“GINZA SIX’s” first anniversary! New art works exhibited, limited products released

17.February.2018 | SPOT

To commemorate GINZA SIX’s first anniversary, the biggest commercial facility in the Ginza area will hold promotion events from the 2nd of April 2018 (Mon.) to 6th of May (Sun.).


【新吹き抜け空間アート】クレジットが必要→※イメージ≪ Like a flock of starlings work in situ ≫ Daniel Buren 2018 - ADAGP, Paris & JASPAR, Tokyo, 2018 G1226

Daniel Buren who works on a world scale will design the new installation in the opening ceiling space located in the center of GINZA SIX. Also, Menuki Street and Chuo Street in Ginza (1,100 meters long) will be filled with his art works!

Moreover, first year anniversary commemoration-limited products and collaborative brands created with artists from both in Japan and abroad will be sold at the shop. Many special events and exhibitions will be held too.

They will collaborate with Kanze Nogakudo and hold many kinds of limited programs such as “Takigino Special Performance” and “No (traditional masked dance drama) Experience Class for Parent-Child.”



<First year anniversary limited product>


Campanola Mechanical Collection GSIX limited set – 1,250,000 yen


No-mask made with candy (the product comes in a wooden box) – 4,630 yen



<Examples of limited-time-offer pop up stores>

Qonfection (B2F) / date: 04/03 (Tue.) to 04/29 (Sun.)

It is a premium dessert brand which was opened in Nishiazabu under the concept of “TOKYO Good Snacking.” Your eating habits will change by eating their delicious and stylish gluten-free menu items.

【中央通りフラッグアート】クレジットが必要→※イメージ- ADAGP, Paris & JASPAR, Tokyo, 2018 G1226
Let’s check out GINZA SIX’s first year anniversary limited offer events and special products.



<Art exhibitions>

Venue: 2F of the opening ceiling space located in the center of GINZA SIX

Date: 04/02 (Mon.) to 10/31 (Wed.)

Chuo Street Flag Art Jack

Venue: Chuo Street

Date: 04/02 (Mon.) to 05/06 (Sun.)

※The exhibition period of Kusama Yayoi’s opening installation which is exhibited in the opening ceiling space will be extend to 3/21 (Wed/holiday)

<Year ONE commemorative event>

GINZA SIX Maki No Special Performance

Venue: GINZA SIX Garden (roof top)

Date: 05/04 (Friday/holiday) 18:00 open *for invited people only

05/05 (Satudary/holiday) 18:00 open

Content of the performance: Kyogen (traditional short comedic drama)  Kakiyamabushi, No Tsuchi Gumo



“GINZA SIX Oyako (parent-child) No Taiken Kyoshitsu (experiencing class)”

Venue: Kanze Nogakudo

Date: 05/04 (Friday/holiday), 05 (Saturday,holiday)

Lecturer: Yaemon Yamashita (05/04), Nobuyuki Kanze (05/05)

※The participation method of each event will be informed via GINZA SIX’s official website.

<Coordinated event with the shop: shop’s art event, art display>


“Komatsu Miu” GINZA SIX 1 Shunen Kito Live Event”

Venue: GINZA SIX Garden (plan)

Date: mid-April (plan)

※Please check https://ginza6.tokyo/shops/1161 RE: detailed information


Address: 6-10-1, Ginza, Chuoku, Tokyo

Business hours: 10:30 to 20:30