An event produced by the Japanese-paper flower brand, “PAPER EDEN” will be held at “MoMA” in Omotesando

12.March.2018 | SPOT

The pop-up event (limited time offer) of the Japanese-paper flower brand, “PAPER EDEN” is being held at the official shop of The Museum Of Modern Art, New York MoMA’s MoMA Design Store Omotesando.


ポピー ブルーピンク

Poppy, blue, pink – 3,800 yen ※all prices do not include tax


“PAPER EDEN” is a brand which is designed/directed by the flower artist “edenworks.” The brand has been producing many collaborative works with the Japanese-paper maker in Yamanashi Prefecture named ONAO.


ツバキ ワインレッド

Tsubaki – Wine Red – 3,800 yen


フラチラリア オレンジイエロー

Checker Lily – orange/yellow – 4,000 yen


The items are gaining popularity among sensitive young people as a new type of decoration. Each item is created by Japanese artisans.


アネモネ ピンク

Anemone – pink – 3,800 yen


“PAPER EDEN” is a brand where you can enjoy the color and texture of Japan. Let’s get the items of this brand which are suitable to be used as an “interior” gift.





“PAPER EDEN” limited time offer pop-up-event

Period: 2018/03/01 (Thurs.) to 03/31 (Sat.)

Available shops: MoMA Design Store Omotesando

Address: GYRE 3F, 5-10-1, Jingumae, Shibuyaku, Tokyo