Learn How to Take Better Cosplay Photos with Cosgenic Lesson

24.March.2018 | FASHION

Nikon Imaging Japan are creating lessons in Japanese for cosplayers on how to take photogenic photos. The website posted Lesson 12 on March 20, 2018 which gives tips on how to become better at taking better cosplay pictures by yourself.

Cosgenic Lesson

Cosgenic shows how to sync your photos perfectly with the character and world of the series they are from. Lesson 12 details how to take photos of yourself, something which shouldn’t be forgotten when enjoying cosplay. From snapping pictures at events to outdoors and even in your own home, the lesson unveils top quality techniques with a single-lens reflex camera so that even someone on their own can make their pictures look high quality


Learn the tricks of the trade and take even better photos of your cosplay by yourself!




“Cosgenic Lesson” Official Website:http://www.nikon-image.com/sp/cosgenic/