Take Photos of Cherry Blossoms in Famous Japanese Parks and Win Prizes in the Photo Contest by PARKFUL

28.March.2018 | SPOT

PARKFUL, a park app and web media site, is holding its first photo contest in 2 years to take photos of cherry blossoms in parks.


The theme this time is to take photos of cherry blossoms in famous parks close to you. They are taking applications not only for cherry blossoms in famous parks that everyone knows about, but famous cherry blossoms in parks that are closer and more local to people too. You can get involved either via the easy-to-use PARKFUL app or on their website.


The photo contest is looking not just for snaps of the flowers – applicants need to take into account the attraction and distinct beauty of parks too. Winners can receive a \30,000 Amazon Gift Card.



Get involved and take some picturesque photos of cherry blossoms in Japanese parks ♪




PARKFUL Photo Contest

Theme: “Cherry blossoms at famous parks near you”

Parks: Accepting all parks listed on the PARKFUL app (*applications accepted on the website too)

Running: March 20, 2018 – May 31, 2018

How to Apply (App):

・Post a photo on the PARKFUL application (https://parkful.net/parkful/)

・In your post, include the hashtag #sakura2018 and comment your recommended points about the park.

・You must provide an e-mail address on your profile as this is how winners will be contacted.


Content Page: https://parkful.net/2018/03/photocontest-sakura2018/