MMN Festival 2018: Music Artist Line-Up – Up and Coming Artists From Japan!

06.March.2018 | FEATURES / FES / MUSIC / SPOT

It’s finally March, which means “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2018 in SHIBUYA” (MMN Festival) is almost here.

This year’s MMN Festival will move away from the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium and take place around the Shibuya and Harajuku area! We will deliver Japanese culture to the world to the fullest in the form of music, fashion, food, tourist experiences and more from Shibuya.

This year’s MMN Festival is free for all to enter! But don’t forget: you must register in advance to attend.

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This year’s main locations are Laforet Museum Harajuku, Tower Records Shibuya, SHIBUYA CAST., and Onden Shrine. All locations are free to enter upon registering in advance.


In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at who you can expect to see performing on stage at Tower Records Shibuya.

At our location of Tower Records Shibuya, we will hold a music event to shine the spotlight on young and budding artists in Japan’s music scene.

Artists and music media companies that have hooked up with many promising artists and new talent will become official curators of a special stage event to host an exclusive showcase of must-see up-and-coming artists. Also, up on the rooftop, MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON (MMN) will oversee an idol stage event with a line-up consisting entirely of idol groups that MMN want to recommend to international audiences. It will be jam-packed full of Japanese ‘kawaii.’



Down on B1F in the CUTUP STUDIO, influential artists in the music scene, as well as music media who have teamed up with new talent, will showcase a list of carefully selected artists. MMN, who deliver Japanese pop culture to the world, will join hands in overseeing this stage event with each curator.


Curator 1: Spincoaster Stage

“Spincoaster” will bring three artists to perform recommended by the company themselves – The Wisely Brothers, Mizuki Ohira and SIRUP.



“Encountering music that will shake your heart” is at the core of Spincoaster, a music media company that carefully picks and showcases up-and-coming artists from around the world. In addition to managing their music news media company, they also manage a music bar and have selected songs for SONY, Reebok and Suntory.





The Wisely Brothers

The Wisely Brothers

Despite being girls, this three-piece band have a unique band name with “brothers” in it. Last year, they performed at numerous events including the Ringo Music Festival. They have also traveled all the way to South Korea for a show and have even held a solo concert at Shibuya WWW. They’re a band receiving rapidly growing attention. Their style screams freedom and you can feel that they are enjoying music written from the heart, with lyrics uniquely depicting themes such as girls’ buoyant romance, listlessly passing one another without meeting, and ambivalent emotions. You’ll become addicted to their music as you listen to it. The songs are rooted in indie pop but somewhere in the sound there’s a feeling that you can’t let go which leaves you feeling comfortable somewhere inside.


The Wisely Brothers / Maple Canada




Mizuki Ohira

An artist who brings to life sophisticated music, from a luxury urban and mellow sound to sentimental folk. Her song Real Love was picked up in the Spotify playlist “Woman’s Voice” and was listened to over 100,000 times in January and February. Her number of overseas fans is also on the rise. She also works as a model. Her music video Everything gives me chance what I love it, in which actress Culumi Nakada also appears, has received praise for its level of quality in looking just like a short film.


Everything gives me chance what I love it / Mizuki Ohira





He flew into the scene like a comet last year with his digital single Synapse. The name “SIRUP” is a combination of “Sing & Rap.” His characteristically deep vocals were influenced by African-American music from soul to R&B. His combination of soul, hip-hop and R&B has particularly been a hit with young music lovers. He is popular for his sophisticated sound that fuse singing and rapping in Japanese and English.


SIRUP – Synapse



Curator 2: WREP BATTLEFIELD presents Batotsuku

Witness an MC battle right before your eyes hosted by Zeebra, a hip-hop artist representing the city of Tokyo, who is bringing the heated MC battle segment from the hip-hop radio channel “WREP” produced by Zeebra himself.

4 people will be chosen on the day of the event to become team captains and create their own team from 12 appointment battle MCs for a 3-on-3 MC battle.




A hip-hop MC and member of legendary hip-hop group KGDR. He is also active as a DJ under the name DJ DIRTYKRATES. In 2016, he was appointed the first Shibuya Tourism Night Ambassador. He is not only leads Shibuya’s night scene, but also maintains a responsibility for the places where people can enjoy nightlife as well as cleaning up rubbish after events.

He also held the Night Mayor Summit discussions took place regarding ways to develop night culture. He is recognised worldwide for being out of the box when it comes to hip-hop.



Curator 3: Live Natalie meets MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON

Natalie Music have selected a line-up of artists that best represents the “MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON Project” of delivering Japanese pop culture to the world. The line-up includes Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders, MISMOPE, Luby Sparks, SHE IS SUMMER, and more.


Natalie Music

Natalie Music is a news website that covers the latest topics regarding music from both major and indie artists in Japan. They hold many interviews and write reports on events. The website receives much support for the level of detail that goes into in their articles which are written from the point of view of fans. They have over 120,000 followers on Twitter (as of March 2018) and are read by music fans and beyond.





Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders

A four-member dance performance unit who stick out from the crowd and demonstrate originality to strengthen today’s boring society and make living fun. They became popular after a collaboration with a commercial for Lotte “Fit’s” which was remixed by tofubeats. They have also performed at Nico Nico Chokaigi 2016 and ULTRA TEEN FES, and middle schoolers have even covered their dances on the video streaming site “MixChannel.” The photos they post on their social media are also a must-see, filled with girl-like freedom and plenty of humour.


Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders / Music Video Clip





A two-piece band who deliver happy pop tunes that will brighten the day of those who hear them. Even in their songs with sad lyrics you can hear a positivity in there somewhere when the girls sing. Their music is affixed with energy. The vocals are characteristic in the way that they are both innocent and piercing. This is their weapon of choice during live performances in the city. MISMOPE are popular with girls of the same generation, with much interest having been gained in their music videos and outfits. They are also recognised as fashion icons!


MISMOPE / “Ano ne, Ano sa”



Luby Sparks

Luby Sparks

A five-member band made up of university students with an average age of 21. They have created a buzz amongst indie music fans for co-performing with overseas bands and performing at a UK festival. Their list of collaborations with overseas artists is long – they have performed together with artists coming to Japan including The Bilinda Butchers and Manic Sheep, as well as creating a split cassette with YUCK. In 2017, they appeared as the first and only Japanese band to perform at UK music festival “Indietracks Festival.” The band have a growing fan base around the world for their emotional sound.


Luby Sparks “Thursday”





SHE IS SUMMER is noted for her discotheque and groovy sound. The gap between the cute voice of MICO and her lyrics that pierce deep into the heart of girls is out of this world. In 2017, she released her second EP Swimming in the Love E.P. which was chosen as a “Tower Records Recommendation” in June. With the release peaking at number one on the iTunes Electro Charts and 6th on Oricon’s Indie Weekly Charts, she’s an artist gaining rapid popularity right now. Her dramatic music videos are also a sight to behold as they make you feel the story.


SHE IS SUMMER / “Are Kara no Hanashi Dakedo”




“MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON” have a list of Japanese idols to recommend to the world. Idol groups set to perform at MMN Festival include Lovely Doll, Yamakatsu, Sakadori Hasshinkyoku, sora tob sakana, APPARE! Harajuku, Jewel☆Neige, NEO JAPONISM, CY8ER, and more.




Lovely Doll

A group with a cuteness you will want to keep close to you. Their incredibly impressive live performances flood the stage with entertainment. In 2017 they released Yoake Mae, Niji ga Sasu and Hikari no Symphony which ranked 7th and 8th place in Oricon’s Weekly Charts. The group have also performed at South-East Asia’s biggest Japanese culture event “JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2017.” Their overseas activity is spreading far and wide.


Lovely Doll / “Yoakemae Nijigasasu”





An idol group who formed in 2011 as part of Entertainment Yamaguchikasseikai, a project that was initiated to revitalize Yamaguchi Prefecture by discovering new idols. As well as working as “Furusato Ambassadors” and “Sekai Jamboree Official Supports” to promote the charm of Yamaguchi Prefecture to the rest of Japan, the group also appear as regular members of information programs on TV. They are set to perform at “Idol Koushien SPRING FESTIVAL 2018.”


Idol koushien day02 Yamakatsu




Sakadori Hasshinkyoku

A group centred around the concept of jumping on current trends before anyone else and spreading the excitement of inexperience. They are completely backed by car website MOBY. They have held a solo concert at TSUTAYA O-EAST in Shibuya and will perform at Idol Koushien and IDOL CONTENT EXPO.


Sakadori Hasshinkyoku / “Karimen Distiny”



sora tob sakana

sora tob sakana

A four-member girl group with an average age of 15. Known by the nickname “Osakana,” they dream to one day perform live on the moon. They will make their major debut in May this year and hold a solo show at Tokyo International Forum. Their overseas activity is on the spread – last year, they appeared at “Taiwan Comic Exhibition,” their first Taiwanese event. Be sure to check out the interview we did with them(


sora tob sakana / ribbon



Immerse yourself in the latest music from Japan at Tower Records Shibuya from bands and hip-hop to idols!


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How to Register

To access MMN Festival, you must register in advance. (Admission is free of charge. Select festival contents however will charge a fee.)

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