Jin Akanishi’s Tour Finale to be Shown Live at Theaters in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong

24.February.2018 | MUSIC

It has been announced that Jin Akanishi’s performance at Makuhari Messe Hall in Chiba Prefecture set for 30 March 2018 as part of his JIN AKANISHI LIVE TOUR 2018 “Blessèd” will be screened live at theatres across Japan.


Jin Akanishi received “Asian Most Popular Japanese Artists” at the 20th China Music Award (CMA) in April 2016. He also ranked in at 31st place in “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2015” by TC Candler, a US Independent Critics movie website, in 2016.


The JIN AKANISHI LIVE TOUR 2018 “Blessèd” began on February 8th at the Orix Theater in Osaka. The tour will take him to 16 locations across Japan for 17 shows. Fans got in early with their ticket orders, as all dates on the tour have sold out, apart from the forthcoming show at Makuhari Messe Hall – tickets for this date are set to go on sale from Saturday February 24th.


This will be Jin Akanishi’s second live theater viewing since the first in 2016. This time, however, it will be on a much bigger scale, as in addition to being shown across Japan, it will also be screened at Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Hsin Yi in Taipei, Taiwan and at the FESTIVAL GRAND CINEMA and GH Citywalk in Hong Kong.


The future activities of international success Jin Akanishi are greatly anticipated.





Date: 30 March 2018 @ 19:00

Location: Theaters across Japan. Check the list below.



Price: ¥3,800 (tax incl.) – All Reserved Seating

Ticket Windows:

[Pre-Order (Lottery System)] 24 February 2018 @ 12:00 – 4 March 2018 @ 23:59

[General Sale (First-Come, First Served)] 17 March 2018 @ 12:00 – 29 March 2018 @ 12:00

Ticket Purchasing:

E-plus http://eplus.jp/jinakanishi2018-lv/

Fami Port ticket machines at Family Mart convenience stores across Japan

*General sale tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. There are a limited number of tickets, so sales will end once all have been sold.

*Pre-order tickets will be distributed via a lottery system. Those that order will be chosen randomly to receive a ticket.

Ticket Enquiries: E-plus 0570-07-5050 (10:00-18:00)

*Ordering tickets online requires registering as an E-plus member. Registration is free of charge.

*Separate handling fees will be charged for ticket orders.


By attending you agree to the possibility of being filmed for the event or by press. Please be aware that you may appear in viewings.


08.02.18 @ Orix Theater, Osaka
09.02.18 @ Orix Theater, Osaka
11.02.18 @ Yokkaichishibunka Hall (Hall 1) Mie Prefecture
16.02.18 @ Kobe International Hall (Kokusai Hall) Hyogo Prefecture
17.02.18 @ Biwako Hall, Shiga Prefecture
20.02.18 @ Saitama Bunka Center, Saitama Prefecture
24.02.18 @ Honda no Mori Hall, Ishikawa Prefecture
27.02.18 @ Sagami Women’s University (Green Hall), Kanagawa Prefecture

01.03.18 @ Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo
02.03.18 @ Culttz Kawasaki (Kawasaki-shi Sports, Bunka Sogo Center), Kanagawa Prefecture
08.03.18 @ Nippon Tokushu Togyo Shimin Kaikan (Forest Hall), Aichi Prefecture
11.03.18 @ Fukuoka Civic Hall, Fukuoka Prefecture
16.03.18 @ Fuchu Forest Art Hall (Dream Hall), Tokyo
17.03.18 @ Fuji Cultural Hall (Rose Theater), Shizuoka Prefecture
21.03.18 @ Mori no Hall 21, Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture
25.03.18 @ Sendai Sun Plaza Hall, Miyagi Prefecture

30.03.18 @ Makuhari Messe (Event Hall), Chiba Prefecture



JIN AKANISHI<THEATER LIVE>Official Website: http://jinakanishi-theaterlive.com/

JIN AKANISHI Official Website: http://jinakanishi.com/



  • Jin Akanishi & Gudetama Collaborative Cafe Opens in Tokyo’s Sangenjaya Area

    03.February.2019 | FOOD

    Japanese musician and singer-songwriter Jin Akanishi and popular Sanrio character Gudetama opened a collaborative cafe on January 4 in the  Sangenjaya area of Tokyo.

    This is the first time they have collaborated. When it was announced in August last year it became the No. 1 trending tweet in Japan.

    The cafe interior features Gudetama inspired designs including a cartoonised Akanishi. Expect a whole array of original themed food and exclusive merchandise.


    You must book online to dine at the cafe. When reservations first opened the website traffic was so crowded that it crashed for a short time. There are only 30 seats in the cafe and over to 10,000 people tried booking at the same time. Its popularity continues into February.

    Dariina Curry: ¥1,300 (Before Tax)

    Jin & Gudetama’s Sleeping-In Omurice: ¥1,300 (Before Tax)

    Mango Jin-kun’s Treat Parfait: ¥1,100 (Before Tax)

    Toro Toro Jin Dan Chocolate: ¥950 (Before Tax)

    Light-Up Jin & Gudetama Lemonade: ¥950 (Before Tax)

    Jin & Gudetama’s Lazy Latte: ¥750 (Before Tax)

    Assorted Merchandise

    Jin Akanishi is enjoying immense popularity in China and across Asia. Don’t miss out on this rare collaboration.

  • Jin Akanishi to Release Re-Arranged Album ‘À la carte’ on August 1

    07.June.2018 | MUSIC

    Jin Akanishi is releasing his first ever rearranged album À la carte on August 1, 2018.


    The singer-songwriter embarked on his 2018 Blessèd tour this year from February to March to promote the release of his latest album Blessèd. He subsequently went on his JINDEPENDENCE tour from April to May with a full backing band. It’s safe to say he’s been busy with his musical activities as of late, having already completed two tours only halfway into the year. He took his unshaken world class sound and edgy performance and enfevered the audiences.

    JinAkanishi 赤西仁

    The concept behind the ‘rearrangement’ of this album ties in with the artist’s Blessèd tour during which the songs were put together in a certain way for the shows. The instruments have been rearranged and the songs reedited to give the melodies and lyrics a different charm. Despite being busy on tour, Jin Akanishi was able to take on helping create this album.


    His new song, which was performed at Zepp Tokyo on his JINDEPENDENCE tour on May 23 and 24, has already been added to the album.


    The 14-track record showcases the Jin Akanishi of today. In addition to a regular edition and first press limited edition, there will also be a Universal Music Store limited edition that comes in a premium box set. The regular edition contains a bonus track for a total of 15 songs. The DVD that’s included with the first press limited edition features a music video for the new song as well as footage of Jin Akanishi‘s premium live show at Toyosu PIT that was held to commemorate the release of Blessèd.


    The Universal Music Store limited edition comes with the CD, a choice of DVD or Blu-ray of the artist’s tour finale of the 2018 Blessèd tour held at Makuhari Messe Event Hall on March 30, and a special photobook of the same show. This edition is order-only and sold only at Universal Music Store and their official website. Orders opened on June 6 and will run until June 25 at 13:00.


    Hear the rearranged tracks for yourself by getting your hands on a copy of À la carte.



    À la carte – Rearranged Album

    Released: June 6, 2018



    Regular Edition (CD-Only) – ¥3,000 (+Tax)

    First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD) – ¥4,500 (+Tax)

    Universal Music Store Limited Edition Premium Box Set (CD+DVD+Photo Book) – ¥9,000 (+Tax)

    Universal Music Store Limited Edition Premium Box Set (CD+Blu-ray+Photo Book) – ¥9,800 (+Tax)

    *Universal Music Store editions accepting orders from June 6 at 18:00 to June 25 at 13:30.


    Universal Music Store: http://smarturl.it/pbkrqh

    Jin Akanishi Official Website:  http://jinakanishi.com/

    Universal Music Official Website: universal-music.co.jp/jin-akanishi/


  • Jin Akanishi’s ‘JINDEPENDENCE TOUR 2018’ Zepp Tokyo Concert to be Shown Live in Theaters!

    02.May.2018 | MUSIC

    Jin Akanishi’s “JINDEPENDENCE” TOUR 2018 began on April 30 at Toyosu PIT in Tokyo and is the first Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka live house tour by the artist in almost 4 years.


    It has been announced that the Zepp Tokyo date of the tour on May 23 will be shown live in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong!

    Jin Akanishi

    Jin Akanishi recently held a live viewing of his concert at Makuhari Messe as part of his 2018 “Blessèd” tour which is garnering him much attention from both inside and outside Japan. Fans have also been hopeful that this new tour would be shown live too.


    Don’t miss this Jin Akanishi’s live viewing as he continues to captivate fans in and out of Japan!



    <THEATER LIVE> Live House Tour

    Date: May 23, 2018 at 19:00

    Theater List: http://jinakanishi-theaterlive.com



    Price: All Seats Reserved – ¥3,800 (Tax Included)

    Ticket Window:

    [Pre-Order (Lottery Draw)] May 1, 2018 at 12:00 to May 6, 2018 at 23:59

    [General Sale (First-Come, First Served) May 12, 2018 at 18:00 to May 22, 2018 at 12:00

    Sign-Up: E-Plus – http://eplus.jp/jinakanishi2018jdp-lv/

    *Also available at Fami Port machines in Family Mart stores across Japan. General sale tickets only.


    Jin Akanishi New Album – “Blessèd” 

    Released December 12, 2017


    First Press Limited Edition A (CD+DVD) – ¥3,700 (Tax Excluded)

    First Press Limited Edition B (CD+DVD) – ¥3,700 (Tax Excluded)

    Regular Edition (CD-Only) – \3,000 (Tax Excluded)

    JIP’s Limited Edition (CD+VR) – \4,700 (Tax Excluded)




    Apple Music:http://po.st/jablessed_am




    *New Album “Blessèd” – iTunes & Apple Music Limited Edition

    11 tracks including iTunes Exclusive Track “Thoughts”


    JIN AKANISHI – Fill Me Up (Official Music Video)



    JIN AKANISHI Official Website:http://jinakanishi.com/


  • Jin Akanishi’s Makuhari Messe live will be added to his all-Japan tour

    26.December.2017 | MUSIC

    Jin Akanishi released his new album “Blessèd” on the 12th of December.

    A写(トリミングNG)S copy


    JIN AKANISHI Fill Me Up (Official Music Video)


    In commemoration of the release of this new album, he is going to do an all-Japan tour (15 venues, 16 lives) “JIN AKANISHI LIVE TOUR 2018 “Blessèd” which will start from Osaka, Orix Theatre on the 8th of February 2018 (Thurs.) and the tickets are already sold out (except for the live at Nakano Sunplaza Hall which will be held on the 1st of March.)

    通常盤(メイン使用)S copy


    It was decided that an additional live will be held on the 30th of March 2018 (Fri.) at Makuhari Messe Event Hall.

    Make sure to buy the ticket as soon as possible!




    【JIN AKANISHI LIVE TOUR 2018 “Blessèd” Makuhari Messe Live】
    Address: Makuhari Messe, Event Hall, 2-1, Nakase, Mihamaku, Chibashi, Chiba Prefecture

    Date: 2018,03,30 (Fri.)

    Detailed information: http://jinakanishi.com/

    JIN AKANISHI LIVE TOUR 2018 “Blessèd”

    02,08 (Thurs.) Osaka / Orix Theatre
    02,09 (Fri.) Osaka / Orix Theatre

    02,11 (Sunday.) Mie Prefecture / Yokkaichi Shimin Bunka Kaikan First Hall
    02,16 (Fri.) Hyogo Prefecture / Kobe Kokusai Kaikan Kokusai Hall
    02,17 (Sat.) Shiga Prefecture / Shigakenritsu Geijutsu Gekijo Biwako Hall
    02,20 (Tue.) Saitama Prefecture / Saitama Shimin Bunka Center
    02,24 (Sat.) Ishikawa Prefecture / Honda no Mori Hall
    02,27 (Tue.) Kanagawa Prefecture / Sagami Joshi Daigaku Green Hall
    03,01 (Thurs.)Tokyo / Nakano Sunplaza Hall
    03,02 (Fri.) Kanagawa Prefecture / Karuzzu Kawasaki(Kawasakishi Sports/Bunka Sogo Center)
    03, 08 (Thurs.) Aichi Prefecture / Nihon Tokushyu Togyo Shimin Kaikan Forest Hall
    3,11 (Sun.) Fukuoka Prefecture / Fukuoka Shimin Kaikan
    03,16 (Fri.) Tokyo / Fuchu no Mori Geijutsu Gekijo Dream Hall
    03,17 (Sat.) Shizuoka Prefecture / Fuji Shimin Kaikan Roze Theatre
    03,21 (Wed / holiday) Chiba Prefecture / Matsudo Mori no Hall 21
    03,25 (Sun.) Miyagi Prefecture / Sendai Sunplaza Hall
    3,30 (Fri.) Chiba Prefecture / Makuhari Messe Event Hall 

    (Ticket release date 03,01 (Thurs.) Tokyo / Nakano Sunplaza Hall, 3,30 (Fri.) Chiba Prefecture / Makuhari Messe Event Hall – tickets for all the lives except the lives noted above are sold out)

    ■Product information
    Jin Akanishi New Album「Blessèd」 2017.12.12 (Tue.) Release

    First limited edition A (CD+DVD) UPCH-29275/\3,700(tax out)
    First limited edition B (CD+DVD) UPCH-29276/\3,700(tax out)
    Normal edition(CD)UPCH-20476/\3,000(tax out)
    JIP’s limited edition(CD+VR)PRON-1018/\4,700(tax out)

    First limited edition A / First limited edition B / JIP’s limited edition – all editions include ten songs.
    Normal edition 「Mrs. Right」( Bonus Track ) – includes 11 songs.

    【DVDs’ contents】
    First limited edition A ・Fill Me Up [Music Video] ・Fill Me Up [Making Of Music Video]
    First limited edition B ・Yesterday [Lyric Video] ・「JIN AKANISHI 2016/17 DIGEST」

    【JIP’s (fanclub) limited amenity edtition VR contents】
    「Test Drive」「Aphrodisiac」from”JIN AKANISHI LIVE 2017 in YOYOGI ~Résumé~” 
    「Jindependence Day 2017 special broadcasting」digest video

    New Album「Blessèd」now on sale
    Apple Music:http://po.st/jablessed_am
    Reco Choku:http://po.st/jablessed_re
    LINE MUSIC:http://po.st/jablessed_lm

    *iTunes(and Apple Music)- limtied New Album「Blessèd」
    11 songs including iTunes Exclusive Track 「Thoughts」

    *iTunes Video
    「Fill Me Up」Music Video http://po.st/fmu_vd
    「Yesterday」Lyric Video http://po.st/ytd_vd

    Official website: jinakanishi.com/