A Japanese-style café in Yanaka, Ginza’s Commercial District will sell “Shiratama Mizu Anmitsu (Haru Mankai) for a limited time offer

26.February.2018 | FOOD



 “Yanaka Kenshindo,” a sundry store and Japanese-style café located inside the retro-looking “Yanaka Ginza Commercial District” started selling the spring-limited version of “Shiratama (white rice ball) Mizu Anmitsu (bean- jam syrup)” called “Shiratama Mizu Anmitsu (Haru Mankai).”



Yanaka Ginza’s Commercial District is a retro-looking, 170m long commercial district where about 70 stores are located. The area gets very crowded on weekends. Yanaka Kenshindo was opened in November 2016 and the shop and café is gaining popularity among both Japanese people and people from overseas.


 “Shiratama Mizu Anmitsu (Matcha Syrup)

A transparent water jelly with great texture using the natural water of Ose. Let’s enjoy this new sweets item with matcha syrup, bean-jam and shiratamas.

 “Shiratama Mizu Anmitsu (Haru Mankai)”

A spring-like water jelly that comes with “cherry blossom bean-jam,” “cherry blossom syrup” and “cherry blossom petals.” The product will be served on a cute tray, serving dish, salted kelp and green tea.


Why not visit “Yanaka Kenshido” when visiting Asakusa, Yanesen and Yanaka Ginza.



Yanaka Kenshindo

Address: 3-11-15, Yanaka, Taitoku, Tokyo

Business hours: 11:00 to 19:00 (L.O. – 18:30)

Fixed holiday: Thursday (except if Thursday is a holiday)