Space Themed Cat Marshmallows “NYASA” (Not NASA) Now on Sale

11.March.2018 | FOOD

Enjoy a well-deserved relaxing coffee break in your busy day with the new NYASA marshmallows now available at select New Style stores affiliated with Village Vanguard. These marshmallows are guaranteed to cure your stress a hundredfold.


Nya is of course the Japanese onomatopoeia for a cat meowing. These marshmallows can of course be enjoyed as they are, but they’re even more delicious combined with coffee. Place your astronaut kitty into your mug of coffee for it to melt and become sticky and chewy!


Online reviews of NYASA comment on the irresistible facial expression of the space kitty when it starts to melt.


Try combining one with your favourite hot drink!


NYASA Marshmallow
Price: ¥1,600 (tax excl.)

Available Stores:
New Style Aeon Mall Moriokaminamin
New Style Aeon Mall Mito Uchihara
New Style mallage SHOBU
New Style Aeon Mall Tsurumiryokuchi
New StyleAeon Mall Hamamatsu Ichino
New Style Aeon Mall Niigata Minami
New Style Aeon Mall Kofu Showa
New Style Aeon Mall Kashihara
New Style Aeon Mall Omuta

*For enquiries regarding stock and products, please contact stores directly.