“Unicorn Ball” – a colorful popcorn was released♡

19.February.2018 | FOOD

Sun Smile announced on their official website that they are going to sell photogenic/colorful popcorn called, “Unicorn Ball” created based on the motif of “unicorn” starting from the 16th of February 2018.


“Unicorn Ball” is a product which was created for girls who love cute/girly/fairy-like/dreamy items. It is a delicious, beautiful-looking, colorful popcorn which includes many kinds of popcorn inside the bag. The package design was created by the up-and-coming illustrator, DALAZ DAAKAA. It is very cute and Instagenic!


There are two varieties available. The package with the illustration of a unicorn includes banana/caramel/strawberry/red sweet potato flavored popcorn and the package with the illustration of a girl includes blueberry and mint flavored popcorn.


Unicorn Ball uses “Mushroom Beans” produced in the U.S. and is made using the “Air Pop Manufacturing Process.” Therefore, the popcorn used in the product is very light and soft. Also, the popcorn is coated with a caramelizer produced in the U.S.


Let’s enjoy this cute and delicious product.




Unicorn Ball

Varieties: 2 kinds / content – 40g

Price: 380 yen + tax

URL: http://www.sunsmile.co.jp