guardians and modern yukatas will be sold. They are also planning to sell “obis” (wraparound bands) and “sensus” (folding fan) so that customers can enjoy the combination of such items and yukatas.




The yukata sets include a yukata with the pattern of a ribbon and an obi shaped like a ribbon. Six varieties including “Sailor Moon Pattern,” “Sailor Mercury,” “Sailor Mars,” “Sailor Jupitar” and “Sailor Venus” will be sold.



Moreover, cool-looking yukatas (seven kinds) will be sold too. “Gin Suisho Pattern” which depicts the silver crystal and the star of each guardian printed like a stained glass based on a lily-patterned cloth, “Sailor 5 Senshi Pattern” which depicts the star flower of each guardian printed on a retro-modern striped cloth, “Moon Castle Pattern” representing Moon Castle reflected on the surface of a lake and “Uranus & Neptune Pattern” which depicts deep aqua mirrors shining like an asterism will be sold too.


There are four colors available for the obi. The front side of the obi has the mark of each guardian and the reverse side has the pattern of stars. For the sensu, there are six varieties available with illustrations of ribbons printed on them.


Why not wear a Sailor Moon yukata this year!




Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon Yukata

Release date: 2018, April

Available stores: department stores, kimono specialized stores throughout Japan and the Internet shop

  • The official shopping site of Bandai “Premium Bandai” will start selling these items from February


・Yukata set (yukata / tsukuri obi) 16,800 yen + tax – six kinds

・Yukata 38,000 yen + tax – seven kinds

・Obi – 15,000 yen + tax – four kinds

・Sensu 3,800 yen + tax – six kinds


(C)Naoko Takeuchi/PNP/Toei Animation